FanFiction: Anime/Manga

Anime: Suisei no Gargantia

Couple: AMYxLEDO

Rate: K / K+

Genre: Romance

Language: english

Status: Complete

Author: xSapphirexRosesxFanx

Title: "A Dance Of A New Beginning"

Comment: I don't own the anime or manga or any character. I only am a fan of the anime and the couple. I hope you like this little chibi one-shot.

Title: A Dance Of A New Beginning

After the war and the new era, Amy and Ledo have a normal life as much as it can be with a space ex-warrior and a messenger girl leaving on a ship. Now on their free time they pass it together and showing him what a simple life can offer him, also…some quality together.

It had been a year after his first festival and Amy's dance for him and today it's his second year on planet Earth. He have decide to go watch again Amy and her friends dance once more, a tradition more the less for every festival. Sitting on thee table and this time with his favorite seaweed-bread and a drink that the waitress brought as offer from the house.

He continue watching her dancing and her smiling at him.

When the night came to an end they end up again watching the stars once more.

"Ledo" turning his head to the side watching her observing the stars above them. "Remember the last festival? We end up again sitting under the stars watching the sea with the galaxian lights."
"Yes. I also ask if you could dance for me." Smiling to her to that memory "Could you, for one more time dance again?" turning now on his side she smiled. Many things have change but now they are getting closer with the time. He is more open and smiling free without fear.


"This time however…" looking him strangely "I will play the flute. I did also practice" that brought a smile on her. He remembered, how she told him he should practice. Probably with her little brother's help he might have found a way to learn some music.

Ready to start the dance she waited for him start. As he start blowing some air in the flute, it sure didn't sound like music, but…something to close your ears and run away.

"LEDO! Stop!" stopping and looking at her curious asking with his eyes what was the problem "You said you practice"
"Oh!" smiling at her

"Why are you smiling?"

"Just trying to see if you would realize"
"Realize what?"
"Nothing" and he start playing again, but this time, the flute made sounds that she would like to stay and hear all night. He really did learn. He was only teasing her, time really changed him, he is starting more of his age now. He is still the curious fighter but now he lives a peaceful life, a life he should always have from the beginning. A life with a smile.

Pausing the music he saw her observing him

"Aren't you going to dance?" catching on surprise she start dancing before he continue. Smiling with her, he started again with her being his nymph.

No matter what, they have each other. A life in peace. A new beginning, with feelings and experiences he never would have thought, and maybe a future with her.