SUMMARY: Tag for S3:E6 'Point of View'. Jack has himself a quiet drink and chews over the fact that it is not so much fun when reality does not match up to fantasy. Mild spoilers inside. K rated Humour plus Jack 180 word drabble.


Jack sat at the bar sipping his beer. He had to admit he was a little disappointed, more than that in fact. He was deeply disillusioned and he really wished he had not tried to manufacture the whole affair.

It was just never going to be the same again and he knew it.

No matter how hard he tried from this moment on the fantasy of him having time alone with twin Carter's was going to be filled with nothing but techno-babble and boring science talk...a regular old geek-fest...just as it had turned out to be. Not that they both weren't cute or anything but listening to them talk reactors was...well, let's just say it was not exactly what he had imagined first thing when he ordered them both to meet him in the, so not what he imagined!

And now that was all he could think about when he pictured himself together with them. No that fantasy was never going to be the same again...

"Reality sucks." he muttered and signalled the bartender for another round.


AN: Hmm, can't quite make up my mind as to where to empathise with him on the loss of his delusion or say 'Ha! Serves you right!' ...