There are times when one must know when to unleash their true crazy self. If set off too earily or too fast, the consiquences are unspoken.

You must, at first, hold all strange and weird personalities under lock and key. Keep your friendly personality out in the open, and draw people in to be your future friends. Once they're safely in your friend zone, pick out that key and unlock that chest. Crack it open and let seep out. However, don't throw it open like the mouth of the shark from Jaws and let it all flood out. Once open, let the erosion laws take place. Ever so slowly, you'll come out of the cocoon of the half false you to flutter and fly with the weird and strange wings without anyone realising it.

When one forgoes the lock and key or is too impatient for the laws, what you get is the polar opposite; a loner.

I've made this mistake twice in my life so far. The first time, when I was really young but I still had a desk buddy. Before I moved to England to go to Hogwarts (because mum came from there), I gathered more than one desk buddy and soon had a nice circle of friends.

The second time was exactly two years ago before boarding this scarlet train before me. Hogwarts is a boarding school for the magical. My mum was the witch who went here but moved to Australia and met dad, another wizard. Before Hogwarts, I went to an Australian muggle school. When it's the Christmas holidays, I pop over to Australia (sometimes literally) and visit my old friends. As such, I am skilled in both worlds, as my parents are both muggle-born, and virtually leave the magical world when they do not need it.

I was pretty excited for a new school and friends, so the warnings and rules I set myself went straight over my head. Looking back now, I'm sure I pretty darn sure I just ran up to another uncoloured robed girl and scares her away. It excalated from from that, as time proceeded. As I realised my mistake I grew desperate and effectively drove everyone away. Finally, when the other girls in my dorm moved out, it slapped me in the face. As such, I withdrew myself and barely interacted with other students as I knew they wouldn't want to even talk with a freak like me.

I think myself that I thrive by myself; no need to talk, no need to be around them constantly and no need to remind them why your friends.

It was just Me, Myself and I.

Well, not exactly, because I fell back to my old buddies I always had; books, words and music. Muggle music of course. Wizard music is so crap. But more on that later. By a spell my fellow Australians had invented but hadn't gone viral, I could listen to muggle music on my phone and through my massive ear phones in while reading and even in class because the teachers didn't notice me! My books varied everyday from studying, fiction, muggle science and even the school rules. Which was pretty cool since I could do things teachers and students thought were rules (if they noticed me in the first place) and when they dragged me up to Dumbledore's office for lying, the two of us had the greatest time of seeing their faces when Headmaster informed them of the truth. I swear he had a score of times I was hauled up to the office!

By the time I was in second year I had become a person you swore you saw in the library ever time you came (I probably was). I was just one of those people in the background, not worth mentioning, not worth speaking to, and not worth looking at twice.

However, even though I have told you all of this, I don't think you understand.

I claim that I was forgotten, left alone and everything was fine. Well, that was at the start. Around the end of the school year my peers discovered an activity that they could indulge in and not get caught: bullying.

I was the centre target. At first it was little jinxes, tiny ones that did nothing but annoy me, brushing it off like it was nothing. My mistake. Some people don't understand how some serious bullying, like forcing them to take a dive in the Lake, gets there. Well, let me tell you, it doesn't automatically go straight to "dares." Bullying slowly escalates.

It's like that. From not being noticed, to jinxes, and by second grade people were telling me to do their homework and assignments. I, growing up in Australia and learning in a school where trouble makers were the major percentage, learnt that lashing out to defend yourself was likely the only way to be heard. Biting wasn't so bad either.

I got it easy. I've seen people cave because they believe it'll pass, no need to break out in kung-fu moves like Holave, and end up transferring away because it got so bad, all because they let it. I know that the more we learn, the more defense spells I have to learn as well.

At least my Charms and DoDA marks have never been higher.

What I worry about above all, beyond the bullying, beyond my marks, is my parents. I hate to tell them that I have no friends so year after year I tell them I do have friends, don't worry. I don't want my idiotic peers effect them so much they cry (that happened once). So, starting my third year, I have yet again lied to them.

Which brings you up to date... please, enjoy.