Chapter 1

New enemies!

XMEN evolution Spiderx

I was not one to not like people especially people that seem trying to help me but last time I trusted someone it ended badly whom you ask well that's where are story begins!

(Unknown location)

'Sir the mutant is in the area' Good work locate him and bring him to me.

'Yes sir' a women clad in a white dress with white boots red hair with a yellow diamond shaped on her forehead but what really distinct was her blue skin! She walked down the streets of what appeared to be a alley way following a young man brown mouse colored hair and wore a red hoodie black sneakers wearing a backpack and grey jeans The boy stopped and looked around himself the women shifted and changed into a middle aged old man as not to be noticed by here target? He walked on and came to a stop at a big building the title of it said Daily Bugle the boy walked in,

(Daily Bugle)

Inside it was chaos papers were being printed as well as people running about like chickens with their heads cut off! One woman sat at her desk she waved the boy over, hey Betty he said nervously. Betty looked up and gave him a warm smile hey peter she looked at how nervous he was she clicked a button and spoke into a microphone. Mr. Jameson Mr. Parker is here to see you and please be gentle,

Out popped a flat topped shaved and aging Mr. Jameson his mustache was grey and he only looked Hitler like with it, PARKER! Where have you been I been calling you!

Peter stumbled slightly back and he nervously said I –I'm sorry Mr. Jameson I was tired and I got the photos you wanted of spider-man sir…

the man was quite silent he flicked out a cigar from his pocket and started puffing on it, peter grabbed a manila folder from his satchel J.J.J grabbed them quite quickly from him. He looked through them crap, crap, mega crap! How about I give you 50 for all three of them.

Peter wasn't one much to ask for more but he tried his luck. 250,

250! Do I look like I'm made of money parker! Peter snatched the manila folder and said ok maybe I'll just go to another place, Mr. Jameson quickly grabbed it back took one more look and said fine 300 Mrs. Brant please give parker his check! He grumbled kids these days as he left, Peter took the check and walked out he felt a familiar tingle at the back of his head call it a sixth sense but he calls it his spider- sense he looked around nothing that he could see that could be setting it off?