The rescue

(Peter's pov)

He groaned his eyes blurry peter slowly came to consciousness only to feel the cold hard metal against his back he struggled against the binds holding him "Ah Ah no struggling"

That voice he growled the red skull himself left the shadows of the room "You sure almost gave us a run for are money Mr. Parker is it" he smiled cruelly as peter struggled wanting to tear him a new one "Well I see we may have to speed up the process Mr. Parker" it was then he noticed the scientists or what looked like doctors on each side of the bed setting up machines and a IV bag peter growled No way in hell am I giving you my blood the red skull seemed to smirk "It appears you have no choice who's going to save you now Mr. Parker" It was then that the straps came undone and he was phased through the floor "WHAT! Find the intruders" he yelled at the nearby soldiers and into the intercom "Alright big reds distracted kitty you got peter" Ironman said into the commlink "yeah he's not looking to good Spidey you alright?" peter was basically in lala land as to kitty's question

"Guess never being phased before takes a lot out of a guy that or they had injected him with some tranquilizers to keep him quiet for what freaky surgery there doing" Ironman didn't like the sound of that "everybody get that" he said into the calm "Loud and clear tin can" said Logan as he captain America Hawkeye hulk black widow (Thors on asgard sorry but im moving it to like partly second movie where he comes back) were fighting soldiers of Hydra.

red skull was in the control room watching the fight trying to find where his little test subject had gone and the one who took him (And how ironman knows peters identity think the shield team from Ultimate spider-man that's why lol) Hulk was busy fighting a few altered genetic super soldiers that were the only ones successfully made with the captains blood that was left over from a fight it only made 3 but they weren't nearly as strong as the original and were partly unstable captain America decided to find red skull and bring him to justice as he put it but it was like a maze in the compound and they didn't have time for this reluctantly he ran back to the quin jet just as ironman had blasted the last of the soldiers wolverine in his seat with peter being brought into the back of the black bird they took off instantly "Mission success" they all nodded "yes sort of he's unconscious but he'll be fine" kitty said a little worried but professor said he'd be fine once back at the mansion "uh I guess this is where we part ways eh professor" said bobby (Iceman if you don't know that already) professor smiled 'thank you very much for your help avengers we could never have done it without you we'll keep in touch'

Ironman captain America hulk black widow and Hawkeye all smiled in return "As will we to your Xmen see you guys" it was then they took off heading to the tower (probably helicarrier to report a success XD) all was silent on the drive back to the mansion aunt may and Gwen were worried sick about peter and knowing why could also make it worse "Professor is peter a gonna b alright" spoke rogue from the back seat checking on peters vitals near the medical table 'I don't know rogue but I am getting senses of failing brain washing and of course a few chemicals its more than what red skull said he was going to do I also fear he has the DNA he wanted'

Rogue was worried then 'No need to worry on that now rogue right now we need to mostly worry about getting peter to the mansion and to Hank to examine and remove the foreign chemicals inside peters blood no telling what they've done to him' Logan growled "red bastards probably tried to brain wash him as it is" he snarled, Logan put the blackbird on autopilot 'Oh and a friends coming to visit the mansion for a bit' "WHO!" they all yelled in unison well accept unconscious spider-man Charles sighed "Deadpool" (HA DIDN'T THINK I WOULDN'T MAKE IT INTO THIS DID YA DID YA!, HAHA CHIMICHANGAS ALL AROUND!) Wolverine sat back contemplating this until he realized who Deadpool was "WHAT you nuts chuck that Jack ass can't visit he'll destroy the mansion remember last time!"


"OH WOLVY!" called the ever so persistent red and black with katanas and bombs gun wielding merc with the mouth "you promised I could fly the Black bird" 'Never said such thing' replied the ever so grumpy wolverine "COOOOMEE OOON I'll trim your back hairs" 'No wade' "pleeeaaaseee! I promise I'll train in the danger room on the highest level the entire week!" wolverine sighed heavily "fine but let's at least take off somewhere less populated" he said.

(Inside the blackbird)

"Alright these are your controls this blinky thing here is your radar and this is to start th-wolverine slams into the back of the jet as Deadpool took off in seconds "HAHA THIS IS SO MUCH FUN AHH SHIT!" he pressed a button and he was ejected safely into the sky wolverine shook his head "Deadpool DEADPOOL!" metal fire and two weeks of house work the mansion was utterly destroyed that year.

*End Flashback*

'yes yes we all remember wades accidental destruction of the mansion but this time I'm assigning him to peters bedroom that is if peter is awake by that time to see him' wolverine growled "this is going to be a crazy weekend"

Once returned home it took eight days two weeks to flush peters systems of any toxins or strange chemicals inside him "he's all clean" spoke the giant blue cookie monster (XD) called beast 'thank goodness Gwen and may will be so very much relieved to know he's alright' "Goodness what did they do to him his chemistry was utterly messed up when you brought him in" the professor wheeled off afterwards mentally checking everyone but not intruding at all 'I should call may to see how she and Gwen are fairing'

He did so over the phone 'yes he's at the mansion safe and sound yes I'll send a car for you and Miss Stacy right away to see him goodbye' "who was that chuck" 'miss parker and miss Stacy are our guests tonight please alert storm of the visitors' "its been 22 days chuck shouldn't the webhead be awake by now" 'the foreign chemicals found within peter may have altered him in some ways so when he does wake up he'll need all the support he can get' voiced the professor to all who can hear him mentally. 'either way prep the car have scott and rogue go with you as well' he smiled as wolverine left to do just that 'please wake up soon peter wake up soon' he thought.