Chapter 15

Awakening SpiderX alive

(Peter's pov)

Waking up was the hardest thing peter has ever done in his life that and fighting mutants and genetically enhanced super villains second then well at the moment his eyelids felt like lead and his body as well, moving or trying to move his arm he reached for his face trying to open his lids in doing so he managed to open them.

Everything was fuzzy and blurry colors mixed with other colors until slowly things dimmed and brightened and refocused looking down at himself he realized he was on some sort of bed and the room was an aged grey

A light blinked a little from bad electricity and to his side was a bunch of medical equipment all hooked up to him, he looked around it was some sort of medicine room or a mini hospital but where was he?

Trying his luck he coughed at first having not used his voice accepts for screaming as of recently "H-Hello..." he felt no danger his spider sense wasn't going off so he trusted it for the moment, all he could really remember was seeing kitty and then nothing.

A metal door slid open star trek style and in walked a tall blue hairy Hank (AKA BEAST) "whoa are you the cookie monster gone angry" squeaked peter.

Hank chuckled at the comparison quite used to it now as it wasn't first time to be compared to something just as blue and atrocious "No No im not I'm Hank professors' right hand man when it comes to medical and new things to help mutants blend in with society" Walking over to peters side he tapped the Iv bag a couple droplets of the nutrients went through the tube into Peters iv "you gave us all quite the scare that and red skull having done so many things to your body chemistry it wouldn't know what's up or down or even heal itself with your shall we say quick healing" peter just watched him thoughtfully "oh no Gwen aunt may are they okay I gotta go see them!" he said swinging his legs over the side of the bed only to be halted by hank "No no they're fine you though need to stay in bed for a couple more days and rest no telling physical activity could do to your body at the moment let it heal and rework itself at least" spoke hank peter reluctantly layed down pouting

"Don't worry professor sent Logan to go pick up your aunt and your female companion" peter smiled in relief 'At least they'll be safe here' he thought "Now then I'll be back in ten minutes don't even try getting out of bed cameras all through this room and you're lucky your awake you almost died twice on us upon reviving you" his eyes widened in shock peter wasn't sure what to do with this new information.

"Oh god I sure as heck am getting a tongue lashing from Gwen when she gets here aren't I?" peter sighed and awaited the possibly very worried and slightly angry girlfriend and concerned upset aunt. Soon the rest walked in with permission from storm to visit peter "hey guys well this is a nice welcome home party" was his sarcastic reply as to his basic welcome home welcoming party that day turned into a kidnapping, "We hope you feel better peter we really do" spoke rogue and her southern accent.

Peter winced when Kurt poofed on the edge of his bed it sort of hurt his eyes and the sulfur smell made him nauseous "I'll be fine guys just probably should watch out more for crazy super villains who wanna use your blood for stuff to take over the world and stuff" rogue sat in a chair beside peter "that's not what I am worried about peter it ah the fact that magneto, and red skull are workin together to turn you into some mindless zombie and try and destroy us all" peter winced "rogue I would never ever do that I mean I'm just one guy I can't take you guys out anyhow not with you all together at least" rogue smiled "well get better soon Pete cause we're having pizza on Friday and tonight's chili" she said with a smirk now peter chuckled "yeah" as each of them left all peter could think "w-what's so special about me that I had to be kidnapped like that" he didn't mull over it any longer cause he was soon asleep in seconds. "Another day spider-man another day your power will soon be ours" was the dark voice within the back of the spiders mind magneto smirked in knowing that with the info they had on the spider he'd be under there control and very soon.