The shades kid

(Outside Midtown High)

A red 64 mustang rolled up to Midtown high? 'This place professor' (yes yes cerebro picked up a mutant signature here two someone must be following the boy?)

a boy with red ruby quartz shades stepped out of the mustang he wore a black jacket and some brownish jeans with black sneakers, another man gruff as he was almost looked like a biker dude with a bad sixties hair cut came out and went to the back and unfolded a wheelchair. He helped a man with quite a bald head and grunted

"You sure this is where he is chuck?"

Yes I am sure, now Scott I need you to be a student for now and see if you can find the mutant or at least keep whoever following the boy away we'll be hear call us if you need anything or if your in trouble,

The boy known as Scott nodded and walked into the school…

(Inside class 103)

A girl with blonde hair and a v-neck t-shirt and a skirt and black heels sat at a desk meant for partners alone she sighed, (he's late again,)

The teacher looked at her um Mrs. Stacy are you alright and where is peter?

She was just about to answer when in burst a sweat drenched and slightly bruised peter parker.

Well um please take your seat next to Mrs. Stacy, peter immediately sat next to her. Peter turned his head so he couldn't meet the LOOK. But the old parker luck kicked in and he was forced to meet it, Gwen I- he was cut off immediately by her

No let me guess it was another fight with a villain peter! I think you need to lay off the fighting for a bit look at you! She pointed to the bruise on his cheek not hidden enough by make up?


The classroom door opened and in walked a kid with brown hair and really weird eighties red shades looking glasses. The teacher looked at him and asked hello may I help you?

Um yes the kid spoke my names Scott summers I'm a new student here. He handed the teacher a schedule he said well welcome to midtown Scott please take a seat next to Mr. Flash Thompson.

He willingly sat down; Flash ignored him and kept texting? Peter ignored him but he felt like he was boring holes in his head, nothing seemed off about him he just really creeped him out. Bye the end of class peter swore he was talking to someone he ignored it and went straight to his locker. The kid seemed to follow him he turned to his locker combination grabbed what he needed and closed the locker and standing right there was another boy OH MY god good thing he was used to it or he be clinging to the ceiling? Um hi oh sorry to bother you are peter parker

Yes why do you ask um? The next words that left the kids mouth shocked him so hard he almost fainted.

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