It hurts.

Pain blooms in my chest.

There's so much red…

I gasp, clutching at my chest and sinking to the floor.

Why can't I ever save them?

"F…Feliciano…?" I whisper.

I'm so very tired.

Feliciano's voice echoes in my head, anguished and pleading.


"Damn it…!" I hiss as the pain increases. I realize that the pain isn't mine—it's Feliciano's.

Make it stop…

What could have caused him so much pain?

it hurts too much.

A vision flickers in front of my eyes: white walls and floor, bloody footsteps in front of me.

How many…?

My mouth opens in a silent scream as scenes—no, not scenes, memories—flash, superimposed upon the vision of white and blood.

How many more times must I go back?

Are these…Feliciano's memories?

How many more times will I fail?

His voice echoes to me, and without thought I begin running, following those bloody footsteps.

The blood…it's everywhere.

I keep running, following those footprints. I don't know what they lead to.

Their voices…are calling out to me.

This path…it seems familiar. Have I walked it before? Everything is growing darker…

This painful despair hurts so very much.


Is there nothing I can do to save them?

I can see him ahead, walking this path of blood. The darkness is closing in. I reach out, trying to reach him, to help, to do anything to ease this pain of his.

Take me back.

I yell out to him, but there is no sound.

Take us back.

"Don't you dare…!"

Back to the beginning.

Everything goes dark.

Please…somebody come save me now. There's nothing more I can do…

except continue trying to save my dearest friends.


Here's another Hetaoni oneshot! Just to clarify, this is in Romano's POV, following along with the twin-connection thing that the game shows. And, since I've been on a whole Hetaoni splurge, I've written another Hetaoni oneshot that I'll be uploading after this one. Yay. I'm such a masochist. *cries*

~Happy Camper27