Bella Swan was tired. Well anybody who got woken up by their cellphone and told to get out of bed at 3:45am would be. The 'no set hours' condition defiantly wasn't one of the perks to her work. Don't get her wrong, she loves her job, but sleep is something Bella loves nearly equally, and Bella often doesn't get.
So at 4:51 she arrived at work, she does admit there is something brilliant about driving to Quantico from her home in Washington with no traffic, coffee in hand.
Bella loved her job, sure some times it scared the shit out of her, but saving lives was something that made her feel warm and fuzzy inside. She had taken after Charlie, which shocked both of them, when she decided to become a behaviour analysis after a justice course dying her senior year of high school. She enrolled straight into a justice and psychology double degree and after her four years got accepted into 6 months of training before being initiated into the behaviour analysis unit a year ago. Now 24, she lives in the Capitol city, has two cats and a gunshot wound. She wouldn't have it any other way, well except the gunshot wound.

Her team was amazing and very welcoming from day one. Hotch reminded her of Charlie, not one to show emotion but inside you know that they care a lot. Rossi is amazing at was he does and has the power to make everyone feel welcome, JJ always knows what to say and quickly became Bella's confident. Morgan was sexy and cocky but you knew that he would go to the end of the earth to you, and where there is Morgan you can be sure on the other end of the line was Ms Penelope Garcia. She was the quirkiest chick Bella knew, but she lightened up the mood in the most sombre of times and you couldn't help but love her. Alex was a badass who could nearly always turn a bad situation around and she had gotten them out of some pretty scary moments. And finally Dr Spencer Reid, Bella would be lying if she didn't admit she was harbouring a crush the size of Russia on the resident genius. He was so innocent, smart and just adorable, not to mention hot. Bella found she had a lot of things in common with her fellow bookworm, the nerd status being one of them.

She arrived in the briefing room to see everybody already there apart from Morgan who arrived when she did.
"Good morning" Hotch greeted as he motioned to Garcia to set up.
"If it's good does that mean this was a false alarm and I can go back to bed?" Bella replied causing a few chuckles.
"I'm sorry chickadee but instead of sleep I see a plan ride in your future" Garcia retorted as she started the projector.
"Last night in Portland, Maine a jogger discovered the body of 23 year old Cindy Belmont in a park and notified the police." Garcia said as a picture of a young Caucasian blonde woman appeared on the screen, "she was found with multiple stab wounds, especially around her torso, and had ligature marks on wrists and feet. Similarly two other women have been found with same injuries, these are Sarah Horton, 21 and Liza Pascal, 22" she said as two more photos, one blonde women and one brunette
"Cause of death?" Hotch questioned.
"Surprisingly not the stab wounds but of suffocation due to dirt in the lungs, the majority of the stab wombs were post mortem".
"Bodies found buried?"
"No, they were left out in plain sight"
"So they were killed and then brought to the parks," Morgan noted.
"Ok guys, grab your stuff. Wheels up in 30." Hotch said.

Ok so another new story, so sue me. I've always wanted to do this crossover so here it is, I don't see the Cullen's being involved but you never know where my mind will take us. Hopefully the crimes sound realistic; I am doing a justice/psych uni course so that should help! This will have shorter chapters but hopefully that will prompt be to update more frequently. Anyway thanks for reading, let me know what you think x