Bella, Reid and Morgan were making the quick drive to Deering. Despite being a capital city Portland had next to no traffic so with lights and sirens they were there within minutes.

Louisa's house was situated on a quite street backing onto parkland. From the outside it looked typical to the neighbourhood; medium sized American Victorian house surrounded by leafy greens. Bella could see no lights on inside, which she would expect on such a gray and dreary day. The curtains were mostly open and the windows closed.

The trio got out of the warmth of their SUV and headed up the front driveway. Morgan took the lead as he often did and gave a quick rap on the front door. 30 seconds past without an answer so he tried again for good measure. Still nobody answered so Bella decided to have a quick look around. Heading of the small porch and to the right of the building she peered into the large bay window. In front of her was a standard lounge room, rather tidy and perfectally normal. Making her away around the house it wasn't to the fourth window that something odd caught her eye. The room looked like a standard office, a little dark and cramped, but rather ordinary all the same. It was however the photo lying on the desk that seemed odd. At first Bella thought it was of Louisa's older sister Anna. But she quickly realised that having a photo of a sister you resented would be unlikely. The more Bella stared at it the more she questioned it. The hair looked to light, the shoulders to broad and the lips to full. In fact while the photo seemed familiar it didn't remind Bella of Anna Metlock but instead the second murder victim Liza Pascal.

"Guys," Bella yelled, "I think you're going to want to see this".