"Alright, I'm all finished with this patient," Colonel Potter hollered out as he put the finishing touches on the gauze dressing he was applying to his patient's abdomen. "I'm ready for the next one!"

Like clockwork, two corpsmen swooped in and hauled the patient away. Not one second after the doors had shut behind them, two different corpsmen burst through the doors toting in a new patient for the Colonel.

Potter wasn't pleased to see that his next patient was, Major Spiers. He had hoped that Spiers would wind up on Hawkeye's or BJ's table. After making a quick decision, the Colonel hollered out, "Pierce, what are you working on right now?"

"Minor flesh wound, a few pieces of shrapnel in the leg," Hawkeye responded.

Potter's chest puffed out slightly as he heard Pierce's reply. He looked down to Major Spiers lying on the table. The Major was already unconscious from the sedatives he was given in Pre-Op after his and Pierce's kerfuffle. Shaking his head in annoyment, he decided that some poetic justice would do his hotheaded chief surgeon some good.

"I'll finish up that leg for you Pierce. I want you to take my patient," Potter stated sternly as he walked over to Hawkeye's table one down to him.

"Why, Colonel?" Pierce questioned in a demanding tone, as he looked up from his patient.

"Because I'm your commanding officer, and I said so!" Potter snapped back, unappreciative of Hawkeye's tone.

Hawkeye couldn't help but to cringe slightly at Potter's sour disposition. It had been eight hours since Potter had ripped him a new one in the scrub room, which apparently, wasn't a long enough interval for him to cool down.

Not wanting a repeat of the outburst, Pierce reluctantly handed his forceps to his nurse and stepped aside. Throwing his gloves in the sponge bucket beneath the table – Hawkeye replied, "Whatever you say, Colonel."

When he turned around and saw that a nurse was draping the patient to isolate the wound on his buttocks – Pierce felt his blood pressure rise and his stomach plummet to his boots. He turned back around and protested furiously, "Oh no, Colonel! There is no way you are going to have me fix up that khaki Godzilla!"

"What on Earth are you rambling on about now, Pierce?" Charles inquired from the other end of the O.R.

Ignoring Charles' question, Pierce prodded at the Colonel once more, "Colonel, I am sure that he doesn't want me to carve up his thinking cap, any more than I want to!"

Potter looked over his right shoulder, while he held his arms out so that the nurse could put on a fresh sterile gown, and sternly responded. "Pierce, I am in no mood for your temper tantrums!"

Potter then ordered the nurse whom was tying up the back of his gown, as he lowered his arms and holding out his hands so that another nurse could put gloves on his hands, "Anderson, Pierce needs a fresh gown and gloves on the double."

"Alright Colonel but know this – when I speak my last words before the firing squad – I'll make sure to mention your name," Hawkeye said wryly, even though he allowed the nurse to do as the Colonel ordered.

"Pierce," Potter's tone showed that his patience was wearing quite thin.


"Shut up and go to work! There will be no more discussion about your assignment. Is that understood Captain Pierce?" Potter shouted while his cheeks reddened with anger.

Hawkeye, (along with the entire O.R staff) knew that by the acrimonious velocity present in the Colonel's tone; that it'd be best to keep quiet and focus on their work for the remainder of the session.

It was five am when the surgical session had ended. All of the doctors were exhausted, but the need for food and coffee took precedence over the need for sleep. Besides, they had to be in Post in two hours for rounds anyways – so what was the point of sleep?

At a table close to the front doors of the Mess Tent; Hawkeye sat across from BJ, and the Californian was Charles. All three men wrapped their hands around the white porcelain cups that held their coffee as if their very lives depended on it.

"I feel like death," Hawkeye grumbled while staring downwards at the table. The hot steam that hit his face which, wafted up from the piping hot coffee seemed to make him sleepier by the second.

"I feel like worse than death. I don't think my feet have ever hurt this much in my life," BJ commented before took a sip of coffee.

"Gentlemen, I can a-" Charles paused to let out a drawn out yawn, "assure you that my body aches more than both of yours combined."

"Who cares about your misery! What about what Potter is going to do to me, not to mention that crazed Airborne Major from triage. For all I know, the idiots at the J.A.G. are already building the sling to hang my butt from." Hawkeye snarled at his two Swampmates.

"Yes, whatever on Earth was the Colonel raving about in O.R?" Charles asked intrigued. "I haven't seen him that worked up since the time he forgot his wedding anniversary."

Just then, Colonel Potter burst through the Mess Tent doors, hollering out Hawkeye's name. Two large MPs were trailing behind the Colonel.

BJ and Charles quickly snapped their heads up from their coffee, after hearing the rage in their C.O's voice. Hawkeye on the other hand, visibly cringed and did not turn around to face Potter.

"Captain Pierce, stand before me at attention – right now!" Potter bellowed out once more.

This time Hawkeye did as he was told and sluggishly swung his legs out from under the table and stood up on his aching feet. He didn't not have the strength at the moment to stand erectly at attention.

"Pierce you have no idea how embarrassed I am by your behavior out in the compound earlier, during triage! Your big mouth and overall ignorance may have very well slandered the reputation I have been trying to build in the Army for several decades, once word of how my doctors disrespect well decorated veterans. I just got finished talking with Major Spiers and he was as angry as a man could be! He has decided to press charges on gross insubordination – and I endorsed his claim." Potter wagged his right index finger to add emphasis as he continued to rip into Pierce, "You have not idea how much of an ass you have made of yourself. The entire camp won't shut their yaps about about your stupid stunt tonight. I am hereby placing you under house arrest Captain Pierce, until a date for your hearing is decided." The Colonel then turned around and waved the MP's to step forward, "take him to his quarters boys. Captain Pierce is not allowed out unless he had to use the latrine."

Hawkeye's frozen expression of disbelief as he was being led out of the tent, was also shared with BJ and Charles.

Colonel Potter's face remained in the same stone cold expression, as he turned to address the remaining two surgeons.

"I strongly urge you boys to not intervene in this matter. If I hear of either of you trying to coherce Major Spiers to change his mind about the charges against Hawkeye – I will throw the book in your faces! Do you understand me?"

"Yes Colonel," BJ instantaneously answered.

"Of course, sir," Charles echoed his fellow surgeon.

Potter nodded and then swiftly left back out of the Mess Tent doors.

After a few moments of heavy silence, BJ and Charles looked at each other. They knew that the easy going Colonel Potter they once served under had was no more. Although they didn't speak it, they knew that they had to find out more about this insufferable Major Spiers, in hopes that they can somehow find a way to save Hawkeye's butt – without getting themselves in too much hot water either.

Potter's warnings aside – they owed it Hawkeye to make sure that he didn't spend the next ten years of his life making license plates, in grey and white striped jumpsuit at Leavenworth.

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