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Long ago in a far away land there lived a man. He was your typical clansmen. However one day he finds a fox fairy lying on his land. He takes the young girl and nurses her back to health. Now he wants something in return. What is it that he wants and what will our young fox fairy do. Based a tad bit off The Fox Lover . I also don't own the picture. I will use this only temporarily. I don't own Naruto

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Long ago in a far away land there were very particular things. These particular things were also very abnormal but the human beings here paid no heed. For this the 2 never got in any disputes or anything with violence involved. Now if someone were to ask what were these particular things to a person that was native to the land there response would be simple: beings from fairy tails or in some cases fairy tail creatures. Yes these particular things were none other than fantasy like creatures or fantisia's( as called by the people). Most of the fantisia's and humans got along quite well but there were some fantisia's that didn't get along with the humans. 1 of these fantisia's in particular we're the fox spirits. Before you come to conclusions or anything the reason why the fox spirits and humans weren't in good terms was because the fox spirits never even bother talking with the humans because of this the humans never found out if they were in actual good terms with the fox spirits so they didn't bother. Now that this has been settled we can now move on back to the story.

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(In 1 of the lands)

It was raining and pouring hard. To some this was considered a miracle due to the drought there land was facing. To others it was not. In a mansion there was a individual who considered this as the latter. Why you may ask let's just say he wasn't the very brightest of people. For 1 he was in his late 20's going on to his early 30's. Where he lived this was considered to be very misfortunate. However he paid no mind to this. He had way to much money and rarely even used it. Also not to mention he was socially awkward. All in all he was a very sour person. At the moment he was drinking tea and thinking calmly to himself. This went on for quite a while until a servant came to deliver him some news. To say he was annoyed was not even close to how he was really feeling right now."What is it!?"

"My Lord there has been a claim that there is someone in your land."

"Hmm, I'll go investigate. Now is there anything else that I need to be informed about?"

"No my lord."

"Then you may leave."

The servant bowed and walked out the room. He waited for some minutes. Finally he got up and grabbed a higasa. He walked down the mansion until he reached the front gates of the mansion. He signaled to the guard that he was leaving and not to let anyone in until he returned. The guard opened the gates and walked out the mansion. After he had done so he was now out in the open of the land he had inherited from his family.

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He walked for quite a while until he he stopped and noticed golden strand of hair. He picked them up and continued walking onwards to see if he could find anymore golden strands which would may lead him to his intruder. Surprisingly he was proven correct when found even more golden strands of hair. He continued on the path with golden strand and walked on. Finally what seemed like ages he was on the rocky side of his land. As he got even more inside of the the rocky parts of his land the golden strands of hair suddenly vanished. 'Hmm... if I'm correct then my intruder might be close by.' And indeed he was proven correct when he could finally see a bit of blonde hair from a far. He walked up to the figure that was the owner of the blonde hair but came to an abrupt stop. What he saw now right in front of him made him gasp in awe. There in front of him was a young girl of 15 or 16 with light tan skin and flawless golden blonde hair. She was also wearing a royal blue kimono which even made her beauty even more pronounced. He had never seen such beauty in any woman he ever encountered. However this wasn't the thing that surprised him. What had surprised him. No the thing that had surprised him was the white fox eats that she sported on top of her head and the white fox tail that was attached to her rump. Her hair was also in a very unitive hair style he had ever seen. Now he was certain that she was not defiantly normal. He had only heard of this in stories that his mother had told him when he had been just a mere boy. 'She's a Fox Fairy.' He gazed in awe until he noticed she was breathing unsteadily. He brought a hand up to her forehead and gasped as he felt as she was burning. Without giving a thought he bent down and picked her up into his arms and walked back the path he had come from. He carried her all the way until they reached the mansion. Once there he handed her to 1 of his many servants And walked back into his room. He stayed inside his room and thought to himself in silence. This went on for a few hours until 1 of the servants came inside his room and told him the news. "My Lord, the young lady is awake. You may now go and talk to her."

"Very well. You may take your leave."

He got up and walked into the room the where the young fox fairy was being held in. Once upon entering the room she was staying in he turned around an was face to face with the most large beautiful cerulean eyes he had ever gazed upon. 'She's even more beautiful when she's awake.' At that exact moment he chose to speak. "I see your awake." The girl looked strangely at him. He took this as a sign to continue. "Do you know who I am?" The girl kept staring at him until she opened her a tiny bit to form an 'o'. Her response was "No I do not. Should I know?" He state at her and blinked his eyes once. "Yes I think you should know. After all I am the person that saved you." She gazed down at the floor and stayed quite for a few seconds. "I thank you for your hospitality. I would like to know the name of my rescuer." he just stared into those round big beautiful cerulean eyes until he was caped from his daze. "My name is Sasuke Uchiha and you own me something in return." She gasped silently and looked shocked."Fine. Name your prize and I shall give it to you.' He just stared at her. "I want your hand in matrimony."

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