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As I had just said these words her eyes had widened in shock. She kept looking at me like this for what felt like a long time but was in actuality a few seconds. She finally closed her mouth and gulped quitely. Finally she regained herself and opened her a bit. However what came out some what surprised me a little.


This caused me to become irritated a bit but I guess I would have reacted the same if I were in her position.

"I said that if I could have your hand in marriage. From what I heard fantisia's don't go back on their word."

Her mesmerising cerulean eyes then looked at my own onyx eyes. Their were filled with mostly with confusion but also a bit of fear. She kept staring at me like this which was now making feel somewhat uncomfortable. This went on for a while until I got up the courage and broke our state of awkwardness by softly coughing.

"I will give you 15 hours to give me your answer. I shall now take my leave."

Slowly he got up. But before he left he gently grabbed the young fantasia's hand and gave it a soft but quick kiss. He smiled at her and quickly left the room. She didn't believe what had just happened.

'Why would a human do such a thing like that. Especially to someone as me. Why would that human be interested in me? What does he want from me?'

As she was asking herself these things to herself she couldn't but wonder the type of relationship her kind had with the humans. Last time she checked they didn't really have a very stable kind of relationship with each other due to how the humans and kitsune's didn't really interact with each other.

'Hmm... maybe something's wrong with him? Or probably he's desperate for a soul mate. He does look and smell like he hasn't still imprinted on someone? But I wonder, why a fantasia? Probably he thinks I'm still a young one. Well if he does then he is right, after all I am just 150 moons. I'm still considered a baby in fantasia's terms. But should I come to terms with this offer. I could say no but then that would be rude of me, he did save me after all. Hmm... what to do? What to do?'

As she was thinking about this to herself someone else was also pondering himself about what he just recently had done.

'What in hell's name have I done. Why did I ask her that. What if she thinks wrong about me. Hell why did I even ask her that. She look's she's 16, even though she might be older in fantasian terms. Nether the less wouldn't she be considered a baby. God I feel like a pedophile. Why did I do that?'

As the young man was thinking about this to himself he couldn't help but blush as another thought quickly came up to him

'What if she say's yes. I don't even know what to do to a women, less to a fantasian.'

Sasuke kept thinking to himself about this but couldn't help but admit something to himself.

'Yet it felt right to ask her this. It fells like I've known her from somewhere. Like from a long time ago.'

For just a brief moment he was about to agree with this to himself but quickly dismissed the idea with a few nods of his head.

'Ridicules. There no such thing as recarnation. That's all just fake blasphemy.'

The young man continued to walk on and proceeded yo find something to occupy himself with.

*!Line Break!*

Her time was almost up. She sighed and glanced around the room. Naru couldn't help but she still hadn't come up with a decision. She had already weighed the pro's and con's about this offer. There were just to much issues with this whole situation. What would happen if she said yes? What would happen if she said no? Too many things to consider about this. She gripped her hair in frustration as she was still deciding.

'Oh what to do? What to do?'

*!Line Break!*

He sighed In frustration. Her time was almost up. The agony. Sasuke then stared at the nothingness as he was now deep in thought of what was to come. He remained like this for the next hour and half. Finally he had come up with his decisions. He nodded to himself in contempt. Quickly he ordered a servant to go fetch some tea in mock celebration of his win. Now he was slowly drinking his tea and was finally relaxed. After a few sips of his tea he looked up at the clock that hung over in his private room where he would work most of the time.

'She has another good 3 hours to come up with a answer. Hope she 's already have one for her sake. For time does indeed go fast here.'

He sighed and proceeded back to his work.

*!Line Break!*

'I'll accept his offer. What do I have to lose!'

*!Line break!*

Her time was up and he was now headed to the room she was occupying to get his answer. Sasuke was now at the door and had stopped. Slowly he opened the door to the room. He expected to see her in a some type of pose of frustration but was shocked to see her sitting down quietly with a smile on her face.

"I see that you have finally come for your answer."

"Yes I have. And now what is your response to my proposition."

The room suddenly became quiet. It bothered him but what would he expect. This was practically normal in this type of situation. However he was in shock for what he had just heard the young women had just said.

"I accept."

"We-well then. Now that this matter is settled-"

but before he could say anything else age softly said something.

"My name is Naru."

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