Shake your tail 'cause we're here to have a party tonight

Shake your tail, shake your tail

Shake your tail 'cause we're here to have a party tonight

Shake your tail, shake your tail

Shake your tail 'cause we're here to have a party tonight

Shake your tail, shake your tail

Shake your tail 'cause we're here to have a party tonight

Shake your tail, shake your tail

Shake your tail 'cause we're here to have a party tonight!

Such was how the new up and coming pop band known as The Rainbooms capped off their first headlining show at the Cloven Hoof, a quaint little club in downtown Canterlot. It was a small venue, only tightly fitting about 100 people into the general admissions area, but for The Rainbooms - lead vocalist Twilight Sparkle, guitarist Rainbow Dash, drummer Pinkie Pie, bassist Applejack, keytarist Rarity and tambourinist Fluttershy - merely headlining a show for the first time was a milestone in and of itself. And to boot, the band played really, really well, with everyone nailing every single note in each of the songs they played; half of their set consisted of their own material, while the other half consisted of covers of songs by old rock bands such as Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, amongst others. Plus, despite how tightly packed everyone in the audience was, they were all able to dance quite energetically to both their original pop tunes and their old rock 'n roll covers. So with all of that having transpired, as The Rainbooms capped off their finale, took their bow and retreated backstage while stage hands were dispatched to gather up the equipment, nothing but smiles and utter satisfaction showed on their faces.

Waiting for them in the backstage lounge area was arguably the band's two closet friends; Sunset Shimmer, a former supervillain who was reformed thanks to the band's efforts, and Flash Sentry, a fellow aspiring musician in his own right. As The Rainbooms all filed into the lounge as exhausted as they are thrilled, Flash and Sunset immediately got right up to greet them.

"Awesome show, girls!" commended Sunset as she and Flash both gave hugs all around. "You all look like you've really started on your way this time."

"Yeah, keep this up and you'll have a major label drooling over you in no time!" Flash replied with a wink, which made Twilight blush and Sunset cringe a bit in response.

"Well, thanks guys!" Rainbow Dash smirked. "Everyone is improving on their instruments."

"Not that we weren't good to begin with, right?" exclaimed Pinkie Pie. "Right?!"

"Yep!" affirmed Applejack.

"Uh... yeah, sure," squeaked Fluttershy.

"Actually," Flash Sentry then said, "I do have a suggestion." Immediately the band, particularly Twilight, gave him their undivided attention as he said, "As catchy as your girly pop tunes are, you maybe should try writing your own hard rock songs. Those rock covers you did were pretty cool, plus, I've seen the way Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Applejack have played solo; they'd probably be able to play for Ozzy Osbourne himself if he let 'em!"

"Well what about me?" Rarity then asked, obviously a bit offended over not being mentioned. "I'm a good keytarist, aren't I?"

"Of course," assured Sunset.

"But not all rock bands use keyboards, you know," Flash pointed out.

"Ozzy Osbourne does!" Rarity snapped. "Sometimes, anyway. Like on that song, 'Mr. Crowley!'"

"OK, point taken," Flash conceded. "Can we just stop the debate before it becomes a war?"

"Yeah, besides," added Sunset, "It's late, and I'm beat. I don't know about the rest of you, but as great of a show as it was, I just wanna go home and crash!"

Indeed, by this point, it was way past midnight, and The Rainbooms were starting to get just a little bit droopy-eyed. "Well," Twilight reasoned, "our gear should be back in the van by now... yeah, we really should be getting home, it's late."

With all of her friends and bandmates unanimously agreeing, the entire group trudged their way through the backstage and out of the club to their van, which had indeed been repacked with all of their instruments, amps, etc. With everyone piled in tightly, and with Twilight behind the wheel, the van crawled its way out of the parking lot, through the empty downtown streets of Canterlot, onto the freeway and from there into the subdivision where they all lived.

Flash Sentry was the first to be dropped off at his place. "Alright, see ya girls tomorrow!" he waved.

"Bye, Flash!" Twilight and Sunset both waved gleefully as Flash walked into his house...

The next morning, Flash woke up early, cleaned up, got dressed and went downstairs to get his breakfast; his parents had made him bacon, eggs, butter toast and milk, all of which were already sitting on the kitchen table, ready for him to eat.

"Morning, Flash," his mom greeted him. "How was the show last night?"

"Fantastic, Mom," Flash said as he dug into his breakfast.

"What about this Twilight girl?" his dad chipped in with a suggestive smirk. "Ya won her over yet, heh heh?"

"I'm, uh, still working on it," Flash blushed. "But Sunset seems like she's trying to win me back, and uh-"

"That bitch?!" Flash's mom cried out in a fit. "SERIOUSLY?! She doesn't deserve to be even talking to you, after how she screwed you and so many others over! You should just tell her to go screw herself and ask Twilight out, already!"

"But, Mom," Flash insisted, "she has turned herself around, and we have gotten back on good terms, and-"

"I wouldn't count on it, son," his dad warned. "But anyway," he added as he checked his watch, "the bus should be here any minute. Oh, and here's the paper, in case you should have time to kill."

"Alright, see ya guys!" With that, Flash Sentry took the newspaper, his backpack and his electric guitar and heads out the door to the street. Sure enough, the school bus arrived just as he got there, and so he got on board, ready for another day at Canterlot High School.

On the bus ride there, Flash was reading the newspaper to pass the time. Mostly, it was boring stuff regarding stocks, the weather, petty crimes, political rhetoric and other things he didn't care much for. But then, he saw something in the want ads that immediately caught his attention. The ad read;

"Lead guitarist wanted for black metal band at Canterlot High School. Must be able to play grim and frostbitten power chords and tremolo notes straight from the depths of hell! Inquire us at the music rehearsal space during lunch. BLACK METAL IST KRIEG!"

"Black metal, huh?" Flash said to himself as he began to consider this option. Though his personal favorite style of guitar music was good old classic rock, he did like to delve into other kinds as well, including various types of heavy metal. Heavy metal, of course, has a ton of different subgenres - quite possibly more so than any other type of music in the world - and black metal is known as one of the absolute most extreme of them all. Flash himself had learned a couple of songs just out of pure curiosity and for the fun of it, but other than that, he never really did get into black metal. Nonetheless, his official decision regarding this want ad was thus; "I think I might just give this black metal thing a try. Could be fun..."