Naruto the son of Tobirama Senju


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"Rasengan" jutsus

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Chapter 2


As the hokage had said this Iruka and Natsumi stooped laughing and looked from the the silver-blond boy to the hokage with a confused look on there faces.

"Hehehe, it seems that you haven't forgotten me and I see that you have taken fathers hat from him." Naruto said as he broke the silence in the rom.

"Did you say that Hiruzen took the hat from your father. You are the son of the yondaime?" Iruka said in confusion.

Naruto looked at Iruka with a question look on his face before asking. "Yondaime?"

"No, he's not, he is the son of Tobirama Senju. The second hokage." Hiruzen decided to explain to the two confused people in the room.

"How is that even possible?" Iruka asked with a confused look on his face.

"Well to tell you the truth, I don't know that answer. I'm just as confused as you are. He disappeared 62 years ago." Hiruzen told them and turned to Naruto to ask. "Are you willing to explain to us how this happened, Naruto-nii-san?"

"Sure, Hiru-chan. It all happened for 62 years ago."

Flashback no jutsu

It is a sunny day in the village hidden in the leaf, and a silver-blond boy is drawing something on the ground. If you don't know who this boy is you could just believe he is just drawing two dragons creating a circle between them on the ground, but that is not what this boy is doing. A man with white hair is coming towards the boy.

"Hey son, are you sure you should do this?" he asked.

"Yes father what kind of man would I be if I didn't do this on me and instead make someone else do something that could kill them if they don't know what they are doing. And beside I'm to stubborn to die by something like this" The boy replied to his father.

"Son know this, that I will always be proud of you just like a father should be." The boy's father said with pride in his voice. The silver-blond boy started to go throw handseals, suddenly a blur jump out of the bushes. The boy couldn't do anything else beside stand there and watch the blur is running towards his father. His father reacted by throwing a kunai at his feet, but he was to late as the ninja had already accidentally messed up the sealing by stepping on it. A bright light hit them and the silver-blond boy had disappeared.

"NARUTO, WHERE ARE YOU?" The father screamed.

"I'm sorry, Nidaime." Said the ninja that had messed up the sealing.

The Nidaime had to take some deep breaths to calm himself down before saying. "You don't have to apologize, you did it accidentally. How he really disappeared will be an s-class secret, because I don't want more to disappear like this, is it perceived." To this the ninja nodded to his leader. "And beside I have a feeling that the world will see him in the future." He said to himself holding the little scroll that was left were his son once were.

Flashback no jutsu Kai

"And that was what happened." Naruto said.

"Well that explain some of the things, but not why you haven't aged a single year." Hiruzen said to his brother figure with a question look on his face.

"Well I kind of created a limbo were I didn't age or grow hungry, but were I could train. Now explain to me why Natsumi-chan here doesn't have a headband of the leaf." Naruto said to Hiruzen in a sweet kind of voice that made him shake in fear.

"Well you see, she hasn't passed her genin exam." He said with fear in his voice.

"What kind of exam is it then?" Naruto asked the poor Hiruzen, that know if he made him angry he would be done for.

Hiruzen swallowed before answering him. "Well it is the writing exam about konaha's history and to explain what the first ability was and then there is throwing kunai and shuriken and last the academy standards which is the replacement jutsu, the transformation jutsu and the clone jutsu."

Naruto looked at him with narrowed eyes before saying. "What the fuck. Are you fucking kidding me. You do know that it is easy to make sure that Natsumi-chan would fail this pit full excuse of an exam and that she would never be able to learn the clone jutsu in the first place because of her big chakra reserves. You should have fought her the shadow clone jutsu, because this jutsu requires much more chakra than what the clone jutsu do."

Hiruzen looked like a defeated man as he sighed before replying. "Yes, I do know all of that but there was nothing I could do about it or I would lose my position and someone that either would see Natsumi-chan be dead or turn her into the a weapon for the village."

Naruto sighed before telling Hiruzen. "Hiru-chan, you do know that you can never get replaced, it can only happen if you step down or is killed."

"Naruto-nii-san, you don't understand, the civil counsel has gained much more power ever since the kyuubi attacked 12 years ago. It tock me to long getting back the position. They created laws that said that they get to have more control in the village when there were no hokage." he said to him looking even more defeated than before.

"Hey, Hiru-chan wake up. You are the law in here and if they do not accept that then have them executed for treason against the village." Naruto said with a hint of sadness in his voice for the old man before him.


"Hai, hokage-sama." They replied to there leader.

XX 20 minutes in the meeting room XX

"Hokage-sama why have you called us here at this hour?" A pink haired women screeched.

"Yes, I wonder the same thing Hiruzen." Koharu told her old teammate.

"I will come to that, it has come to my attention that the civil counsel and maybe the clanhead as well have overused there power. So I will take away all the laws that came between the kyuubi attack and me taking back this seat as hokage." As he said this it became cause in the meeting room until they all felt a powerful KI(Killing intent) coming from the doorway.

Everyone in the meeting room became quiet as they looked towards the doors. The door opened up and in come a young boy with silver-blond hair color. They then also noticed a girl that is with him, holding him around his right arm.

"What are you doing here? This is a counsel meeting and you have no right to be in here, boy." Homura said to the young boy.

"Well actually I do have the right to be here as I'm Naruto Senju. A member of the Senju clan." Naruto said with a calm voice. He looked around the room to look everyone in the room in the eyes before continuing "And you all bather listen to the law around here or you will be executed for treason against Konohagakure. The hokage's word is law around here."

"Senju-sama what are you doing around that little whore. It's beneath you." Screeched the pink haired women.

Naruto glared at the women while directing his KI at her. "Be careful of what you say to my little Natsumi-chan or you will be killed before even dose anbu here can raise a hand to stop me you little whore." He finely said to her as she almost fainted from the KI alongside the rest of civil counsel. At this all the clanheads had to contain there laughter. He then changed his gaze to the bandage man. "And Danzo-teme I will not do this CRA (clan restoration act) thing and if anyone even try to force me to marry there daughters, you will lose whats make you a men and for you that are women I will make sure that you live through a living hell." The last he said looking at all people in the room. At those words all in the room flinched because they kinda off knew that he could do it with out them even knowing about it.

"But Senju-sama you don't understand, that little whore is the kyuubi." The pink haired women said.

"Slut, what did I say to you for a minute ago. And I already know that she is the Jinchūriki of the kyuubi no kitsune and is just that, a Jinchūriki and not the beast inside, she is and always will be Natsumi-chan and if I see anyone try to attack her I will kill them with out hesitation even if they are children, clan members, civilians, ninjas, counsel members or even a kage. Do you understand me." After his explanation all of them nodded, to afraid to say anything. So that they wouldn't say something wrong to make him even more angry at them.

"Well then I will call this meeting to an end then, if you don't have anything else to say." Hiruzen said, but no one had and so one after the others they left until it only was Hiruzen, Danzo, Homura and Koharu left.

"Hiruzen, is that who I think it is?" asked a confused Koharu while Danzo and Homura nodded in agreement at her question.

Hiruzen sighed at the question before answering her. "Yes, it is and it's thanks to Natsumi-chan that he is here as he was sealed inside a scroll that as well was a limbo that made so that he didn't age a bit for 62 years." All the alders looked at Hiruzen like he is an idiot.

"Do you really believe that we would believe something like that Hiruzen?" Danzo asked while Homura and Koharu nodded in agreement at what he had asked.

Hiruzen turned around and looked at them before saying. "No I don't do that, because I have a hard time in believing that myself. But that is what he told me. He also told me to look behind sensei's picture where the unofficial explanation is located of what happened that day he disappeared." At this he got nods from the other three in the room.

"He still is just as scary as he always was back then when you angered him. That "slut" as he calls her really proved that to us." Danzo said while the other three laughed at Layla Haruno's new nickname.

XXX Natsumi and Naruto XXX

"Hey were are you taking me Natsumi-chan?" Naruto asked her.

She turned her head towards him so she could look at him. She smiled at him with a smile that promised pain and said. "I'm taking you to my home for two reason. the first is that I want you to answer my question I have for you."

Sweat drops started to form on the back of his head, but he smiled and asked. "What is the other reason then."

"I tell you when we are at my home." she said still with that evil smile on her face.

They went through the village until they came upon a building that looked like it would fall down. Natsumi lead him up to the top apartment and as soon as they got in she asked him. "Will you really kill children that would attack me?"

He looked at her for a while before answering her. "No, that was just to scare them a little, but I will kill the grownups and ninjas that would even consider attacking you, unless if you are training or have a fight that is watched."

Natsumi got tear of joy in her eyes for what he just told her.

"Well what is the other reason for you to taking me here?" He asked her.

"Well, the other reason I took you here is so that you can live here until you get enough money to buy a place to live in, because Tsunade Senju let them dismantle the Senju district so that they could build a new hospital there." She explained to him.

"She did what! Man I never thought that the war would be that bad." He said to her. "And it's not when I get enough money, it's we. I will not leave you here in this dump." He told her, tears of joy started to fall down her cheeks as she hugged him.

"This is the happiest day I have ever had. Thank you so much Naru-kun." She said while hugging him.

"No problem Natsumi-chan." he said with a blush on his cheeks.


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