Naruto the son of Tobirama Senju


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"Hi" human speaking

'hi' human thinking

"Hi" demons speaking

'Hi' demons thinking


Chapter 4

"LIERS!" Sakura and Natsumi screamed.

"Hn, just start the damn test now." Said an irritated tone in his voice, as he had to be alone with one of his most annoying fangirls and an idiot in his eyes for three hours.

"Well then." He began saying as he's reaching into his pouch on his hip. "You will have to get those from me." He continued saying as he held out three bells.

"But sensei, it's only three of them and four of us." Sakura stated the obvious thing about it.

He looked at his bubblegum haired student with a deadpan look on his face before saying. "Yes Sakura, it's only three of them and the ones that don't get a bell get sent back to the academy and one more thing come at me with the intention to kill." At hearing this three of four student gulped in fear. Kakashi said after a couple of minutes. "Begin." At this the four of them hid in three deferent location. Sasuke to the right and Sakura to the left while Natsumi and Naruto hid themselves in between.

"Hey Natsumi-chan, remember what I told you last night?" Naruto asked her.

She looked at her Naru-kun for a minute before saying. "Yes I do, why are you asking me tha... Wait a minute, Kaka-nii-san is just trying to get us to fight against each other. Naruto I go get Sakura while you get Sasuke, love you." At the end she kissed him on his right cheek and before he could argue with her she disappeared towards Sakura's location leaving Naruto to go get Sasuke.

'She gets the easy one.' He thought to himself as he headed towards Sasuke. Sasuke has hidden himself up in a tree.

"Hey, Uchiha come down here I have something to tell you and if you come along I will fight you latter on." Naruto said to him.

"Hn." Sasuke said to answer him. 'I can finely see if he's strong or not.' Sasuke thought to himself as he went down from the tree he was in and they started walking towards were they will meet Natsumi and Sakura.

XXX with Natsumi and Sakura XXX

Natsumi see her laying in the bushes with her back showing as if she didn't know that their sensei can sneak up behind her.

"Sakura." She said in a low voice making Sakura jump up like someone had screamed at her. 'I'm glad that I made Naru-kun go after Sasuke, so that he would not snap at Sakura. He would definitely scare her to death if he did see this.' Natsumi thought to herself.

"Hey Natsumi-baka, don't sneak up on me like that and what are you doing her?" Sakura asked her with an irritated tone in her voice.

"I have figured out the true meaning behind the test and I will even allow you to tell your precious Sasuke that you found out what it is." Natsumi said and at seeing that she didn't had to say much more than that. Cause Sakura has a faraway look on her face. 'She is properly thinking about her marring that teme for helping him to truly become a genin.' Natsumi thought to herself. And they soon after that they left to the clearing where they will meet Naruto and Sasuke at. As they got there they could see Sasuke and Naruto sitting there waiting.

"Sasuke-kun, I have found out the true meaning behind the test. The true meaning is our love, Sasuke-kun." Sakura said and at the same time making everyone sweat droop at what she had just said to them

"Hey Uchiha, is it always like this?" Naruto asked him.

"Hn." Sasuke answered him and making him him sweat droop even more.

After a moment of silence Naruto decided to say his idea of how to get the bells. "Okay, listen up. I have an idea of how we can take the bells from him. I want you Natsumi to tier him out by having her and her clones to attack him for about 15 minutes and then Sasuke will take over and use his taijutsu and ninjutsu while Sakura and I will stay hidden and wait for the perfect moment to take the bells and be a support if it's needed."

"Why dose Natsumi-baka gets a more important role than me." Sakura said angry that someone else than her would impress her Sasuke-kun.

"Sakura, I don't care what you are thinking about, but can you use the shadow clone jutsu? No, then don't talk out of place." Naruto said in an irritated voice. At hearing this she shut up and went alongside the plan.

XXX at the clearing with Kakashi XXX

Kakashi is standing there and reading his book to pass the time, but just as he got to the good part in it Natsumi showed up with ten of her clones. The Natsumis surrounded him in a moving circle, one of the clone run towards him with her fist taken back to punch him, Kakashi seeing the punch coming steeping to the right, but misses the one coming at him at were he had moved. Getting hit by her punch, he then quickly disabled the clone but as he did another clone appeared where the clone would retreated to.

'She has only known the move for about a week, but she has already made it to work for her so well. Sensei you most bee so proud of her, cause I am.' Kakashi thought to himself as he had to avoid being hit by her punches. This continued for 15 minuet.

"Fire Release: Great Fireball Jutsu" Came a voice as Kakashi disabled the last clone.

As Kakashi saw the fireball coming towards him he started going through handseals at a great speed before saying. "Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Jutsu" The fireball sured over Kakashi's previous location. As Sasuke looked around to find him, but didn't notice as a pair of hands sticking up from the ground to grab him. But at that moment a pair of kunai is flaying from the bushes behind him towards Kakashi's hands. Making him withdraw them. He then reappeared from the ground and stood in front of him.

"So, you had Sakura and Naruto hid and being support for you and Natsumi. She was just suppose to tier me out and you would then charge me as I were tiered. That's a great idea, but it have taken to much time." Kakashi said after he had looked at him for a moment and as he said the last thing a clock went of signaling the end of the test.

Kakashi stood in front of his students with Natsumi and Naruto being tied up. He looked at his student for a minute before saying. "Alright time for lunch. Sakura and Sasuke do not give your teammates any food even if they beg for it." After saying the last thing he handed Sakura and Sasuke their lunches and then disappeared in a poof of smoke. Sakura and Sasuke started eating and as they had eaten half Natsumi's stomach started growling and Sakura not wanting to awe her something for long gave her the rest of her food while Sasuke looked confused at Naruto.

"Hey Sakura, why are you giving me food." Natsumi asked her, while looking confused at her action.

"Well, you see I'm not really that hungry and I don't want to awe you for you know what." Sakura said to her without looking at her and at that moment Kakashi reappeared with a poof smoke.

He looked at his students before saying with thunder sounding from behind him. "Sakura, what did I say about giving her food. You..." Here he took a dramatic pause as the thunder stooped before continuing. "...pass." At hearing this all four got smiles on their faces and Kakashi untied Natsumi and Naruto as as he took out another lunch box and handed it to Natsumi, who took it with a smile on her face.

"Well, I'll see you later I have a meeting to go to/watch." Naruto and Kakashi said at the same time and both disappeared in a poof of smoke.

XXX hokage's office XXX

Inside the office of the hokage stood the Jonins that had gotten a team plus Might Guy. The team sensei for team 1-6 had failed their teams and at that moment Kakashi made his appearance.

"Yo!" He said in his usual lazy tone.

"You are latte Kakashi." Said an irritated Kurenai to him.

He looked at her for a moment with a bored look on his face before saying. "You see, I'm latte because I got lost on the road of life and when I found my way back, I saw an old lady that as well was lost on the road of life and as the gentleman I am, I couldn't just leave her lost on the road of life." At hearing his excuse most of the Jonin face palmed themselves.

"HOW YOUTHFUL OF YOU, MY ETERNAL RIVEL!" Might Guy shouted out, making the most of the Jonin to sweat droop.

"Hmm, you said something Guy." Kakashi said to him, making more sweat droops form on the rest of the Jonin.

"CORSE YOU AND YOUR HIPP ATTITUDE!" Guy shouted at him, making even more sweat droops form, if possible, on the rest of the Jonin.

"Hahahahaha! There reaction are so funny. Hahahahahahahaha!" The Jonin could hear someone laugh at them, they looked around the room until their eyes finely found what they is looking for, on the right side of the hokage. Standing there is a little silver-blond boy.

"Who are you kid?" Asked the sensei for team 8.

Naruto looked at her for a moment in is henge before saying/asking with a innocent tone in his voice while looking as innocent as a little boy. "Me, you want to now who I am, miss red eyes? Well, I don't know if I should give you my name, daddy always told me to never tell stranger my name." At hearing him talk so innocent and his innocent look on his face. Kurenai almost couldn't stop herself from walking to him and hug the boy for being so dam cute, while the rest of the Jonin almost flipped over at it. Except for Kakashi as he expected something like this.

"Naruto, don't play with them. And no but, you will make them feel like idiots later on." Hiruzen said to him.

"But, it's true I don't know miss red eyes and my dad did say that." Naruto said in a more mature tone in his voice chocking most of the Jonin in the room as he is still in his henge.

"Naruto, put away that henge of yours right now, you going to drive them crazy if you don't do it." Hiruzen told him.

Naruto looked at him for a minute before saying while putting away his henge. "Fine Hiru-chan, but don't think that I'm pleased with that damn fangirl on our team. She wouldn't have worked with us if she couldn't have had impressed that damn Uchiha, he's nothing like a real Uchiha should be by the way. Sure he has lost all his family, but he is treated like he would be kami herself." At hearing this all jonin in the room looked at him. Knowing that it is the truth, well not most of the shinobis do it, but for the civilians it's the truth. They do treat him like that.

"Well Naruto, why don't you try to knock him down a size or two. You do have to fight with him after all." Kakashi told him as he pulled out his bock to read.

"Waite a minute, so you did pass your team, didn't you." Asuma said to him, Kakashi just nodded to him as he kept on reading his book and at the same time missing the looks of chock on his fellow Jonin.

"Team 8 pass, they have good teamwork while they have their personal problems." Kurenai said as she got out of her chock.

"Team 10 pass, they have good teamwork while they have their personal problems as well." Asuma said with a bored tone in his voice.

XXX 2 month latter XXX

Team 7 is following a cat, well not just any cat but the fire Daimyƍ's wife's cat.

"Hime here, I'm at point A." A female voice said.

"Spoiled brat, at point B." A male voice said.

"Bubblegum, at point C." A female voice said, but she continued but screeching instead. "WHY DOSE NATSUMI-BAKA GET HIME! I SHOULD BE HIME!"

"Kitsune, I'm at point D." Came a male voice, totally ignoring the screeching from Bubblegum.

"Well team, on my signal." Said a male voice. "Okay, now." the same male voice continued. Naruto throw himself at the cat to grab it. As he got the damn cat, the cat started to scratch him in the face.

"Sensei, we got her." Natsumi said as she entered the clearing.

"Can you clarify it by the red ribbon on her right ear?" Kakashi asked her.

She looked at the cat in Naruto's arms before saying, as she can't see the ribbon because off the cat struggling. "Hold the damn cat still for a second so that I can see if it's that damn demon-cat."

"Hey, It's not that easy as I make looks like to hold this damn demon cat." Naruto told her as he struggled to hold it still, without killing it, but he managed to do it in the end.

"Yea, she got the ribbon on her right ear." Natsumi said as she got a good look on the demon-cat. Sakura and Sasuke came out from where they had been hidden as Natsumi had confirmed that it is the demon-cat.

"I see that you have captured Troja in a recored time." Kakashi said as as he appeared, but what chocked him next was that Troja started to purr in Naruto's arms as he stroke him on the back.

"Hmm, wonder why he runs away so much?" Naruto asked out loud.

"You'll see why soon." Kakashi said as he had heard his question. Natsumi, Sakura and Sasuke is looking at Naruto with a question look on their faces. Naruto had been so angry and frustrated at the beginning but now he is calm and send of a calming aura. But they didn't got any chance to ask him about it as he and Kakashi had started to walk away.

"HEY NARU-KUN, KAKA-SENSEI, WAIT FOR US!" Natsumi screamed to them as they started to run after their sensei and teammate.

XXX Hokage tower XXX

"Team 7 has completed the Tora mission." Kakashi said to his leader.

Hiruzen just looked at him with a confused look on his face before asking. "Kakashi, you do know that you are not allowed to help them on D-ranks?"

"Yes sir, they did it all alone." Kakashi said while reading his book. And at that moment a fat lady came walking into the room. As soon as she got to see her beloved Tora in Naruto's arms she started running towards him. She started to hug the cat in a bone crushing hug. This made the 4 genins sweat droop.

'Poor little kitty/cat.' Natsumi and Naruto thought.

'Poor kitty. I wish my Sasuke-kun would hug me that lovely.' Guess who thought.

'Hn, that cat gets what it deserves, for making me an Uchiha hunt it down.' A emo thought.

"Good work team 7, now for the next mission for you. You can baby sit an council's grandchild, go shopping for an old lady or..." Hiruzen began saying but was cut of by a scream from Lady Shijimi.


Hiruzen sighed before continuing. "You can catch Tora again." At the mansion of catching that damn cat twice a day made Naruto reales a small bit of his KI out of anger. Sakura, Sasuke and Iruka is shaking in fear from the KI that is realized. Natsumi, Hiruzen and Kakashi is not that faced by it, seeing as they are used to at this amount of it already.

"No, give us a real mission for once. I know that we can handle it." He said with a sweet smile that scared all of the people in the room.

"Fine, I'll give you this C-rank mission then. Tazuna you can come in now." Hiruzen said in an irritated voice seeing as he couldn't say no to this person when he is in this mode. As he had said it a man in his late fifties opened a door and walked into the room.

"What is this, those brats are going to guard the super me." Tazuna said as he saw the four children. "The pink-haired one looks like she going to pie herself any minute. Duck-butt over their also looks like he's going to pie himself any minute. The other girl kinda looks alright if you ask me. But the armor wearing one actually looks really strong."

"DON'T INSULT SASUKE-KUN!" Sakura screeched at Tazuna. 'Shouldn't she be more angry that he/I insulted her?' Tazuna and the rest in the room asked themselves after hearing her screeching about insulting Sasuke.

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