Sesshomaru and Kagura's Eternal Bleached Love

DISCLAIMER: Inuyasha and ALL of its characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi , Bleach and ALL of its characters belong to Tite Kubo. This plot however BELONGS TO ME. Pairings= Sesshomaru's mother and Sajin Kommamura, in my story who is the real father and dad of Sesshomaru and as I HATE and DESPISE cheaters. I will be typing a flashback and it will have Barragan Louisenbarn in it, as story in Inuyasha takes place a 1000 or a lot more years, thus the flashback would have before the births of Sesshomaru and of Inuyasha. Sesshomaru and Kagura would be the parents of Kensei, Grimmjaw . Later pairings will be of Kensei and Lisa, Grimmjaw and Neliel, and finally Uryu and Nemu. Oh and I had Sesshomaru and Kagura confess about their physical lust towards each other right during Inuyasha episode 163 when Kagura was in her vacation; my reason of this plot is because of many signs of an one sided love or equal love as Sesshomaru went to Kagura and tried to aid her at the episode of her death and said he didn't come for Naraku as he knew it was her. Anyway at that episode I made them hook up after Kagura challenged Sesshomaru that even if a noble like him would be interested, he cannot win Kagura's love or lust and made them have twin kids but they died with her; Kagura being with kids and about her true motive was unknown by Sesshomaru as he only took the encounter as a challenge. Lemons will be present in Sesshomaru's flashbacks. This chapter begins after Naraku's death and has Sesshomaru moping around and his mother to act OOC. Oh plus the most important note. The timeline of Inuyasha and Bleach are the same. Barragan's and all other arrancars, soul reapers' ages are not said, nor are the ages of Sesshomaru and Kagura. Barragan is Sesshomaru's gramps, being his mother's dad. Nanao is Lisa's and Kensei's daughter, which is not like her role in my other fic: Raditz and Tarble's Soul Reaper Journeys.


{This is conversation between emotional, spiritual and physically bonded mates}

THIS IS FLASHBACK, WITH "" is Flashback speech.

"This is Normal Speech"



CHAPTER 1: Dreams of The Past, Secrets and Truths Revealed

It has been twenty-two years since the death of Naraku and twenty-one since the death of his beloved Kagura and their unborn children. Sesshomaru saw how happy Inuyasha and Kagome were, along with Sango and Miroku. He adopted Rin as his daughter, well he and Kagura did many years ago but he finalized it before her death and failed to tell Kagura: who had grown protective of the girl. He was for the first time jealous of the half breed Inuyasha and asked what did he do to deserve unhappiness. He didn't kill any mortals, well those who did not disturb or tangled with him the wrong way. He only killed a lord's men WHEN THEY attacked him, Sesshomaru did not cheat on his first love, as he only fulfilled his duty to make Sara be at peace as because of him, she was devoured by demons. He did not cheat on Kagura, his real interest nor did he aimed to kill Inuyasha's friends. He saved many mortal lives by killing power hungry demons, even brought back a few mortals with his Tenseiga, gifted to him by his 'beloved father'. That man only gave him grief and never bonded with him and cheated on his mother. He threw the Tenseiga and unsheathed HIS SWORD: BAKUSEIGA. He was about to destroy the Tenseiga when his mother intervened.

"Sesshomaru, stop it! Don't destroy the last and only physical gift left to you by your father!" The woman who was Sesshomaru's mother shrieked. Sesshomaru looked at the one who birthed him and to who he resembled mostly from.

"I no longer care for that bastard man for I Sesshomaru, have surpassed him in strength and power. My blade Bakuseiga was not forged from my fangs but came from within my soul and as an extension to myself. I will remove all traces of that insect, that rotten cheating scum who did not deserve to have you as his mate, nor me as his son. I hate to say this but not even the half breed deserved a father like him." He was then slapped by his mother who was in tears.

"Your father did not cheat on you nor did he cheat on me, but Inutaisho cheated on me with that mortal princess. " Sesshomaru was shocked and when he was about to speak, his mother stopped him and said that she called Inuyasha and his friends to reveal things.

After Inuyasha arrived with his gang, they were all seated and he gave a questioning look to his believed to be older half brother. He was answered with a thoughtful Sesshomaru and then his step mother appeared. Inuyasha saw that Sesshomaru resembled her the most. "I called you all here to reveal some truths. Inuyasha, I think you do know that your father was a cheater?" She was answered with a sad nod. "It all started when my father made a pact with the old wolf demon tribe and allied us with them alongside our brethren of the West. The prince of the wolf demons was Sajin Kommamura, while the prince of the West was the bastard Inutaisho. He and Sajin were competitors and rivals in battle, war and my land. However Inutaisho was only seeking my land of the East to increase his power, while Sajin saw it as the land of his beloved and promised to protect it and his beloved. He was shy in expressing his feelings to me though. The three of us grew up together. One day, Inutaisho went off to fight the panther king, who was injured by Sajin. Your father Sesshomaru was Sajin but he died at the hands of Ryokotsei before. Before each went to their battles, my father spoke to me about my wedding arrangement to my love. I thought that it was Sajin but he thought I loved Inutaisho. Inutaisho proposed for my hand in greed of our land and I thought that Sajin went out from his shy self and asked for my hand. Later I heard he died due to not recovering. Then I got to know from Inutaisho that Sajin hated me, which was a lie, your father had two swords Tenken: the underworld sword of punishment and Tenseiga: the sword of life and the underworld. Sajin said Inutaisho to give it to me as a token of what I meant to him. In his sheathe it said that I, Sajin Kommamura the Wolf Demon King will fight for my Love who is my life and I will fight the forces of the underworld for her and come from it if I go there, when she needs me. I wept that day but the bastard Inutaisho lied by saying this sword was gifted to him when Sajin asked him to use Tenseiga in reviving him. He didn't and came leaving my dying love and said the sheathe was not mine but of his love while the sword was his. He even stated that Sajin was sorry for spending his childhood with me. I remember the death of my father.

Lord Barragan of the East had died by causes of nature, but before that he united the empires of the East and West with marriage. "My daughter, I wanted to ask whether you wanted to wed Sajin or Inutaisho but Inutaisho proposed for your hand and asked my permission, when I heard that Sajin did not love you I agreed. Now he died, so unite our lands." Before the king could hear his daughter's sad agreement, he died.

"Inutaisho and I then got married. He hated my guts and I hated his character and personality but still I listened to him. Later however, when he was on one of his journeys I kept hearing of news that he cheated on me but still I remained faithful and devoted. Then when I went with him unnoticed, I saw with my own eyes that that bastard holding hands and sweet talking with mortal princess. I wanted to kill them with my poison and rot their flesh. I did not and at night, I wept and cried.

"Oh, why Sajin? Why did you leave me and did not love me. If you did then I wouldn't have to marry that cheating bastard. I gave my virginity to him but my soul and heart belonged to you. When I was ready and was used to Inutaisho, he back stabbed me and cheated me with that floozy of mortal princess. I am the most powerful demon princess and you could have been my demon king. Why did you not love me? Why?" a crying woman wept looking at the moon.

" I did not hate you my love. Bring MY sheathe from the bastard's drawer and read the inscription. After you do so, I will come to the palace gardens where I gave you a rose. You know before the arrogant loser arrived to the East. I am well and have been under the guidance of our commander general. I am a soul reaper and have been given permission to meet you." That was Sajin's voice but his love could not see him. She followed her soul, heart and mind. She did what she was asked and read the inscriptions, while in tears. Then a gust of wind blew as Sajin Kommamura was there. "Inutaisho the bastard lied. I had no other love except for you. You were the one who cared for me and not for that I was a prince. Many demon princesses asked me to wed them but I did not accept as they saw me as means of new power and land and powerful heir. You did not see me that way because when we met, neither of us knew of each others' heritage. We saved each other from fox and panther demons when we were young. Later we fell in love but I was too shy to tell you. I am sorry." His body as being in the demon world was alive as it was touched by his weeping love's cheeks.

"Don't apologize, for I should be the one apologizing as I believed Inutaisho. What happened after your battle with Ryokotsei?" Then Sajin told how he was panting and in near death, as a heavily injured Ryokotsei left, and as Inutaisho arrived. Sajin then said how he revealed his secret power to Inutaisho. He removed the sheathe so Inutaisho could use it. As he asked for his friend to save him with it, Inutaisho turned his back and with his cloth o the fire rat, he took the sheathe and left his dying friend. "Inutaisho you power hungry traitorous bastard!" the dying wolf king stated. That was how it went.

"That bastard!" the lady shouted and vowed on cutting her lands off from him and taking vengeance. Sajin then stopped her by saying Inutaisho did not save him but neither did he kill him. Plus nothing can be done of the past. "How long can you stay in this form?"

"As long as I am in the demon realm, I will be always in this form but this would be the first and last time I can be here for the living and the dead should not meet, plus my sword can only revive those who have been killed in the last 24 hours. It is the sword of life and revival. It can also be used for other techniques when the true wielder learns a new technique but it can be forced as well by another. I came here to meet you. So that I could hold you again and tell you about my feelings and about the truth. Goodbye my love, my queen." As he was about to leave, he was kissed and strongly grabbed by his queen. She stated that she doesn't want to have a child or children with that cheater or anyone except for Sajin. He told that she wanted to be Sajin's and that she wanted Sajin to be hers for all eternity. "I have, am and always will be yours my love. I too wish we could have an heir: a son or a daughter or children but we can't as Inutaisho would be the father figure and I cannot hold him, give him advice when needed or wanted nor anything" She wanted to be held more and hold her love more; so did Sajin. Then Sajin and the demon queen made love, passionate and animalistic and put their souls, hearts and minds in it. It was time for Sajin to leave as the sun was rising. "I can give him or her one thing though. This amulet was given to me by my friend Shishinki and it is the meido stone. I revived him and he told me of his ability to go to the underworld and open portals there. He did not wish to bring anyone so gave it to me if I failed to revive someone. I said I can only revive someone only once and that I could not revive him another time. He laughed at me and said there was no need for he was taken off guard. Give this to our child when he or she needs it." Sajin said as he left and disappearing.

"I will." the woman said and left.

"Later I found out that as Shishinki when avenging Sajin attacked Inutaisho. He battled great but his technique was then stolen by the sword of his friend but the wielder was not him. The bastard when failing to kill Ryokotsei returned to save his mortal princess and his half breed. Well I won't say I am unhappy about it as his son got to know what type of man his father was. Plus why the hell did not you tell the truth you rotten flea?!" Myoga was frightened and said he was told not to and Totosai said he technically did forge the Tenseiga because of the new sheathe. He also told that the sheathes would interfere in their transformations, however the old sheathe of Tenseiga would not but only make Sesshomaru more powerful; although it is unknown who created the Tenseiga.

"My lady, lady Rin and lord Kohaku have been found. Lord Kohaku is in near death situation and the lady was found injured and unconscious. " A guard stated. Sesshomaru quickly went to help his son but was unable to do so he threw the fake sheathe at Totosai's face and grabbed the real sheathe from his mother. The sheathe revealed a chain being self devoured and no demons of the netherworld. A man wearing a pink robe had appeared with a woman wearing an unseen item. Kagome revealed that they were spectacles for helping to see better. Sesshomaru took hold both of swords.

"Well you all do have immense spiritual pressure, while you hold the sword of the dead; but I think that the young couple can see us due to us being in the demon realm. My name is Shunsui Kyoraku and this is my lovely lieutenant Lisa Yodomaru. We are here to perform a soul burial for your dying son-in-law and you cannot revive him for our intervention and as he did not do anything to go to hell. However if you do not let us do our job he will become a hollow." Shunsui stated as he was grabbed by a furious looking Sesshomaru and who was equal in every way to Shunsui.

"Do you know of my real father, Sajin Kommamura?" Shunsui never being held like this except for Yamamoto, Sasakibe and Jyuushiro , gulped.

"Why yes. Your father is very strong and is a fellow captain, in fact he is the new captain of squad seven. If you don't allow me to help your son-in-law he will become a hollow." Sesshomaru let go of Shunsui and let the man work but he failed as the chain was in its last stage and Kohaku vanished. Sesshomaru was angry, Bakuseiga and Tenseiga were pulsing and raging with him. Their target was Shunsui. Shunsui noticing this gave some advice. "Well you could become a soul reaper and look for your son-in-law after dying and you could meet Sajin as well. By the way is this hot and beautiful lady your mother? I've heard so much from Sajin." The nervous captain stated.

"He still remembers and speaks about me?" questioned the gasping lady "Son, I could not join Sajin but you can join Kagura. Don't miss this opportunity." the emotional woman stated.

"Mom, I can't leave you and Rin." stated Sesshomaru

"Daddy, go to grandpa and mommy. Grandma and I will be okay plus we can join you." A conscious Rin stated smiling. She may be older but still had her innocent smile.

"Sesshomaru, Rin is right go and join them. I am so happy that you finally called me mom." the crying mother hugged a shocked Sesshomaru in front of a shocked Inuyasha. Sesshomaru then attacked Kagome, which forced Inuyasha to attack using his windscar. Sesshomaru before the impact lowered his power ALOT and threw down Tenseiga and Bakuseiga. Inuyasha was shocked; not because he killed Sesshomaru for he knew that if Sesshomaru would use his Bakuseiga, it would be Inuyasha dying and even the dragon scaled Tetsuseiga has its absorbing limit. Plus a wind scar, being more powerful than before could not kill Sesshomaru if Sesshomaru did not want to. Sesshomaru then was seen to travel with Shunsui and Lisa leaving the demon realm. Sango also followed with Miroku.