Sesshomaru and Kagura's Eternal Bleached Love

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{This is conversation between emotional, spiritual and physically bonded mates}

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CHAPTER 2: Groups are Separated, New allies are Made, Kagura is Found.

Twenty one years ago, after Kagura met her demise due to Naraku's miasma and unable to be revived by the Tenseiga, she found herself in a dark place. It was a barren desert with dead trees sprouting from the ground. She looked at herself and found that she was alright and had no miasma, only that she had a hole in her abdomen and that she was without child or love. She walked for days and was attacked by weird horned creatures. On the plus side, even if she did not have her fan, they fell to the ground burning in poison. She realized that this place had no sun. She found a gazelle or female dear being hunted down and heard it speak for help. It was no different from her world where stronger demons killed or ate the weaker ones. She decided to help and at that time another woman who was a bit taller than her arrived. The blonde cut the arms while she disintegrated the flesh with miasma.

"Thank you for your help fellow female vasto-lord. There aren't many female vasto-lordes around and only a few more female lower ranking hollows. I am called Tia Harribel and this is my comrade Appaci. She is an adhuchas along with two of my other followers. We women have banded together in order to protect each other from the males. If you want I can answer your questions. Do you want that?" She was answered with a nod from the confused Kagura.

At Harribel's hideout, Milo-Rose and Sung-Sun greeted them and the four asked Kagura about her story. "I am a form demon sorceress from the demon realm. I was killed by my deceiving and bastard of a creator. I found myself all healed up and my body relieved of miasma and I can now use it. This world is really no different from my own except that the beings here have holes and males are stronger and more in number to females. In my realm they were equal and many women were stronger than the males. Furthermore the male demons there were pigheaded and perverted; well not the most powerful ones. However I do not know why am I here instead of hell and what is a vasto-lord?"

"Hollows are those who have had regrets in life though not causing harm intentionally to others. Thus they are not in hell. However most hollows are gillians, the lowest of hollows. Then are the adhuchas, more powerful and in control of gillians and lastly the very few born vasto-lordes due to immense spiritual power. You are one of the few women of that rank. Yo did not go to hell as you intentionally did not harm anyone while you were living but did so as being forced. Where is you hollow hole? It is placed where we lost something. I became a hollow for losing my child and not being able to give birth again. I lost my mate as well." Tia explained.

"I lost my children as well and the father did not know. My only regret was not being able to tell him how I felt and only gauged at him as a means of escape from my evil master. Later I fell in love with him and did not know how he felt except for his duty and honor as a great demon lord to save me; even if he failed." An almost tearful Kagura stated and Tia felt true and honest sympathy as she herself had a lover, a mate while this woman did not and empathy for their mutual loss of their children.. They decided to ban together and find other female hollows. On their path, the found a young female vasto-lord by the name of Neliel. They continued on with their journey.


Sesshomaru found himself along with Miroku in a barracks. The symbol stated the seventh division. He could not find Kohaku or the Sango woman. They were greeted by a tall man wearing sunglasses. "My name is Tetsuzaimon Iba and I am the lieutenant of squad seven. Captain Kommamura will be here shortly." Then a nine feet and above wolf faced soul reaper came.

"You must be Sesshomaru. You have my eyes and all the other facial features are that of your mothers. You do have my loyalty and honor and calm mind. I heard that your son-in-law and future mate became hollows. Am I correct?" Sesshomaru could not believe that he was facing his real father, his dad after since his birth. He nodded. "Your Bakuseiga has your grandfather's, mother's and your own acid. Impressive and u did surpass Inutaisho, but equal your old man. That bastard took my sword from me and made it as his with a little tinkering of Totosai and discarded the sheathe as it banned him. He tricked you and stole my friends technique but as Tenken and Tenseiga came from my own soul and body, Bakuseiga came from yours. It is time foe the swords of heavenly judgment fuse again. Tenken the heavenly sword of punishment and Tenseiga the sword of heavenly rebirth. You may find another sword of yours after training at the academy. As for your allies, they were sent to Heuco-Mundo and that is my only guess. It is impossible to go there unless a garganta is opened by s hollow. Rest and attend the captains' meeting."


"This meeting has been called to introduce captain Kommamura's son to our ranks. He shows extreme levels of spiritual pressure and is of nobility from both sides of his parents. Welcome, young Sesshomaru. I am Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto: the Head Captain or captain general of the soul society and founded the Soul Reaper Academy. On my right are the new captains of squads 2, 3, 5,6, 7, 9, 10 and 12. On my left are the captains of squads 4, 8, 11 and 13 and they all were my students. Your father is as well along with my Lieutenant Chojiro Sasakibe. You are to join the academy and then become a soul reaper squad member of your choosing. You may get to know them. The meeting is adjourned."

An year passed and Sesshomaru became a soul reaper, plus a co-lieutenant of squad seven. He got along well with all the captains, including Soi-fong except he knew Aizen was hiding some secrets. Aizen was fearful of him but did not show it. He got along well with his fellow lieutenants and gillians were like short boring strikes to him, the adhuchas as well. However, one night he faced lot of grief and his reiti sky rocketed. Miroku became the 3rd seat of squad eight for being alike Shunsui. They got along really well. He and Kommamura were the only ones able to calm Sesshomaru. A few months later with hollow bait he attracted a few adhuchas, tortured them in opening a garganta, while leaving with Miroku, Sajin, Tetsuzaimon and Shunsui to retrieve Kagura, Sango and Kohaku.


Sango became a vasto-lord as well and was found by the other females, she became one as of having regrets in wanting to kill her brother and not being able to save him. Kohaku became an adhuchas and found a mighty but nice and lonely vasto-lord by the name of Stark. Barragan Louisenbarn, the oldest hollow and Vasto-Lord ordered his men to retrieve the soul reaper resembling his spiritual pressure and found his only grandson: Sesshomaru and his son-in-law: Sajin Kommamura, the wolf king. "You all are soul reapers but for having ties with me, I will allow you to leave in peace but if my grandson wants to become a hollow along with one of his allies, they can do so BUT may enter the soul society after a LONG time." Sesshomaru and Miroku were bitten by Cho Neng Poww and Findor while the others left. Sesshomaru had his new zanpakuto. He used it on an enemy hollow. "Purify: Tengoku!" With that command, a dragon of bright blue light engulfed the area and the hollow's hole closed back up and he was sent to purgatory. Sesshomaru and Miroku searched for their mates and found a fellow vasto-Lord by the name of Stark. They journeyed together as the new member lost his mate as well and is in search for her; Kohaku was fighting a rouge adhuchas nearby and joined.

On another part of Heuco-Mundo, Neliel has grown up and accompanies her three aunt like vasto lords. Sango asked Kagura on when she found out about her feelings for the silent Sesshomaru, after Sango told her tale of love. "It was after he went to netherworld. I thought that I would never see him again and then I realized my feelings for him; however I could not tell. Later, when you were searching for Kohaku I was in my vacation and waiting for Sesshomaru; it was the first time I successfully challenged him into having sex. Then when I got hit by Goryumaru, I drifted and then fell to a pond when Sesshomaru's group was passing. He saved me and when Rin in her own way asked me to stay after realizing that I loved Sesshomaru, I declined and left. The girl did have good intuitions. So has she married Kohaku? Well then that makes us complicated in laws. Anyway, I was happy to see him one last time as I thought I would die. Our unborn boys were not hurt because of their genetic souls. However when I had my heart and got filled with Miasma, I thought we would die alone but he sensed it. I thought the sex was just him accepting a challenge but he too felt love for me and he went to reach for his Tenseiga but I couldn't be saved as it couldn't purify. He came for me when I needed and waned him. However I lo.." Before she could finish, the women's knights and warrior princes in white came. The women were shocked.

"No need to worry for now my new blade can purify and heal ANYTHING of soul or flesh. Plus you didn't lose our sons Kagura. My grandfather Barragan Louisenbarn has said to this Sesshomaru Louisenbarn Kommamura that he sensed one entity like myself and akin to his spiritual pressure and took the baby adhuchas under his wing. I believe he is Grimmjaw, just as you named him." Then the vasto-lord of wind tackled and hugged her love and cried tears of happiness and asked what of the other. "I have reason to believe that we will find him soon as well." They joined Barragan and his empire, while for the first time ever the parents held and trained and loved an embarrassed Grimmjaw though not showing the last part. Back in Soul Society ONLY the Head Captain and Sajin and Hitsugaya and Shunsui knew of Sesshomaru and Miroku while ALL THE REST knew they died.