Saiyan Ashikabis

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own any of the characters or anime BUT I do own the plot. Dragon Ball Z and ALL of its characters are owned by Akira Toriyama. Sekerie and ALL of its characters are owned by Sakurako Gokurakuin. Plus I have changed the starting of the anime as in Matsu, Kazehana, Karasuba, Mutsu and sekerie till Tsukiumi were adult life forms along with the original adult life form: Miya. They vary in ages though. Miya being 20 at that time, while no.s 2-5 being 16 and 6-9 being 14 years old respectively and the other 98 being fetuses. Minato was 2 when Tarble came, while Haihane and Benitsubaba were , Takami, Miya and Takehito were 24, no.s 2-5 being 20 and no.s 6-9 being 18.



/This is conversation between emotional, spiritual and physically bonded saiyan ashikabis and their sekerie /

"This is Normal Speech"

"This is the mental speech of the saiyan brethren"


\This is flashback\

chapter 1: Sekerie Are Found, A Saiyan As Well?


After Kamikura island had risen from the depths of the seas of Japan, a young man named Minaka Hiroto with his fellow student Takami Sahashi had discovered this geologically impossible formation. There they found a giant space ship with ten adult life forms varying in ages and the rest being fetuses. Minaka, being the mad genius he is, was able to free five of them and as he was about to do the same with the others, the oldest stopped him. She said it was not their time yet.

One year later Minaka and Takami formed the MBI or Mid Bio Informatics with the help of Takehito Asama. Minaka, using a small percentage of technology in the ship was able to take MBI to one of the top companies in Japan. Thus being able to make Kamikura Island as a private island. This warranted an attack from all nations which were destroyed by the first five sekerie to be released. Takehito after researching the data on the ship, adjusted them to be superior to the winged sekerie, WITHOUT being winged. Thus if the top five were to be winged, they would become more powerful. One year later no.s 6-9 were released, all being sixteen years old. In that year of 2001, Minato: the son of Minaka and Takami was born. A good relation had formed between Takehito and the oldest sekerie: Miya. They fell in love and it was found out that Miya could have no ashikabi. No.s 104 and 105 were released, now being 14 years old each. During that year: 2003, a spaceship or pod came from the skies and landed on Kamikura island. Miya and Takehito were send send to investigate. They found out that it was a boy of 14 years old.

After he opened his injured eyes, he jumped at Takehito and cried. "Big brother, you came. Please don't leave me." Takehito and Miya both knew that this boy must not be found and so Miya quickly hid him in the bushes. However they did not know that sekerie no. 2 had seen their action. The pod was brought to the research facility but no data could be recovered, only its schematics. Miya and Takehito were then questioned by Matsu.

"Uhm guys? I don't know why you wanted to keep that boy hidden from us but I think it was to keep him away from Minaka. Right?" Matsu stated. The couple was shocked but nodded as they could trust her. "So does why was the boy sent and from where?" Then she remembered something. "Before you answer that, I took one of the jinki to hamper with Minaka's plan. I was wondering if you could help me out." The couple said yes and after a distraction caused by Mutsu, the three left, while taking Tarble's items from a secret compartment in the space pod. Seo, the best friend of Takehito had moved the necessary furniture to Takehito's and Miya's new house: Maison Izumu. It was made into a boarding house, with a secret door within which was a monitoring room with advanced technology for Matsu. Now it was for them to know about Tarble.

They had requested Tarble to tell them about him. Therefore he began with where he came from and who he is.

\ In another dimension, many centuries ago on a red dessert planet, formerly called Saiya the saiyans resided in peace and battled each other in good old jolliness. However one of them formed into their legendary state and lost control, thus destroying himself along with their planet. However before that had happened, the king: my ancestor had ordered the most strongest and potent pairs to escape along with him. The king, leaving his mate and child fought of the asteroids and the shock-wave in his own legendary state. As soon as the planet exploded, the ships were rattled by the shock-wave. Later they found themselves in the hospitality of the Plantains, a peaceful race and their allies, but their safety was at the price of their brave and fallen king. However, the Tuffles, one of the most corrupted and intelligent races had come to take the Plantains' special healing serums. An all out war broke out and the Tuffles won using their high tech weapons and capturing saiyans, while turning the prisoners against their own kind: The Saiyans. After the demise of the Plantains, saiyans won a few battles and with those they took whatever technology they could find BUT the Tuffles stole their intelligence indirectly by torturing and experimenting on them. Saiyans are or were the most strongest, honorable, spiritually and mentally bonded band of warriors. Each had a common connection, but as each saw and felt the pain from the tortures and experiments on their mates, children and fellow brethren, they went crazy. This was subsided after the rise of the new king: King Velgeta and his best comrade: Lord Rhubarb. However, another threat came in the form of Arcosians who were the senders of the Tuffle race. However they acted innocent and wanted to get rid of the Tuffles as they were of no use. The king of Arcos: King Kold had killed Lord Rhubarb and greatly injured the king right after the defeat of the Tuffles. He even planted a virus which affected all the saiyan women and few men. The strong survived while the weak perished. However, the strong began to fall as well, due to the loss of their bonded mates. Saiyans were against all forms of taboo like incest, pedophilism and cougarism. Each had their own chosen and destined one. A rule was made not to make strong bonds as in completing the third part of the bond as well as the fourth. The stages being: bond of pack-mates/ comrades, the second being physical and bond of lust, the third being mental and lastly but the most important: the bond of spirit and soul. The king, as in my grandfather had one son: King Veldock Vegeta my dad, while Lord Rhubarb had two sons: Bardock and Zorn. My dad and mom bonded completely as we had formed an antidote, however the Arcosians still had a hold over us. They then slowly turned us into feeble and blood thirsty mercenaries. After my godparents Bardock and Gine had their oldest: Raditz, two years later as my parents had my elder brother Vegeta, and as my other godfather Zorn had Turles; things changed. Frieza the youngest son of Kold had demanded my brother when I was born and while he was five. This made dad angry. Frieza had taken my brother along with our god brother Raditz by force. Luckily Turles nii-san escaped with the aid of uncle Zorn. After that Frieza killed my our father in a confrontation when he was going to rescue my brother. Our godfather met his end at the hands of Frieza as well along with our planet.\

Tarble stated with a heavy heart and soul. "I got to know about my planet's and race's demise because of my mom and godfather Zorn. Frieza made my brothers believe that an asteroid of immense proportions collided with our planet. I would have believed it had I not have my mother's message. I was sent to a peaceful planet where I was raised for a few years. Unfortunately, Frieza and his men had captured it and since then I was on the run. Luckily I met up with my god brother Turles. I had shared a secret with him, being told of my adoptive planet elders. A dimensional portal would open twice in this century. One which opened the day I landed and the second, in the year 2019. By then Raditz will be hopefully 32, Vegeta and Turles will be 30. If they live through Frieza a bit more." Suddenly he started crying and Miya and Matsu hugged him while Seo and Takehito petted his head. Six years had passed by and no. 6: Homura had sought out the help of Takehito and was given a place to stay along with Uzume No. 10. However within those years, unfortunately Takehito died as he was called back to secure an unstable jinki. He saved the others but at the cost of his own life. A year had passed and Homura and Tarble began working at a host club. This however was hated by Miya as she had stated to both of them in her demon mask: "Those bitchy skanks better keep their hands off of my adorable little brothers and especially you Tarble." Later after their first night, Miya sank to her knees crying and saying "My poor baby brother was about to be raped. Why didn't you do something Homura and protect your younger brother." Hover at his disheveled sight, she shook Seo while strangling him; as Seo was the one to give them the idea in working at that particular host club, being popular to cougars, younger teenage girls and SOMETIMES the same ages as Tarble. That year, being 2019 was the year of the opening of the dimensional portal and as proof two space pods landed near Maison Izumu. A smirking man with sonic the hedgehog like hair at 6ft 5 inc height came along with a scowling flame haired man at 5ft 5 from their two space pods. Raditz at age 32 and Vegeta at the age of 30 arrived. The portal would be open for two more months and wait for another century to open again.