Saiyan Ashikabis

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own any of the characters or anime BUT I do own the plot. Dragon Ball Z and ALL of its characters are owned by Akira Toriyama. Sekerie and ALL of its characters are owned by Sakurako Gokurakuin. Plus I have changed the starting of the anime as in Matsu, Kazehana, Karasuba, Mutsu and sekerie till Tsukiumi were adult life forms along with the original adult life form: Miya.

In 2014 Miya, Takami and Minaka are around 35. No.s 2-5 are 32; along with Raditz. No.s 6-9 are 29. Turles and Vegeta are 30. Benitsubasa and Haihane are 24 , Broly and Tarble are 25. In 2019 Miya, Takami and Minaka are 40,Raditz is 37 along with no.s 2-5, Vegeta and Turles are 35 while no.s 6-9 are 34. Broly and Tarble are 30. No.s 104 and 105 are 29 and Uzume is 20 and Chiho and Hayato are 14, Minato is 18. IN 2020, all ages have been increased by one. The song played in Tarble's restaurant is Lady in red by Chris De Burgh



/This is conversation between emotional, spiritual and physically bonded saiyan ashikabis and their sekerie /

"This is Normal Speech"

"This is the mental speech of the saiyan brethren"

"This is Mental Speech"


\This is flashback\

This is dream

chapter 4: Vegeta and Tsukiumi Start To Bond! Tarble Fell In Love With A Disciplinary Squad Member?

The second stage had begun, having only 10-11 sekerie not winged yet. Minato and his sekerie, had helped an ashikabi by the name of Haruka and his sekerie: No.95, Kuno escape the island. They had their hands full because of two members of the 3rd generation disciplinary squad: No. 104:Haihane and No. 105:Benitsubasa.

After Vegeta had made Tsukiumi emerge, he went to train alone, as Turles wasn't back from his honeymoon with Akitsu and neither did Raditz return from his and Matsu's. Tarble was still working at Ouji Corp; he didn't know that the woman he had helped was Tsukiumi, nor did he know that Vegeta actually had mutual feelings for her. He only knew that Tsukiumi would be another to have her heart broken by his older brother. He didn't know the surprise that awaited him.

After Vegeta had returned, Tsukiumi was singing Kusano, Chiho, Mikogami, Shina and Uzume a lullaby. Vegeta was shocked by this. He understood with Kusano but not the others as some of them were too old. As if reading his facial expression, Tsukiumi explained.

"Don't be surprised my love. Is it not a wife's duty and pleasure to take care of her husband's nieces and nephews? Furthermore, as Raditz and Turles are your god brothers, doesn't their children became our nieces and nephews?" asked Tsukiumi as her husband and ashikabi nodded. As Vegeta was going to the bath, Tsukiumi stopped him. "Vegeta, how about you allow me to wash your back for you. I mean it is my duty and and pleasure." She said with a blush.

Vegeta then smirked and as he saw the kids asleep, he dashed to Tsukiumi's location and pulled her into his arms and as his onyx eyes met with Tsukiumi's oceanic ones, he whispered seductively as well as heartily

"As my wife and sekerie, thou does not need to ask me for permission or have to be allowed to do anything with me. My body, heart, mind and soul is always forever thine to do anything as thee pleases, my wife. Just as I don't have to have your permission to give you any pleasure." he said as he kissed Tsukiumi as her heart skipped many beats and as her wings flashed out.

In the bath, as Tsukiumi was washing Vegeta's thick broad back and mesmerized by the warmth coming from it and along from his ki, noticed many scars. She knew those have had to come from that ice reptile. She then had a question come to mind.

"Vegeta? Does thou have any siblings, as Raditz and Turles are thy god brothers." Vegeta nodded a yes. "Since we are one, I shall greet and meet thy sibling. Besides the point, Ku-chan has already met them. And if our daughter has met with her uncle or aunt, it would be improper for us not to be introduced. Furthermore it would be improper for us not to meet as quickly as possible. What do you say, dear?"

"My, aren't you the curious one. I have an younger brother by he name of Tarble. He has not found his mate yet and neither has she found him. He is the weakest among us but has good potential, especially when dealing with human affairs. He is currently busy running Ouji Corp and its branches alone, as Raditz, Turles and I are.. On a break. I told him to come to our new hotel. Guess who it would be named after." Vegeta asked as Tsukiumi had no prince smirked and whispered the name. "Goddess Tsukiumi's Seven Oceans Hotel."

Tsukiumi after hearing this, had tears of happiness falling from her eyes as she hugged her husband and ashikabi from behind, while doing so her ample boobs pressed against his hard muscular upper back. Vegeta blushed and was about to have a nosebleed, Tsukiumi was also blushing from the feel of Vegeta's defined muscles and body heat. Both her and Vegeta were about to be lost in their passion and lust but Tsukiumi stopped them.

"Wait, we shouldn't be doing this when the kids are here." Vegeta nodded and then smirked before stating that his goddess won't be able to stop moaning LOUD. "I.. I can control myself. I am not a vulgar hussy who can't control her moans and who says that YOU will not be the one to stop moaning from the.. The pleasure I give thee." A blushing Tsukiumi stated. "Plus in one week's time we shall finish renovating our amusement park: Little Kusano's Tree Park". Finished Vegeta as they then went up to their room while Vegeta carried their daughter Kusano, to sleep.

The next day, as the residents of Maison Izumu were going about their daily lives, and as Tsukiumi along with Vegeta and Kusano left to go to the restaurant, they did not sense the presence that spied on them and on Minato, along with his sekerie. That spy was none other than Haihane, the yet to be winged member of the disciplinary squad. Her partner Benitsubasa was winged by Natsuo: The Gay pretty boy.

Her phone rang as she saw that it was a call from her superior: Karasuba, who also had the misfortune of being Natsuo's sekerie. "I have severed the bond between Kaho and her former ashikabi. She is the only one other than Musubi to give No.s 6-9 a run for their money. In fact as I am now bleeding heavily, I would say that she is stronger than Musubi and can give even the top five including Miya and I a run for our money. However Minaka has decided in letting her join the disciplinary squad. You are to come to the park near No. 9's hotel and meet with us."

With Tarble, In The North Park Beside Goddess Tsukiumi's Seven Oceans Hotel

Tarble after sealing a deal with the United Nations on behalf of Ouji Corp, had come from an exhausting business trip. He was glad though as he was going to meet his lovely niece Ku-Chan again, as well as his new older sister in law. However as he entered the park, he realized that he doesn't know the way of the new hotel. So he decided to ask people direction. However he saw that he was the only one there until he spotted a woman with silver hair.

Haihane was thinking of when her team mates will arrive as she was missing her favorite show. She was unprepared for the hand that touched her shoulder, as well as the gentle voice that asked her a question. "Uhm, excuse me miss? But can you tell me where the Goddess Tsukiumi's Seven Oceans Hotel is?" asked the youngest prince of all saiyans, as well as the youngest co-owner of Ouji Corp.

Haihane looked back and her heart started beating rapidly, but she thought that it was like that due to being surprised. She also fell down from being startled. However as she gazed at Tarble's face, she found loneliness and an ache for love. His soft onyx eyes send the same message that her eyes sent to Tarble.

"I am deeply sorry for having to startle you miss. Please take my hand." Tarble said with a smile that said sorry and hope I can make up to you.

"What a handsome and sweet man. He is a gentleman as well to boot."Haihane thought as she grasped the man's hand and was pulled up gently. "A firm grip, as well as with a soft gentle touch. My heart can take no more of this silence." Haihane thought as her track of thought was broken by7 Tarble's voice.

Tarble was also mesmerized by the fact that the beautiful woman's eyes had the same message as his. Before he could make a fool out of himself by keeping on staring, he spoke "I apologize again miss but can you tell me the location of the Goddess Tsukiumi's Seven Oceans Hotel? Plus I really want to make it up to you for startling you and to have received your help." Tarble stated with a smile that melted Haihane's heart,as she gave a smile that lit up the soul of Tarble. "Wow, she is a warrior and a sekerie. I felt her ki before when I had first arrived here. She has great power but with her beauty she can fool anyone. With those beautiful eyes that can enchant any one and anything. My inner saiyan is calling, could she be my destined mate? I think I fell in love and am enchanted by her."

"Yes, it is just outside this park. Just go up to the north exit and you will find it, but i am sorry that I cannot accept your offer as I have to meet up with my teammates. Although I do luv. I mean like the idea and your thought" Haihane said blushing, while hiding her face behind her claws.

"Thank you for your help miss. I really appreciated it and I too am sorry for not being able to go with you there. However if you are free then we can meet up here at any time of your convenience." Tarble said as he blushed as well. However he had nothing to hide behind. This reaction flattered Haihane even more and she stated to Tarble that she is free in two days and that she would love to meet him at 5:00pm here. They shared each others names and headed off to their separate ways.

With Vegeta, Tsukiumi and Kusano At The Hotel

They were waiting for Tarble for 20 minutes and wondered why was he so late and as they wondered, Tarble came through the opened doors and greeted them as Kusano ran and hugged her youngest but blood related uncle. Well his legs. Tsukiumi and Tarble had shocked reactions. This intrigued Vegeta as he wanted to know the reason behind their same reaction.

Tsukiumi was the first to speak. "It is thou, who had given me Vegeta's address. I did not know that thee was Vegeta's and now my brother." The woman explained, clearing Vegeta's unspoken question. Tarble nodded and scratched behind his head in a sheepish way.

"Now then Tarble, tell us why were you late. Did you get lost?" Vegeta and Tsukiumi asked, the latter after having hugged him as she stated who she is to Tarble AKA his true and legal older sister-in-law.

"Well I did get lost and had to ask for directions. Luckily I met a woman who had helped me." This sprung Vegeta's interest and amused worry. Reading this, Tarble continued. "And no brother. She wasn't one of the crazy fan women from the likes of the host club and neither was she a cougar, as she was my age. She told me her rank being no.105 and her age, along with her name. However I did not ask her rank and age. I figured out she is a sekerie as her Ki felt like Miya nee-chan, and the others. I had also felt her specific ki signature along with those of Miya nee-chan, Takehito nii-chan and lastly Matsu nee-chan, when I had first arrived."

Vegeta and Tsukiumi nodded and the family of four had dinner and went back to Maison Izumu.

With The Saiyan Dads and Their Kids

Two days later was father's day or as the residents of Maison Izumu called it: Dad's Day. On that day, Vegeta had taken Kusano to the gardens and he bared the trauma of playing dolls with her; although he dragged Minato who was accompanied with Yukari. At the end, he was happy as he had made his daughter happy and hug him THOUGH he didn't show it. Furthermore Minato and Yukari had their first Father's day with a father figure.

The day didn't end for the two siblings though as Turles had taken Minato and Yukari with his two sons:Shina and Mikogami to the different dojos and rare blacksmith outlets. Mikogami got his first bow and a set of arrows, as well as daggers. On the other hand, Shina got a scythe. Minato had a sword and lastly Yukari had a spiked chain and spiked boots. She was asked why did she choose them. She with an evil gleam said she wanted to destroy the shit out of unworthy ashikabis. To this the men shivered. They also had ice cream at the end while remembering to bring some for the others.

Lastly it was Raditz's turn as he had the misfortune in going clothes shopping with his eldest daughter. She also teased him by picking scantly clothes for Matsu to wear; obviously she had a good laugh. However he did get cute dresses chosen by Chiho, who said she will always be her daddy's little girl. To this as Raditz didn't mind showing emotions, wept happily. Yukari enjoyed it as well while Minato bared it.

Back In Maison Izumu The Next Morning, With Tarble, Miya, Matsu, Akitsu and Tsukiumi

As the older saiyan men were out on business for Ouji Corp, Tarble had arrived with Broly: who was working as the leading body guard and security manager of Ouji Corp. He had calmed after Tarble had aided in controlling his mental rage. He however was prone to anger when his pack mates got hurt by other people. Tarble sighed and looked at the setting sun. He however had a nervous aura around him. This made his big sister and his big sister-in-laws curious, as they wanted to help him. Matsu and Akitsu had returned as in a few days the opening ceremony of their new hotel will occur.

"Tarble-kun is something the matter? You seem quite nervous about something. You know you can ask me about anything my little brother; you know your big sister will always be there for you and my other little brothers. If not then the others are there to pitch in." Miya stated as she looked at Tarble affectionately and pinching his cheek with a smile.

"Yes Tarble-chan. As thy true older sister-in-law, I would appreciate if thou confides in me. You can ask me for advise on anything." Tsukiumi said

"Ku,ku,ku. You can ask me anything about naughty and kinky stuff my little brother or anything about strategy and technology. Personally I would like to give you advise on how to experiment with your lover. Ku ku ku." Matsu stated perversely as she was hit by ice from Akitsu.

"I will try my best to be of use to you little brother and give you any advice on cooking. You along with others have been my family and Turles gave me himself and you guys." Akitsu stated.

As the four women looked expectantly at Tarble, he gave in. "Uhm, actually I am going to go on my first mutual date as at the host club the women wanted me but not I. Later women just saw me as an eye candy etc. However I believe that this woman is my destined mate. However how can I proclaim my feelings to her, that I don't know and would like to hear all of your advises." Tarble finished.

Miya was happy and sad. Happy because her youngest brother found his potential destined one and sad as he won't need his big sister any more. Then Tarble said that he will always need and want her. This made the others awe and Miya cry in happiness hugging Tarble to death.

"So is this the sekerie you met the other day? Her rank was no. 105, wasn't it and she was the one to give you directions?" Tsukiumi questioned. Tarble nodded. Matsu quickly searched for her.

"Well the info That I found out by hacking into the MBI database is that she is a member of the 3rd generation disciplinary squad which had Karasuba as the leader. Karasuba being part of the disciplinary squad from the first generation. She is prone to injure herself with her own blades as she tends to be forgetful that she is wearing them on her fingers. She is the only one in the disciplinary squad who is yet to be winged by Natsuo. However he is not her ashikabi. Wait Kaho is a new member to join the squad after her bond with her ashikabi was broken."

Tarble then asked shyly. "How should I express my feelings to her? I don't know about her likes or dislikes yet; but I just want to express my feelings." Then Miya, Tsukiumi and Akitsu advised him on giving her roses. "Okay so a bouquet of red roses, right?" Tarble queried

"Well that depends. You see different colored roses depict and express different feelings. I was given a bouquet of of red roses, which meant true love as well as a bouquet of yellow roses that depicted Takehito was glad to have me and was affectionate." Miya said with a blush and a smile.

"Yes she is correct. I at first didn't know the meaning of different colored roses and then I asked a florist for help. You see Turles gave me single yellow rose and as the florist said. A single yellow rose is different from a bouquet of yellow roses. While a bouquet represents warmth, gladness and affection, a single one represents friendship, joy and caring. He even gave me a red rose. I wanted to give him something back and a made a white rose out of ice. The white rose expressed that the sender is pure and unclaimed. Then when I worked for a baker, she gave me some money and asked me how I felt. After I told her, she advised on giving him a bouquet of deep pink roses that conveyed my appreciation and gratitude, along with a few pale pink roses which conveys happiness, gentleness and admiration." Akitsu stated with a blush on her face and it was REALY visible as her skin was fairer than the rest.

"I was familiar about the different meanings of different roses and after I had wed your brother, he gave me a red rose, a pale lilac rose that showed he was enchanted with me at first glance and lastly a deep lilac rose that meant he had a desire to be with me. I gave him a bouquet of yellow ones, mixed with white roses to show that I was his and he would be my first and pale pink roses to show that I admired him." Tsukiumi told her part blushing while putting a hand on her bosom

Lastly, it was Matsu's turn and and everyone was shocked in seeing her without giggling perversely. She had her hands at her chest and another on her face. "Raditz gave me quite a few roses. A white rose to show he his still pure and had no relation with another woman before me. He also gave me red rose and a bouquet of equal numbers of lilac and and purple roses to show he was love struck at first sight as well being enchanted by me. And lastly ku. K a deep fiery orange rose to show how hot and lustful he felt. I gave him the same roses and we acted on the. Ah!" the perverted Matsu was hit by Miya's ladle as the attacker said no perverted thoughts spoken out loud in Maison Izumu.

Tarble decide on giving Haihane a bouquet of equal numbers of lilac and purple roses, as well as another bouquet of white and red roses. He then thanked his sisters as he set off to the the park to meet Haihane. Tarble waited at the park 5 minutes before the agreed time and sensed that Haihane had already arrived a few minutes before. As Haihane saw that Tarble wanted to wait for her as he came quite a few minutes before the agreed time; this made her happy and smile.

"Hey cutie. Were you waiting for me?" Haihane asked hugging Tarble from behind and she was not wearing her claws. As she placed a kiss on his neck after receiving a nod and the flowers. THIS made Tarble's face lit up in red and pink colors as this was his first kiss on the neck and Haihane gave it in a seductive way. Tarble was not only blushing from the kiss but another thing as well. Due to Haihane being taller than Vegeta and as Tarble was shorter than Vegeta, his had was squeezed or hugged against Haihane's boobs. He wished his growth spurt would come soon as saiyan men grow again after reaching 15 saiyan years by saiyan standards or at 35 years in human standards.

"I was going to and you look VERY BEAUTIFUL, well you actually are, especially in that red dress. It matches you sweet rosy ..lips." Now it was Haihane's turn to blush as Tarble complimented gazing at her truly enchanted. He then took her to his restaurant and not the SEVEN Oceans Hotel. Tarble had contacted his men to have the top floor completely booked as all his restaurants had four floors. Each having a different cuisine. The top had the setting of Paris, the city of love. There was a ball room as well. As they walked holding hands side by side, many men had asked Haihane to dance with them as they went to the restaurant but Haihane smiled and said sorry boys. The guys were jealous of Tarble, as were the women and younger women with Haihane.

They had a good romantic meal as Tarble asked Haihane to dance and as a song played in the hall.

I've never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight,
I've never seen you shine so bright,
I've never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance,
They're looking for a little romance, given half a chance,
And I have never seen that dress you're wearing,
Or the highlights in your hair that catch your eyes,
I have been blind;

The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek,
There's nobody here, it's just you and me,
It's where I want to be,
But I hardly know this beauty by my side,
I'll never forget the way you look tonight;

I've never seen you looking so gorgeous as you did tonight,

've never seen you shine so bright, you were amazing,

I've never seen so many people want to be there by your side,
And when you turned to me and smiled, it took my breath away,
And I have never had such a feeling,
Such a feeling of complete and utter love, as I do tonight;

The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek,
There's nobody here, it's just you and me,
It's where I want to be,
But I hardly know this beauty by my side,
I'll never forget the way you look tonight;

I never will forget the way you look tonight.
The lady in red, the lady in red,
The lady in red, my lady in red, I love you

Haihane's and Tarble's first date was amazing to them as at MBI, Haihane's body was HEAVILY reacting to Tarble but before she could attack Tarble's body in a passionate embrace and his lips with a deep loving kiss, Benitsubasa got in the way. Haihane went berserk and shouted. "You insecure flat chested selfish BITCH!" Tarble had a shocked expression as he saw his date chase after the pink haired girl; but he then saw Broly walking with Yomi, who was looking at his fellow saiyan like a piece of tasty man meat. Broly was looking happy but didn't know that Yomi was only after his body.

The next day, Tarble had invited Haihane to the opening of the Seven Oceans Hotel, but she said that she will be present as a top member of MBI, along with the disciplinary squad, Natsuo, Minaka and Takami. The p[arty was grand where Vegeta and the other saiyans scared the crap out of the mad man Minaka but said they won't interfere in his plan, however Minaka shouldn't stop them from leaving the island and coming back. For if he does, MBI is not only going to fall in business BUT literally as the saiyans destroy every soldier and sekerie under its control. Takami after knocking out Minaka agreed.

That night, two warrior from Turles' Crusher Corps came via a portal in a spaceship. They were Diaz and Amond. "Turles, on our travels we ended up on Namek and saw that some of Frieza's men had taken control. We aided the namekians and found out that Frieza has his eyes on Namek for the dragon balls. We wished to be brought to your location. Frieza plans on using the dragon balls to come here. Later we met the Galaxy Pirate Bojack, who returned from his imprisonment along with his second in command Kougu. Choco and the others had sacrificed their lives so that we may give you this message." The former pirates said with heavy hearts. Turles grasped their shoulder and gave a firm understanding nod. A party was hosted in Maison Izumu to welcome the newcomers.

Tsukiumi was not attending as she was outside. This caught Tarble's and kusano's, as well as Akitsu's concern. Vegeta was the one to go check on his love. "Woman, what is bothering you?"

"Vegeta does thou worry about me concerning this Frieza fellow. If so then thee does not have to, I have gotten stronger thanks to you and can control seas. Although I do feel happy to know that my husband and ashikabi worries for my well being as the heart reflects it. I tru.." Tsukiumi's words were halted as Vegeta kissed her, while holding her in a passionate embrace.

"You talk to much sometimes woman. Why wouldn't I be worried. I am more worried about not getting enough hits on the bastards as you may get them before me." Vegeta said with a smirk and somewhat of a smile. This came out a bit creepy but also made Tsukiumi laugh.

She then touched his cheek gently and stated while blushing. "Vegeta. Its been sometimes since I married thee." Tsukiumi said while placing one of Vegeta's hands on her ample bosom and then continued speaking. "Tell me does thou ever wish to make love to thy wife. If so then when?" She said blushing even more. Vegeta also blushed as he didn't expect his strong willed wife to say the words he was thinking only from his perspective out like that. Then he gently as possible took one of Tsukiumi's hands and placed it on his muscular chiseled chest.

"What does thou think about thine husband's feelings? Why will I not wish to make love to you and feel equal pleasure when thee makes love to me? Soon in fact how about we leave on a three day trip tomorrow. As being a prince, I shall take you on a limousine version of a carriage and then I'll be your personal means of transport and make love as much as we want to. No as much as till our bodies and souls will feel satisfied and blissful." This made Tsukiumi more happy as she nuzzled her cheek in vegeta's warm ki filled palm. They were like this for a while until Matsu and Raditz interrupted them drunkenly. The former couple had tick marks and veins popping from their foreheads, along with blushes staining their cheeks as they got angry with the latter couple.

In Paris' Most Romantic AND Luxurious Hotel, With Vegeta and Tsukiumi

Vegeta had taken Tsukiumi on their honeymoon trip the next morning after saying goodbyes to their family. The limo stopped at the the entrance of the hotel. All of the people there were astounded by the couple getting out from it. At first a short handsome man, with olive skin, devilish features and a sexy smirk came out. He was the CEO and founder of Ouji Corp. His onyx eyes and muscular frame which was visible even through the suit captured the lustful gaze of all the women. Then a beautiful fair skinned woman with blonde hair as bright as the sun, with majestic blue eyes that were as beautiful and deep like the oceans and a very lust worthy figure came out. She was wearing a black dress, with black heels. The men were all looking at her up and down while drooling. Then the woman glared at ALL the women who gazed lustfully at HER husband while the man glared at ALL the men who drooled at HIS woman. Their glare had promises of pain and slow torture if the people continued their gaze. Their fan women and man fled like fleas.

The night was fantastic as Vegeta and Tsukiumi after having a romantic dinner had gone to a hill and laid together under the beautiful starry night. Luckily for them there was no full moon. They had taken a carriage ride their and Tsukiumi did indeed feel like princess even though she DID in fact wed an important and strong prince. They were resting besides each other while sitting and having their bodies close to each other. Vegeta's ki had kept them warm, as Tsukiumi rested her head on Vegeta's broad thick shoulders while taking in his smell. She was having a good time getting the spicy and zingy testosterone smell coming from her ashikabi and husband, while she was getting turned by their contact and the smell. Vegeta was blushing after he noted his woman's actions. However not even he could control himself from being captivated by her dazzling beauty and the intoxicating sweat smell coming from Tsukiumi. They flew to the balcony of their honeymoon suite as Vegeta carried Tsukiumi bridle style BUT BEFORE THAT they each gave a passionate kiss which promised many more things coming that night.

In their very spacious room as Tsukiumi went to get changed, Vegeta turned on some music. Later as Tsukiumi came out she was shocked but gushing as a semi nude Vegeta with an orange rose in his mouth grabbed her hand and as they commenced on a very erotic version of salsa. After the dance, Vegeta had carried Tsukiumi passed the threshold of the bed and sat her there. They started kissing each other all over their naked bodies as while they caroused their partner's bodies. They were turned on as Tsukiumi's body was getting so hot and as Vegeta's inner saiyan AND Oozaru were roaring with passion and heat. Vegeta then decided to pleasure his woman while teasing her.

He started at her ear lobe slightly nibbling on it and then trailing hot kisses all over her face and neck line as Tsukiumi writhed in utter ecstasy. He then moved on to her firm ample bosom of 95 cm. He slightly squeezed the left, having Tsukiumi gasp in joy. He started licking on the areola, the skin that surrounded her pink nipples, as well as blowing his hot breath on her wet nipples. Tsukiumi gasped in utter joy, ecstasy and glee. She also wanted to pleasure her saiyan as well as feel his body. But Vegeta was slightly enjoying teasing her. He then kissed and groped her smooth curvy stomach while kissing her body. However he then moved to her feet and started massaging them with his warm hands. Tsukiumi was in a state of immense bliss as Vegeta moved from her feet to her shins, later to kiss and message the underside of her knee and then carousing her leg and trailing kisses and licking her inner thigh. As he was going to enter his two fingers and continuing to put three, Tsukiumi stopped him. "Wait! Don't put your fingers in there as it is a vulgar place." However she was silenced by Vegeta's kiss.

"NOTHING about YOU is vulgar, filthy or can be described by ANY insulting words. You have the body and looks that will make any female devine being jealous and inspired. You are MY goddess." Vegeta stated as Tsukiumi blushed and felt happy because of his honest and heart warming compliments. Vegeta then inserted two pf his fingers gently eliciting a moan from his love. After a while, Vegeta increased the firmness in his touch as he had crossed the second finger line and reached her g-spot and felt it swell up. Vegeta took out his fingers, which received a GROANED no from Tsukiumi as she wanted this and more. Vegeta smirked even more and then entered three of his fingers, having the middle finger slightly behind the other two. He gripped the swollen g-spot area with the two fingers and then started carousing the peak with his middle finger. His fingers hand hands were getting wet from Tsukiumi's fluids as his ears were being pleased by her moans of pleasure. As Vegeta was doing this, he started on nipping the lips of Tsukiumi's womanhood and then as he started licking sucking the clitoris just as he did with her nipples. After a few short minutes, Tsukiumi gripped a handful of Vegeta's silky spiky hair and pulled his face closer. Then she squirted and climaxed. She was then panting and almost begged Vegeta to give her a chance in pleasuring him.

As Tsukiumi started with the same approach as Vegeta, Vegeta already had a hard on. There was however a subtle difference, that being Tsukiumi not hardening the nipples by and removing the moister. She did the same thing with his 6.8" long and 7.2" inch thick manhood. Tsukiumi then smirked and as she was massaging his balls and feet, she used her water powers and made the moister surrounding Vegeta's cock and nipples swirl around. This gave Vegeta IMMENSE pleasure and withstanding this bliss for seven minutes he couldn't hold on any longer AFTER Tsukiumi started to deep-throat him and also BLOW and Suck on it, WHILE giving him a tit fuck. Vegeta then gripped the bed sheets and released his seamen in Tsukiumi's mouth, however as the volume was SO much that her boobs and face were also covered. Tsukiumi slurped and swallowed the entire thing down just as Vegeta had done with her fluids.

The couple then started carousing each other again and they were revitalized. As Vegeta got on top of Tsukiumi as she requested Vegeta to be gentle as this was first time. Vegeta then smirked and flipped the. Tsukiumi was shocked as to why HER Vegeta had done that. She quickly got her answer as Vegeta positioned her on top of his hard member. "Oh PLEASE be GENTLE on me as I never had a TEMPERMENTAL and beautiful woman ride me. Ha ha ha." Vegeta laughed.

Tsukiumi blushed but AS she REALIZED Vegeta calling HER TEMPERMENTAL, she really did show Vegeta on what she could do. "VEGETA! I WILL SHOW YOU GENTLE. Ha!" then she started riding on him in a reverse cowgirl position riding like a cow girl does on a mechanical bull and then she took a frontal approach. Vegeta couldn't let Tsukiumi have all the fun as he got in a seated position while his love was still riding him, and then commenced liking, blowing and kissing and squeezing her tits, nipples and areola. Tsukiumi couldn't control herself any more but neither could she let Vegeta make her orgasm first as she used her vaginal muscles and started squeezing Vegeta's member for all it was worth/ Now it was Vegeta's turn to writhe and squirm in bliss but then he started thrusting upwards."Ah. Ah" Tsukiumi moaned and then BOTH had orgasms together.

Their bodies, souls and themselves wanted even more as Vegeta picked her up and commenced on thrusting at her pussy while Tsukiumi dug into his back penetrating the hard skin and let blood flowing. This however didn't bother Vegeta as it TURNED him EVEN MORE and Tsukiumi as well. The position changed as Tsukiumi stood up, then again as Vegeta lifted one of her legs and then finally ended in a doggy style position. As Vegeta was panting and thrusting at Tsukiumi's pussy he paused a bit BUT then Tsukiumi backed up her booty and you could say fucked or rode Vegeta in a doggy style position and had her tongue stuck out at the final slam. The couple climaxed again as Tsukiumi's juices exploded on Vegeta's body and member while Vegeta's sperm enter Tsukiumi's womanhood again. They slept together in each others' embrace and warmth. They still didn't go out of the room for one and a half day and ordered their food to be brought in. Some people checked out as they couldn't handle the animalistic and pleasured moans and groans from their room.

The next day the couple returned to Maison Izumu and Vegeta saw that Raditz and Matsu were not there and as Turles went on a date with Akitsu. He was pleased with hearing Tarble had a potential mate and as well as Broly BUT he had his suspicions about Yomi and her intentions.