Saiyan Ashikabis

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/This is conversation between emotional, spiritual and physically bonded saiyan ashikabis and their sekerie /

"This is Normal Speech"

"This is the mental speech of the saiyan brethren"

"This is Mental Speech"


\This is flashback\

This is dream

Chapter 5: Raditz and Matsu Gets It Going On:D! Broly Goes On A Double Date With With Tarble and had asked Kaho :A Fellow Disciplinary Squad Member To Be His Date?

In Maison Izumu

Raditz and Matsu had planned on going somewhere alone. It could be said as per Matsu's words: To go experimenting. They didn't do so in Maison Izumu as their daughters were there as well as their other family members. Matsu was having a talk with Uzume and Chiho. The relationship of the trio bloomed after Raditz and Matsu got married. But Uzume beforehand had a good relation with the much older sekerie.

" Say girls. I know that you both are ashikabi and sekerie, but you are now spiritual and bonded sisters. So how did it really feel. You can tell me, I am your ku ku ku MOMMY after all." A giggling Matsu said as Chiho felt happy to have a mom, and so did Uzume. But they decided to hatch the egg on something.

" Actually mom when we met, I saw her being very sick. I was running away from Hikari and Hibiki as I was still not winged. Chiho was in their range of fire so I thought that because of me the girl had to suffer. She did try to plead Hikari and Hibiki. They listened and left. After that however Chiho collapsed. I suddenly had a feeling to protect Chiho but not in the way you and dad felt about each other. The best hospital by my knowledge was that of Izumi Higa and therefore I went there. I didn't know dad's hospital was beside it or that its name was Elite Medical at that time. I am sure you know about the rest and Chiho is not my ashikabi and neither am I her sekerie. Plus our souls and spirits agree with the saiyan ways, as it will be awkward and sort of incest; if that happens." Uzume explained as Chiho nodded.

Matsu then hugged both her daughters. "Ooh I am so happy for you two. I may have perverse and mischievous thoughts like your dad BUT we have our honor and pride and are against incest. So we still have to find both of your mates, sekerie and/or ashikabi. The search will start after I come back as your dad and uncles will go train on another planet three days from now, leaving your uncles Tarble and Broly here. If not then you girls can go to host clubs and indulge in your passions. .ku." Matsu giggled as Chiho blushed and Uzume sighed.

Later as Matsu and Raditz were about to leave, Uzume had stopped them. "Hold on a minute there mom and dad. Mom I got the things you asked for." a panting Uzume stated, she even blushed as Matsu had a perverse grin. Although Raditz was confused while scratching his head. He then smelt the arousal of Matsu and blushed leaving the two women alone as he went outside. The couple left as Matsu took another suitcase along with them.

"Matsu what did you ask Uzume for? I hope I can help if you need me." Raditz stated as Matsu was giggling and stating he can help her and himself.

At one of Raditz's flat beside Ouji Corp Medical, formerly known as Elite Medical, the couple arrived. The couple had a meal prepared; courtesy of Raditz: the second best gourmet cook alongside Tarble as Miya was the best in their family. They got ready as Raditz asked Matsu about the suitcase and its contents. "ku ku ku ku ku. You will see honey but could you clean up as I start the bath" Matsu requested as she kissed Raditz teasingly on the lip as her wings flashed out.

Raditz smirked as he started cleaning up the dining table. He smirked even more as he thought about the suitcase's contents and connected the teasing kiss which promised more. " Ha! Bring it on my perverse queen!" Raditz laughed.

In the room, Matsu had already prepared the bath but she was now in a nurse outfit and because of her bust, the outfit looked slutty. She heard Raditz enter. And as Raditz entered the bathroom, he had a nosebleed seeing Matsu in the nurse outfit with her glasses on. "Ah Mr. Raditz, it's so good that you have arrived. You are scheduled for a sponge bath. Do you want me to give you the sponge bath or Do. You. . Nurse?" Matsu questioned as she said each syllable seductively, while pressing herself against Raditz.

"No nurse, I don't want another nurse except for you, so it would be best if you continued. I would love that very much." Raditz stated as he started to strip however Matsu stopped his movements and started to undress him herself slowly as she admired her ashikabi and husband's well developed and proportional muscular body. In the bath, Matsu did her thing while massaging Raditz's body. Raditz was having one of the best moments of his life but then looked into Matsu's mind to find what she wanted. He got up from the bath after pulling Matsu in. "Sorry nurse, I am not feeling well, I thing I should go see Dr. Bardock Son." Matsu was confused but as she remembered her fantasy, she knew that Raditz saw it. She giggled perversely and went to play.

She was running slowly and making her ample boobs jiggle as she bumped into Raditz, who was now wearing a doctor's uniform and glasses. "Oh Dr. Bardock Son. Is Mr. Raditz okay? He was acting strange during his sponge bath. I was only helping him. But he looked at me in a sexual way as he had a hard on." Matsu in a serious tone stated.

Raditz A.K.A Dr. Bardock Son looked at her sternly. "Were you really helping him, nurse. Were you? If so then you would know that he has high blood pressure; and anything that would increase his blood pressure is bad for his health. Nurse, I know you had the itch but that doesn't mean you can use the patients. Your are getting filthy and should be cleansed." Matsu then had a perverse and seductive smile.

"Why don't you clean me, doctor. I am a bit filthy inside so you should give me an enema and wash my ass. Here you go doctor. I am ready. Ku hu hu hu!' Matsu giggled as she bent over after handing Raditz the needle-less syringe full of her very own aphrodisiac liquid. Raditz too had a perverse smirk as he ripped Matsu's panty and injected the fluid in her sexy voluptuous ass. "Ah. Oh yes doctor! I can feel it blasting my ass and making it hot. Ooh doctor, please wash and please my throbbing pussy as well with your hot tongue.." Raditz or Dr. Bardock Son obliged as Matsu begged. But before doing so, smirked.

He looked into her eyes and nibbled a bit on her ear lobe and blew air. Matsu gasped. "This is your punishment. You are a filthy minded nurse and thus are in need of cleaning, why should you receive pleasure? "

He began nibbling on her pussy lips with his lip, then slowly and teasingly circled the area with his tongue, while eliciting a moan from Matsu. He smirked and pinched the protruding clitoris as 'nurse' Matsu gasped. The maned saiyan gently kissed at the clitoris and then began sucking slowly. Matsu was enjoying it A LOT and was reaching her orgasm. Raditz sensing this, started to encircle it, followed by blowing. That did it and Matsu squirted and orgasm-ed on his face. Matsu was panting. She then turned around and sucked on his BIG and Long 9" by 6" thick dick. Matsu started sucking it like a vacuum cleaner and then continued as if she was licking a loli pop. Raditz loved it. To stimulate him even further, she put his cock in between her 96 cm tits, and proceeded to tit fuck him, while slurping at the head. Raditz couldn't take it anymore and came on Matsu's face, who gathered all his semen and then slurped it in and swallowed it with a naughty giggle. Raditz then attacked her pussy while fingering her ass with his slippery gloved fingers. This turned into a 69 position and each came again. Matsu then had the will and was enough horny to continue.

"Raditz, can you go on?" She said as Raditz gave a smirk, his tail swayed and bristled like a feline in heat. Matsu noticed it for the first time. She then went to her suitcase and took out three pebble shaped devices. "Here, clip this on my nipples and clit, you'll like it. Ku hu hu hu." She giggled seductively and perversely. Raditz did as he was told and then Matsu turned the devices on and it looked they were mini vibrators. Raditz was enjoying Matsu being pleased and turned on, but even a bit jealous. He then removed the third device attached to the clit, making Matsu groan for having it removed, but he then applied pressure with his thick fingers and made her g spot appear. Matsu was filled with ecstasy. He stopped.

"Matsu, wanna try a double bang with me? It's sort of like a threesome in the woman's perspective but actually she is having sex with her one man. This can only be done by beings who have tails BUT wouldn't you love a THICK SOFT and FURRY bristled tail that slightly tickles you inside?" Matsu nodded and had a nose bleed thinking of the action. "Vegeta and I planned on showing it to Tsukiumi and you; He however didn't show it to Tsukiumi, I however will definitely share it with you." Raditz finished as he grabbed Matsu and flipped their positions, so he was at the bottom. He lifted her up by gripping her ass and made his tail penetrate her slick wet pussy, filling the channel up with its girth and tickling the cervix after reaching it with its length. He also inserted his rigid dick in her butt, which longed for it patiently. Raditz squeezed her boobs and pinched her nipples teasingly while Matsu charged at his lips and gripped the bed sheets and his mane. Raditz thrust-ed from the bottom and Matsu rode him from the top. Shouts and moans of equal pleasure filled the neighborhood.

"Yes fuck me in both holes Raditz Ku ku Ahh!' Matsu screamed as Raditz moaned "Yes woman use your kegal technique and massage my tail, and ride my hard rod with your juicy ass." "Oh Yes!" A combined shout came as the couple orgasm-ed together for the third time.

Back In Maison Izumu

Tarble wanted to contact Haihane and plan on having a double date. However before that, he asked Broly about his opinion. Broly had decided to go with Tarble and Haihane on a double date and he decided to bring Yomi along with him. He thought she loved him for who he was and not only for his power as his father did. However, Tarble had asked Broly on how he felt about Yomi and whether he knew about Yomi's true feelings and motives.

"I'm giving her a chance," was Broly's reply. Having never been in a relationship before, he was hesitant to answer this question. While he was gentle in his normal form and he wanted to have faith in her, it wasn't that simple because of his experiences with people in the past. In the end, he chose to trust her and see how things went.

At MBI Employee Apartments, With Kaho & Haihane,That Night

Haihane at the MBI employee apartments was chatting with Kaho: her new best friend as Benitsubasa had become a thorn in her side as she was stopping her from being winged. Both Benitsubasa and Karasuba were trying to get her winged by Natsuo. Kaho understood her pain and helped her fight Karasuba and Benitsubasa. It was decided by Minaka that Kaho and Haihane will look after the North and South Sectors, while the other two will look after the East and West. Kaho listened on as Haihane spoke about Tarble. "So Kaho, what do you say about visiting my man and I while meeting your hopeful mate." Kaho smiled and nodded.

Later that night, Kaho deep inside wished that she could meet her eternal ashikabi and also that their bond would never break. She also heard about the saiyan mating bond and that the saiyan or saiyaness can, will and must have ONE eternal mate and as they were sekerie, they can have only one ashikabi. Later Kaho had a dream about a 7 feet tall muscular man
who had kind, yet sad eyes. She saw some of his nightmares as well as the fact that he was used and manipulated by his father. Kaho wished on meeting this man and soothe his pained heart and soul.

The Next Day, At One Of Tarble's Restaurant

The next day on the date, Tarble had ordered the restaurant to be completely booked and have a feast prepared. As the men waited, the girls had went to the washroom to do fix their make up and chit chat.

Yomi in the girl's bathroom was asking Haihane to remove her crest. "Uhm, actually Yomi, I can't do that as I am yet to be winged By Tarble and I also haven't gotten a chance to kiss his lips. Kissing on the cheek doesn't count as we tried that. Then as we were going for the kiss, well actually when I was going for the kiss, Benitsubasa got in my way. That bitch!" Haihane stated as Yomi said that they only need an opportunity.

The girls went back to their men as Yomi then pushed Haihane on Tarble and made them kiss. She then stated to a shocked and blushing Haihane to battle her. Broly not knowing the cause of this or the fact that Yomi was winged, asked: "What's going on here...?" He asked as he was hurt that Yomi didn't state of her being winged.

Yomi in trying to save face, said that she was forcefully winged by Mikogami, which was true. She then said Broly was her one and only and that she wanted to be his. He nodded his head once in the affirmative, he said, "Okay." The fact that Yomi hid this from him for so long worried Broly. It almost seemed as if she didn't trust him. At the same time, though, he was able to sympathize with her situation, so he decided to keep continue trusting in her. Haihane agreed.

"Very well." Stated Haihane. After the incantation, she made Yomi's sekerie sign vanish. Haihane then took Yomi's hands and started asking about her true motives. She learnt that Yomi only lusted after Broly for his power and especially his body as she knew Mikogami could not satisfy her. She got slapped then.

Meanwhile with the men, Tarble asked Broly a question. "Hey Broly, got a question for you. Will you answer it?" Broly looked at him and nodded. "Were you able to learn anything about Yomi, did you see any of her dreams, nightmares or at least formed a telepathic and mental bond with her? If you didn't yet, then try now. If you are meant to be eternally, faithful, devoted and loving mates, then the bond or link will be mutually accepted and there will be no need for permission as your individual other's soul will accept naturally and instantly." Tarble described the first phase and Broly was hesitant but after a nod from his pal, he tried it. However he was not allowed access and pushed back. Tarble then gave advice on trying to smell her scent.

"I smell something, but it smells vulgar and aroused. It doesn't excite me the same way, furthermore it seems that I am not allowed entry."" replied Broly. Before he would be too upset, Tarble advised him to broaden his senses and see if his TRUE eternal mate is close by or not. "Yes I do smell someone's scent close by. The scent is very alluring, sweet and intoxicating." Broly stated as Tarble asked whether it was Yomi's or not. "No, not from Yomi, but there is someone else. That woman, Kaho I think her name was, smells the way you've just described me. Does that mean it's her?" Tarble was about to answer as he got contacted by Haihane who said to open up a link with Broly as well.

Haihane then stated all that Yomi saw about Broly. Tarble then opened his mental connection with Broly and the legendary super saiyan himself saw that Yomi only saw him as a piece of man meat. Furthermore, Yomi even stated that she tricked Broly into thinking she loved him for who he is, but apparently Yomi thought of him as a savage. She then attacked Haihane as she didn't want Broly to know that.

Broly WAS PISSED! Hurt yes, but mostly pissed. She was just like all the other pieces of trash that he'd had the pleasure of destroying (along with their planet) for upsetting him, though it never had anything to do with relationships before.

Kaho after arriving to the spot as requested by Haihane, her friend who was hooking her up with Tarble's comrade. Kaho was late but then she felt an ache in her heart and soul as she gazed upon the vision of the man from her dreams be sad. her reaction changed to anger after knowing the reason. Then to love as she understood that he was searching for her. Kaho saw Haihane was being attacked as Tarble and surprisingly the man from her dream emerge out of the restaurant. Then Haihane stopped them as she kicked Yomi to Kaho. Kaho after seeing Yomi's face got angry but for what she didn't know. She hurt Yomi and Broly was unaffected by it he however had his eyes on Kaho as she battled Yomi. Yomi kicked and was going to kill Kaho.

Seeing this, Broly yelled out in rage and pain, he went Super Saiyan. "RAAAAAAAH!" With one final roar, green light erupted out of his body, and the world became engulfed by a green light. A few seconds later, the green light was absorbed back into Broly, who looked startlingly different from before. A mountain of muscle over 10 ft. tall stood stood towering above them. Sickly yellowish-green, spiky hair that seemed to defy gravity stood up on end in all directions covered his head. He also had sickly yellowish-green eyebrows, and his eyes were completely white, no longer containing either irises or pupils. A sickly yellowish-green aura chirped around his body, causing his hair to blow as though it were being blown around by high winds. Broly had just transformed into The Legendary Super Saiyan! He now headed towards where he sensed Yomi with a scowl on his face. Yomi would die by his hands.

Kaho lay hurt as her naginata lay broken from the hits of Yomi's scythe. The scythe wielder in blood lust didn't realize Broly had changed or that he was coming at her. However Tarble knew and had shared this sensation with Haihane. Broly was going to end Kaho but Kaho kicked her legs and made her fall. She stood up.

"Wait! I am a warrior and will not accept defeat from a weaker opponent nor shall I accept help from a person who can easily crush her like an ant. I can defeat her but without my naginata and with my broken arm it will be very difficult. I do not know whether I can be winged again but by Haihane's description, this Turles fellow awakened and healed Akitsu's soul and had her emerge and mated her in accordance to sekerie law as well as by Human law. I saw dreams about, and felt your nightmares and feelings. I believe you are my destined one and unlike my former and false ashikabi I believe our bond will last for eternity. However I do not know your name, as I haven't heard what that wretched man called you. I would love to hear your voice uttering your name and any sort of advice or indirect help. I do not know what you can do without directly killing her or defending me But I guess your name and voice can give me strength. I would also love to go on a proper date with you and get to know you after or if I survive this." Kaho said in pain as the four saw Yomi getting up and devouring a piece of fruit.

Tarble knew that Yomi had stolen that piece from Turles' room and after checking the new scouter built by Matsu, he saw that Yomi at first had a power level of 1600, after consuming half of the fruit she had 3200 and now she had a power level of 6,400. He checked Kaho at full power had 3500 and now she has that of 3000. He then remembered what King Veldock and Queen Rosicheena had said in one of their messages.

/Tarble you have a distant cousin by the name of Broly. His mother was your aunt from your mother's side. Paragus in greed of power had tricked and raped her. We searched for her but were unable to find her. She was tortured by Paragus and turned into a crazy woman. She had one wish, it was: to cure the heart, soul and mind of Broly HER son as she didn't see Paragus as her mate. I heard that Paragus had another illegitimate son and he had the power of 10,000, However I was mistaken as that was Broly, a member of our pride and family. Paragus knew I would kill them BUT if the bastard survived I know Broly will kill him. Tell Broly after he finds his mate or if she finds him, to share his ki as being of a legendary super saiyan, his ki is as potent as ours with his mate. This would strengthen her and would not hurt her pride if she is a warrior. In fact your mother did this when I conquered and named this planet: Vegeta. It would reveal his true feelings and also allow him to see deep with in his mate's soul. This is a process done by only bonded mates who have passed the first stage. This will kill two birds with one bond as it will complete the first, second and third stages." Then his mother said: "Tarble,DON'T tell your brother as he already knows it and may blush and say he is above this show of affection. He is actually a softie on the inside. Plus give me LOTS OF GRAND-BABIES AND also tell your brother and cousin to do the same/

Tarble then mentally conversed with Broly stating all. Broly was in a state of near madness; thus being unable to hear him. In the blink of an eye, The Legendary Super Saiyan closed the distance between them, grabbed Yomi by the throat, and threw her high into the sky. When she had stopped moving upwards, a green ki blast-courtesy of Broly-suddenly embedded itself into her stomach and shot her towards the sun but Tarble intervened by firing his own attack at Broly's, altering the path of its trajectory. Laughing like a maniac, the legendary super saiyan was still laughing in madness, as the amount of joy he felt from destroying was unquenchable, making the desire for more destruction continue to grow until his mind couldn't handle it anymore. Basically it was too intoxicating and it drove him insane. A bleeding Yomi finished the fruit as she ate half of it and now had a power level of 6,400 as analyzed by Tarble's scouter, worn by Haihane.

Yomi got the upper hand and Kaho was unable to move. Broly had thrown another energy blast, ending Yomi. As he in complete madness, was about throw several blasts at his pack mates, he suddenly froze upon feeling the lips of Kaho against his own with tears in her eyes as all of her feelings and emotions flowed into him. Shocked by this, the energy blast in his hand disparaged. Suddenly, the most amazing feeling that he had ever experienced welled up in inside of him when her wings emerged as the mental link became complete. The Legendary Super Saiyan would never forget this moment for as long as he lived, the moment when, for the first time in his life, he experienced true love.

Broly shared his ki with an injured and almost dying Kaho after all the words Tarble said registered. Kaho was healed after consuming the holy water and had her wings emerged and Broly's reaction about Tarble's words on saiyan prophecy kick in about sharing ki and completing the three stages with one move was: "Awesome! Gonna make mom and aunt very happy buy giving them LOADS of grandchildren and grand nieces/nephews. Hope you are up for it, kaho and Tarble hope our children will have many cousins from you and Haihane." He laughed as Tarble and Kaho blushed and Haihane smirked at her brother in law. The night ended and Kaho was welcomed into the Maison Izumu family.