Hey this is the story I told you about, the one about Rei's past. Well here it is hope this will answer any question you may have about Rei. I'll answer any if you have questions about any new character like Jackson, Yoki, Chambi, Noni, Ginu, or Chan. ^~^

His Past

Rei had a tough life as a kid. He would work from day to day to keep his house and his family. Also Rei was only 13, so there wasn't mush that he could do.

The village Rei lived in was small and nothing much happened. Until one day invaders attacked the quite village. They stole everything that was valuable and set fire to all of the house they could light.

Rei had tried to stop them, but he was far to weak to stop them. He punched one of the men in the face, but it didn't faze him. The man simply grabbed his arm and yanked him up to his level.

"Well, well what do we have here. It's one of those things people call an Angel slayer. I thought they were just a myth. I guess not." The man said. He tossed Rei over his shoulder and walked off towards a large carriage.

The man moved the canvas aside and threw Rei aboard. "Hey boss, look at what I found on the streets." He said. "It's one of those Angel slayers people been talking about, sir."

The man's boss got up and walked over to Rei. "Ah, so it is one," he said. "He's much to young to be in my group, but I still can have fun though."

"What are you going to do to him, boss?" The man asked. His boss scorched down at Rei's eye level and asked, "What is your name, young man?"

"I-I'm R-Rei." Rei replied in a small voice.

"Good. What a good name. People shall remember you as an evil man who brought chaos to this world." He said. "Toby bring mw the black serum." He said as he held out his hand.

Toby grabs a black bottle and hands it to his boss. His boss then takes the cap off the bottle and shoves it into Rei's mouth. "Swallow it brat or I'll kill you." He said. Rei had no choice he had to swallow the tar like substance. He didn't want to die.

The substance went down hard in his throat and instantly Rei's mind was clouded. He then felt pain shoot throughout his body. He started to see black and her screams of the men that were in the carriage with him. He then blacked out.

Rei woke up the the feel of wetness all over him. He opens his eyes and sits up. He looked down at himself and his eyes widened. He was covered in blood and he knew it wasn't his.

He looked around to see that the men had laid on the floor dead. Rei got up to his feet and ran to a mirror. He had blood in his hair, all over his face, and all over his clothes and hands.

Rei looked straight into his eyes only to find that they were black and lifeless, not his bright loving green eyes that he loved.

Anger build up inside of him and he swore that the world should pay. That he would someday bring chaos into this world. He would find away to do so. He would train with his new and approve magic. And he will get revenge on this world no matter what the cost.

Questions ask me. I hope that you like this short story of how evil Rei became. I'll be posting a NaLu one shot on my birthday, so its going to be a birthday gift to me ^~^ hehehe. PM me if you got any question, I'll answer them truthfully. (maybe)