Chapter 3

Myself, Tonks, Malfoy and several other Aurors walked through the Ministry, all in business mode. Apparently both myself and Malfoy are both after Neville.

I can only imagine why Malfoy is after him. Maybe he's just bored and decided to kill Neville Longbottom for kicks. Or maybe someone hired him to kill Neville. The second one to me seems like the most obvious. Then again, it could be the first one too. When has Malfoy ever needed an excuse to kill someone?

Bloody monster is what that Bastard is. If I had it my way he'd be at the bottom of the North Sea right now, with a boat anchor chained to him.

We came to the Auror's Office, finally, and before we went any further, I stopped and turned to Malfoy. He had a sneer on his face and asked, "What?"

I said nothing before pulling out an evidence box and placed it on the table beside him.

"Only ones allowed weapons beyond this point are Official Aurors or Hit Wizards only. Put the knife and wand in."

Malfoy, for once, did as he was told and took them from his belt on the right side.

"And the one on your left." said Daphne, with a straight face. God I love her. That look she can give someone is beautiful.

I didn't think it was possible, but Draco Malfoy's sneer seemed to grow worse as he took out an exact copy of the knife from his left side.

"And the two on your legs." continued Tonks.

He looked at her incredulously before bending down and retrieving the two from his boots.

I to pull one of the knives out and examined it. It had a distinctive upswept curve to it and seemed to have been whitewashed several times. As if done by bleach.

"Like them, Weasel King? They're called the Sharpfinger."

I put it back in the box and smiled. "You bleach your knives, Malfoy?"

"Well I like to keep them germ-free, Weasley."

I considered this for a minute. Complete and utter bollocks. There is no way he cares if they're germ-free. More like evidence-free. And there is no way these were the only weapons Malfoy had on him.

I rolled my neck and turned to the new guy. I think his name was Wilkins or something.

"Deputy Auror Wilkins, pat him down."

Malfoy was shoved against the wall and Wilkins started to pat him down. I feel smug. It's a good feeling. And payback is a dish best served cold.

From the small of his back, Deputy Auror Wilkins produced what the Muggle's called a tomahawk. It went into the box.

And underneath Malfoy's arms, Wilkins found two knives that I believe, if my Muggle history knowledge is correct, were inspired by a man named Bowie or something. Either way, they were quite large and went in the box as well.

Before Malfoy could say anything, I came closer to him and said, "And don't even think about trying to say "My Father will hear about this.""

He sneered at me and replied, "Oh yeah. I almost forgot. You killed my Father."

I smirked and said, "Damn right I did. Now come on."

We made our way to Luna's office and as soon as we got there, we shut the door. Luna turned around in her chair as she almost always did with smile on her face.

"Hello everyone. I'm glad to see you here. Even you, Mr. Malfoy. Please, sit down."

As Malfoy took a seat in front of her, he couldn't help but snark, "And just who in their right mind made you Head Auror?"

I was about to headslap him when Luna replied, "The Nargles helped sway Mr. Shacklebolt to appoint me this position. I understand that you wish to work with us on the Neville Longbottom case?"

"Well Ms. Lovegood, it appears I don't have a choice in the matter."

I wish there was a choice in the matter. I wish I didn't have to work with him. I wish I could throw him in Azkaban and swallow the key!

"Very well, Mr. Malfoy. You are, until this case is resolved, hired on a counsultant. You will be paid reasonably for your services…."

This went on for what seemed like hours. Luna kept over things that Malfoy needed to know. Can't believe that he'll actually be covered by our Insurance Plan.

I'm actually tempted to kill him right here and now. It would be easy. Just a Killing Curse to the head.

Of course, then I'd be thrown into Azkaban and Neville would still be on the loose.

After everything had been gone over, we made our way to a spare office we had. Usually we never used this one unless it was for a taskforce. I suppose with all things considered, we would have to be one.

Tonks was the one who laid out the files on the desk and Wilkins started writing on the white board we had. Daphne and I took our seats furthest from Malfoy, who had his back to wall, staring at the board.

Tonks finally walked up to the board and said, "Alright. Here's what we know. Dead guy is Derek Mulciber. He was Basil Mulciber's brother and used the alias 'Devil' for a good portion of his life. Used to be a Death Eater during the First War. Voldemort broke him out in 1996 but he defected. Until today, nobody had a clue where he was. "

I commented, "Guess Neville finally caught up to him."

"Nah, you think?" deadpanned Malfoy and seemed to be the target of death glares from everyone in the room, including myself.

Silence came to the room after Malfoy had said that and nobody seemed willing to break it.

Why the hell do we have to work with him anyway? Oh yeah. That's right. Neville Bloody Longbottom decided to go crazy one day.

"So why were you after Longbottom anyway, Malfoy?" asked Wilkins. Smart man. Maybe we'll catch Malfoy with a slip of the tongue.

The sociopath seemed to think for a minute before answering.

"A friend of a friend wanted to know where Devil had disappeared to. I offered my services to help find him."

Nothing more was said on that subject and we let it drop.

"So why did Neville decide to go crazy?"

I looked at Daphne, unsurprised that she asked that question. That, to be honest, has been bugging me ever since this case started.

I knew him, or I thought I knew Neville, for 16 years. If not for Hermione and Harry, I'd consider him my best Mate. I never thought he'd turn out dark.

"That's been bugging me, Greengrass," Malfoy interjected. "He was the nicest guy at Hogwarts! He won Nice Guy of the Year, for Merlin's sake!"

"It's true. He did. Why did he start killing Dark Wizards then?" asked Wilkins.

"Isn't that Saint Potter's job, Weasel King?" pipped Malfoy. He knows how much I hate that nickname. I ignored it and thought for a minute.

"Harry could kill a man in a heart beat…if he had a good enough reason or in self-defense."

Daphne snickered and said, "You know, I'm surprised that Harry didn't snap and go after you, Malfoy."

Malfoy seemed to start laughing at that statement and replied, "Who cares, Greengrass? I still shagged your sister."

Almost everybody in the room got up and had their wands out at that last comment. I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch, once and for all.

It was Tonks, however, that managed to keep a cool head.

"Alright everyone! Let's just all calm down!"

It wasn't long before everyone decided to go out and get some air. Or, in my case, get some coffee.

The break room for the Auror department is pretty relaxing. We keep it stocked with coffee, tea and anything else you might want for a small break.

Personally, I cannot live with coffee. Harry introduced me to the beverage one time and I've been addicted since. It has to be black. No cream. No sugar. Black, hot coffee.

"I am so sorry about that, Ron."

I turned around after pouring my coffee and saw Tonks sitting down with some tea in her hand. I decided to sit down with her.

"Not your fault. It's that bastard's fault. I still can't believe you're related to him!"

She smirked and took a sip of her tea before saying, "Not my favorite cousin. I can assure you that."

We both snickered at that. I took a long sip of my coffee and let the warm nectar wake me up. Then it occurred to me that Tonks had been keeping to herself for quite a bit now. Hadn't really had a chance to talk with her alone for a while.

"So uh, how's Teddy and your Mum doing?"

She rolled her neck and replied, "They're doing good. Mum started seeing someone."

This got my interest.


"Yeah, she started seeing him a few months back. Not really my first choice, but I do approve."

I was about to ask just who was seeing her Mum when Luna walked in and poured herself some tea. Both me and Tonks shut our mouths as our boss downed it one gulp and said, "Aurors Weasley and Tonks, we have a problem."

Outside the Ministry of Magic

Blaise Zabini was sprawled out for the world to see, in front of the entrance to the Ministry. He was barely recognizable. The only thing I could recognize was his face.

Everything else…That's no way to die. He was git, but he didn't deserve this.

"He wasn't even a Dark Wizard."

I looked at Malfoy and saw no smirk, sneer or anything smug on his face. It was a solemn look, one I didn't think he was capable of.

I remembered the two of them were mates at Hogwarts. Probably not best friends, but I know they hung out quite a bit. If he was capable of emotions, he had to be taking it hard.

"He's devolving."

Tonks looked like she wanted to throw up. I couldn't blame her. Then I realized something. The body was fresh. Neville couldn't be far away.

"He has to be close. Daphne, come with me. Tonks, you go with Malfoy. Let's move!"

Daphne and I started walking around in the opposite direction of Tonks and Malfoy. We came across an alleyway and Daphne said, "I'll take point."

I said nothing more before pulling out my own wand. We moved slowly down it.

The last I remember before everything went black was Daphne yelling out, "Look out!"

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