All the bags were packed and the jet was ready for EJ and Stefano's return to America.

"Are you sure about this?" Stefano asked his son for the umpteenth time since they'd went into hiding two months prior.

"Of course I am." EJ responded. "And would you stop asking me that? You know very well why I am doing this and when it will end."

"At this point I am not even sure if you know when it will end."

EJ turned sharply on his father. "Look. I am doing what I need to in order to avenge my child. By this time tomorrow, this will all be over."

"And then what?" The Phoenix continued when there was silence. "You are an international fugitive, the most wanted man in the world. I can still have a public life after this, but you cannot. You can never return home to your kids."

"I'll figure that out later," EJ said coldly, "but for now, I'm focusing on the task at hand, ending Sonny Corinthos."

Stefano exhaled deeply. "So be it." He opened the front door to their safe house. "On to Port Charles."

"Not quite." his son corrected, coming up behind me, zipping up an expensive coat. "There's one stop I have to make first."