OK, sorry it's been so long, I just haven't been able to get off my ass, and now school is about to start (at the time I'm writing this, by the time I finish the chapter it may have started) yes, as you may have noticed from the parens, I am now taking time to write out chapters, as opposed to rushing when I get motivation, in the hopes it improves the quality of my work. There have been several ideas popping in and out of my head since ran-elf chaos, some I hope to getting around to writing eventually, but this is the one I'm starting on now. why? because it's the one I think has the most potential beyond "cuz why the fuck not" which was basically all the thought that went into the others. I got the idea for this one as I was reading "Soul Chess" one of drachonichero18's older stories, a bleach code geass crossover, not entirely sure how though. in Ranma, this is a good ways past the end of the manga, in bleach, it's after the death of aizen, though I will be entirely ignoring canon from that point on, as I A) have not watched past that, and B) from what I heard it continually gets more and more bullshit past that point. Note I am not really doing an accurate comparison of the series's strength levels, as one way or another, my appraisal will piss SOMEONE off, I'm just doing a general comparison, like "ranma, herb, saffron, and cologn, and happosai are the strongest (not accounting for the dumb inconsistancies), so they'll be around captain level, akane is a pathetic bitch with little-to-no skill, so she can't even take a 5th seat, ryoga will be slightly above the level of those liutenants who are close to captain level (Renji, for example)" stuff like that. I will not be using japanese honorifics or the whole last name thing, as it may be confusing to some american readers and besides, it can be annoying to keep track of. Also, there may be times I do not look back to check stuff, or just plain forget, feel free to point this out, and I might fix it, or might just explain why I did that. Also, there may be times I go OOC, this could either be me changing them, or it could just be an accident from not having read/watched the source material in a while. For example my Tatsuki here, which is more the former. Now that I adressed that stuff, on with the fanfic.




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3rd person POV, somewhere deep inside Mount Kensei:

Inside a deep, incredibly dark cavern, something stirred. Not much could be seen of whatever was causing the motion, as the cavern had no source of visible light to speak of, however should someone have either been born with, or trained themselves to have eyes that could work without much light to some extent, they could make out that the motion came from the figure of a girl, looking to be somewhere between 18 and 23 if their build was anything to go by, who had short, shoulder length hair. However, it is entirely possible their appraisal vould be thrown off by the copious amounts of chains and seals covering her body. Every part of her was restrained to prevent motion aside from her head, and almost every inch of her skin, if there was any, was covered in paper seals, each with an entirely different incantation written on it. Whoever had placed her there was nothing, if not thorough. Sound could not pass these seals, but if one could read her from the slight motion of her head, they might think she was crying.

Tatsuki POV, Karakura town:

'I wonder if Ichigo will stop moping like that' I thought as I sat in class, glancing over at him 'he's been like this since he faught Aizen, I wonder what it'll take to snap him out of this funk, Rukia will probably pull it off though' I thought that last with a hint of bitterness, recalling how since she showed up, she basically wound up taking over my and Orihime's roles in supporting Ichigo 'I wonder what he's so worried about anyway. Then again, it's not like He'll tell me, unlike Orihime, I cant do anything, so he'll probably just figure I don't need to know, if it wasn't for Orihime, I might not even know about Aizen at all!' my inner rant was cut off by the teacher asking me to answer the current question, which of course I hadn't been paying attention to.

After school, same POV:

As I was walking home with orihime, I we noticed Ichigo and Rukia fighting hollows, there were about 5 of them surrounding the 2, who were standing back-to-back. Such weak hollows wouldn't be a problem, yet Ichigo still seemed to be taking them so... Seriously. Ichigo charged toward the hollow on his left, easily slicing it in 2 with Zangetsu, at which point the one that had been directly in front of him made a slice at his side with it's claws, only for rukia to decapitate it. THe remaining 3 all leapt at the 2, and each cut down one of their own, and turned toward the last, but before eather could make a move, the hollow disintegrated, as while I was watching the 2 of them fight, Orihime has used her Koten Zanshun to bisect the remaining hollow. Ichigo and Rukia left quickly after that, not even bothering to say hi. "You're getting pretty good at that, huh?" I said to Orihime

"It was just one hollow," she replied "Even if my attack can't help much against strong opponents, at least I can do that much" she said that last with a sad smile.

"Hey, I cant even do that much!" I said quickly trying to cheer her up, even if I fealt a little bitter on that point "So don't put yourself down!"

Orihime perked up after that, though from my words or her natural attitude I couldn't tell, she never stayed serious for long. "Thanks Tatsuki, you're right, and besides, I can always help Ichigo with my healing." And so saying, Orihime turned and we continued our walk home.

'If only I could do something too. I've been hanging around Ichigo too, and if Orihime got his powers just from his runoff reitsu, why hasn't anything happened to me? ah well, no use moping about it, it's not exactly gonna fix anything' I thought to myself as we continued along the way.

Urahara's shop, Yoruichi POV:

I sat in the familiar setting of the back room of Kisuke's shop, along with Kisuke and tessei, Jinta and Ururu were out working on other things. Kisuke had a serious expression on his face, something I rarely saw, even in all my years hanging around this place as a cat, and all our years in the soul society before that. "So, why did you call me here?" I asked "is this about Aizen and the Hogyoku? Is something wrong?"

"No..." he responded slowly "this is something different. Aizen's been dealt with permanenly, no need to worry about that..."

'He's hesitating, normally he cuts right to the chase if it's important, this has him shaken up' "SO, what is it?" I said, hoping it wasn't going to be as bad as Kisuke's attitude would make it seem.

"A couple days ago, we picked up some odd reitsu emanating from mount Kensei in china, and-"

"Hold on," I cut him off "CHINA?! How do you know about stuff in China?"

"I have equipment set up all over the world to monitor stuff, it's not like things only happen in Japan you know."

"...Right." I responded warily, "continue."

Kisuke cleared his throat "anyway, we picked up some odd reitsu coming from mount kensei, part of what makes it odd is it seems the mountain itself is what's giving it off, and as far as I know, mountains shouldn't even be capable of letting reitsu out if it's generated withing them, let alone generating it itself. Aside from that, nothing's happened in that area that might even have triggered it, and there isn't anything on record from the past century that would even start to explain this."

"I see, so what do you want me to do about it?"

"I want you to take Ichigo and his friends to help you investigate, say it's a road trip, heck, bring the ones without powers too, I already worked up al alabi, so you can take them out of class without problems."

I gave him a deadpan stare "why should I take them? I would get there faster on my own, and I'll just be putting them in danger."

"Don't worry about it, I always have my reasons" he replied, giving me one of his flippant grins.

"And usually you tell me them" I purred, giving him a predatory grin of my own 'I will find out what he's hiding, one way or the other.'

"Alright, alright." he sighed, adjusting his hat. "this is tugging at the back of my memory, but I'm not sure, so dont tell the others. I think it could be connected to-"

The next day, just before school, Ichigo POV:

'I wonder how long it'll take, I mean, Zangetsu didn't exactly give me a date, all I know is that my soul reaper powers are gonna dissapear.' I sighed, and looked up, and my thoughts were forgotten as I was somewhat shocked by the sight of Yoruichi standing outside the gates of my school, Tatsuki, Chad, Rukia, Orihime, and Uryu standing with her, all looking somewhat confused aside from Chad, who had his usual stoic expression on his face.

"Bout time you got here!" Yoruichi called to me, her usual grin on her face "We're all going on a little road trip, your teachers have already been cleared on it."

"wait, what's this all of a sudden? The hell is going on?!" I shouted back at her.

"Like I said, Road trip, the 7 of us."

"WHY!? And anyway, where the hell are we going? And why is Tatsuki coming!?" I was kinda losing it, I mean, this all made way less sense than even MY life usually had.

"Why doesn't matter, as for where, we're heading to China!" This got a reaction out of the others, who clearly hadn't found out THAT part of this little oddity

"Wait, WHAT?!" Tatsuki yelled "You didn't say anything about CHINA!"

"You didn't ask." Yoruichi replied calmly, still grinning.

"What's going on Yoruichi,? You wouldn't drag us to China for no reason." Rukia asked curtly, hands on hips.

"Nothing much, just thought it would be fun." Yoruichi responded, the grin never leaving her face.

"I think it would be fun" Orihime said, putting a finger on her chin and a hand on her hip, looking up as if she was thinking "I've always wanted to see China."

"THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT!" Tatsuki, Rukia, and I all yelled, so aggravated they didn't care it was Orihime, though the smile never left her face.

Chad simply maintained his usual silence, though he was sweat dropping.

"If your all done," Yoruichi chuckled, drawing their attention back to her "Our plane leaves in a few hours, and your parents and teachers are all expecting you to go, thinking this is prefectly normal a la one of Kisuke's new projects, so you don't have much of a choice.

"Ok Yoruichi, what are you up to?" I said, deadpanning.

"I guess you'll have to follow me and find out." yoruichi replied teasingly, and started Walking away.

We all followed her, realizing that if classes were out, we might as well, and that we probably didn't have another option anyway, knowing those 2, all I could hope for is that we wouldn't regret this any more than I usually did.

The Airport, 10 minutes before the flight Tatsuki POV:

'I still can't help wondering what's going on,' I though, we were all sitting restlessly in the waiting area by the gate to our plane, attempting to keep ourselves entertained. Ichigo was busy with a handheld game, Ishida was reading something using his googleglass, -I still wondered where he got those- Orihime and rukia were talking, Rukia clearly getting uncomfortable about the topic, so it was probably about Ichigo. 'I mean, if there's a problem, why bring me? I can't exactly do anything.' I finished dejectedly. I used to fight by ichigo's side, help him out when he needed it, now I was all but useless 'so why am I here?'

"You know, you and Ichigo would make a good couple, you scowl exactly the same way when you're thinking" Yoruichi said as I jumped a little, she had a knack for sneaking up on people.

"Me and Ichigo? Sorry, too long a line." I bit back, hoping to cover my embarrasment with bile.

"Hey, remember, the kid's got a good chance at living a few centuries at this same age, being a soul reaper." She joked back, but her eyes seemed to tighten "Maybe he could spare a few of those years for you." She finished, chuckling.

"No thanks." I said, waving dismissively. I'd gotten good at hiding my love of ichigo over the years "if anyone, I want it to be Orihime."

Yoruichi chuckled in responce "sure, sure. well, our plane will be here soon." She said, turning to leave.

"Wait, I want to ask you, why bring me?" I said quickly, hoping to catch her while I could.

"Because it'll be interesting, same reason I do almost anything." she said without turning aroung

Flight E36 to China now boarding, flight E36 to China now boarding. A voice crackled over the loudspeaker.

"Guess that's us." Yoruichi remarked calmly, but with a glint in her eyes. "Come on."

OK, so I was tempted to just delete the AN at the beginning, but I figured it would give you an Idea of what's likely to happen. I got like halfway through the conversation outside of the school, got distracted, and forgot about it till recently. Not saying it's a good thing, just saying it'll happen. I don't know about japanese airlines, so feel free to correct me on that. If your waiting for the ranma part, don't worry, it's coming. I hope to have another chapter up in a week, but I make no promises. let me know your thoughts on this as-is.