You're all so very precious to me.

And even when my eyes grow dim…

I'm sure it's my time.

But it's all right.

Even if I won't wake once again…

I'm glad I met you all.

My heart is heavy, knowing I must leave you now.

All that I ask is that you don't cry for me;

Even after I leave…I'll still be with you.


I wish I had just one more chance.

One more chance to protect you.

Just one more time.

One more chance to get us all out.

This is the last time we meet I guess…

so farewell, I suppose.

I wish I had more time.

More time with all of you.

But why now? Why me?

Once more.


Just one more try.

One last chance.

Why must this be the end?!

After all this time…


I refuse.

I will not give up.

Even if I won't wake again…

I'll keep trying.

I'll stay beside you all.

This can't be the end!


Just once more!

One more chance, I beg of you!

Please…just once more.

One more attempt to pull us free of this nightmare.

For my friends.

For those that are precious to me.


just once more…


I can't give up now.

I won't let go.

I will continue to try.

And maybe someday…

We can all laugh and smile.



I am really on a whole Hetaoni splurge. This is my fourth oneshot in two days. Wow. *looks at music currently playing* Sapph's songs for Hetoni really inspire me…

In case it wasn't clear, this is, yet again, from Italy-kun's POV. I nearly cried while writing it.

Please excuse me while I go cry my eyes out because of the incredible-ness that is Hetaoni.

~Happy Camper27