Harry Potter was the new kid at hogwerts. He was very nervous as he stepped off the train that he triped and felld on his face.
'Ow.' Said Harry.
'That hurt.' Then out of knowwhere a pale hand grabbed Harry's arm and pulld him off the floor.
'Woah,' harry fought. 'he is really strong.' He looked into the face of the person who helped him. It was a man with long black hair and dark eyes. The man was frowning agrily. 'Watch were your going, Pottur.' Snape said angrily then he went away.
Harry saw his friends Ron and Herpmione standing there. Herpmione had his glasses, they were fixed now.
'Who was that man' Harry arsked them. They shrugged.
Hermion said 'snaps, obvioosly.' And she gave him his now fixed glasses cos they got broken when he triped and snape picked him up with his strong arms. 'Thanks' Said Harry.

As they were walking, they stated talking about what house they wanted to be in. Waht house do you want to go in hermione?' Harru arsked,
'Hmmmmm.' Said hermion.
'I don car e Ron said.' Ron said
'Wait why did you just say 'Ron said?' '
'Ron said nufin' Ron said.

'Becus Ron is a mugggle.' Someone with blond hair said. It was Draco. Harry didnt like draco. Ron crid.
Hermion got angry. 'Shut up Draco. Your just jealous.'
Draco laughed and went away.

Harry said. 'Don't listen to him Ron. He's just jealus.' Harry said.
Ron stopped criing. 'I know Ron said.' Ron said.
Suddenly Harry felt someone watching him and tuned around. It was Snap. Snap blushed when he saw harru looking and quickly walked away like he had not been locking at him. Harry thought snape did not like him.
Harru wondered what house he was in.
'I wunder what house snap is in.' 'Thats easy it's slithering.' Herpmione said.

Then a bell rung.

'Oh no said Ron!' Ron said. 'We're going to be late to be put into the houses Ron shouted!' Ron shouted. Everyone ran into Hogwerds quickly.

Harry herpmion Ron made it just in time. They wher very out of breath and were breathing hard. Hargrid laughed. 'You made it on time! Hargrid shouted' Hargrid shooted. Hargrid always shooted cos he is very loud all the time.
'Yay' They all said
'Yay Ron said.' Ron said.

Then a man with a long whit bets stated talking and every1 was quit.
'He looks like Santa' Harri thought. Every1 was quite.

'Everyone is going to be put into a house.' Santa said.
Everyone gapsed.
'Hermion will go fist.'

Dumbledoor put the hat on her head and the hat looked agry. 'GRYFFINDOOR'

Hermion crid happily. Every1 in gruffindoor said 'YAY.'

Then it was Draco. 'SLITHERING' Draco laughed evily.
Ron went next. 'HUFFLEDOOR.' Ron crid happy he was in griffindor.
'HARRY POTTER' the hat said.
Harru was so nervus he thought he mite fell over agen like at the train stop.

'HMMMMMMMMM' the hat said agrily 'SLITHERING.'

Every1 gapsed.

Snape stood up angrooly. 'He can't be in my hoose he is a mug' snap shooted pointing his long finger at Harry. His hand was very whit and he had black nail Polish on. Ever1 gasped.

Dumblefloor was angroo. 'Ar you a muggle Harry?! Dumbledor shouted' dumbledore shouted at Harry.
Harry was upset that snape would say that he was a muggle.

'No I'm a wizard.' Harry said nearly criing. Harry thought he might cri so much that he might dye.
Okay.' Said dumblewindow. 'You are in slithering.' Snape was so angry that he stomed of.