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It could have been so much different than this. That what we wanted, Clyde and I. We never expected it to go this far. At least, I didn't. I fell in love with him before I even knew what he did for a living, and even after I knew, it didn't change things. Even after he was sent to prison, I still loved him. It just about near killed me to see him like that.

And I didn't plan on breaking the law, neither. I just wanted him out, and so I guess I did break the law for that. But once he was out, and we left, that was when my little dream changed so much.

I had always loved the movies. As a little girl, I begged Mama to let me go see Clara Bow movies, and I sat in the dark theater, utterly enchanted, for two hours. Gone was the Depression, the dust, Mama, and reality went out the door too. I could escape into a land of glamour and romance. I idolized Louise Brooks, and longed for Theda Bara's wardrobe. I dreamed of leading men like Rudolph Valentino. As I got older, my dates knew how to make me happy. We'd go see a movie, and I'd go whether or not I liked the boy.

That's how I met Roy, anyways. Talkies were out, and I remember our first date he took me out to see a Mary Pickford/Douglas Fairbanks movie although I usually preferred more dramatic actresses like Greta Garbo. Mary Pickford's little miss virtue act annoyed me. Roy bought me popcorn and we held hands in the dark. He made me think I was in love with him, and maybe I was. I honestly don't know, even now. I can't get rid of his wedding ring. I still wear it, even if he is in jail, and even though I love Clyde now. He doesn't know what it is.

Then I met Clyde, and I loved him even after I knew what he did. That's what Roy did too, but I hardly ever even saw him after we got married. But Clyde was different. He treated me like a princess. He treated me like a movie star, and he told me he loved me. Before he got arrested, I had this whole little dream in my head. We were in Hollywood, and I had a bursting career. Clyde would come into my fancy penthouse apartment with a bouquet of roses and ask me to marry him and our wedding would be even bigger than any other Hollywood wedding before. It was a foolish dream, and schoolgirl's dream. I see that now.

I loved him so much I was willing to break him out of jail. Clyde still talked about going to Hollywood and me being a movie star and all that, even though we left West Dallas and practically fled. Foolishly, I kept my little dream. I decided I'd have to use my middle name and be Elizabeth Parker instead, once we got there. But that was a year ago, and somewhere along the way, I gave up. I'm not so stupid as I used to be.

Still, a small part of me wants me to follow my dream. Maybe that's why the baby gives me hope. Maybe that's why I have to keep her. I've never been the motherly type, so this is new. I guess I want to take her to Hollywood. If I can't be a star maybe she can. That would be a better dream, anyway.

Bonnie set down the pencil and sighed. After leaving, she and Clyde had driven almost twenty-four hours non-stop into Oklahoma, before Clyde had said they would stop for the night. In the morning, they'd scope out another town. It was horribly hot, and she hadn't been able to sleep. Clyde was stretched out in the front seat of the Packard, and all the doors were open. She'd taken refuge on a large rock next to fire they'd built, its hint of smoke chasing away the mosquitoes. She was feeling sick again, but at least Clyde and she had talked things out. He finally agreed to let her keep the baby, at least until it was born. He obviously wasn't warm to the idea of fatherhood, but at least he cared about her.

Present Day

Elizabeth Spencer stared at the sheets of paper in front of her. She'd expected her mother's paperwork, notes, and receipts to be in the box she was sorting. She'd never, ever expected something like this. She read through the hand-written note again, printed on wrinkled, yellowed paper in faded ink.

Dear Liz,

I'm writing this just as Clyde and I are getting ready to drop you off. It breaks my heart to do this to you, little angel. These last two days with you have been the best of my life. I'd love to keep you, believe me, that's what I long for. But your Daddy thinks you'd be safer with adoptive parents. The couple has already agreed to take you. They don't know who we are, but they will soon enough. I'm giving you all the things I've written that I still have. I kept my journal with me, even when we left Joplin. I don't know if your adoptive parents will want you to know that you're the daughter of Bonnie and Clyde, but that's up to them. When you get old enough, if they want to tell you, they can. If you do ever read this, I hope you know how much I love you, and how it breaks my heart to give you up like this. Best wishes, darling girl.

Bonnie E. Parker, XO.

Elizabeth's mind raced. The short paragraph had revealed so much, and it suddenly occurred to her that her mom knew about this. The only thing she knew about Bonnie and Clyde was from the movie, which she didn't even think she'd watched all of. One line came back to her know. I'm Clyde, this is Bonnie, and we rob banks.

She could be related to the infamous bank robbers? The note was obviously addressed to a baby named Liz. Yeah, Liz, the name of her great-grandmother, whom she'd been named after. Mom was Bonnie and Clyde's granddaughter? She must've known. Maybe that was why she killed herself.

As soon as she thought that, a rush of tears came. She was a junior in high school, and even though she had sometimes complained to her friends she didn't need her mom anymore, the loss of her mom had revealed to her that she, in fact, most certainly did. Her mom had committed suicide two weeks earlier, and now her left-behind daughter found out just who they were related to. The revelation brought more than just tears. It brought a whole new meaning to life.

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