KONBANWA, MINA-SAN! SAPPHIRE NIGHTSHADE HERE! I'M NOT DEAD YET! I've just been busy/have writer's block/have been working on stories that are under a different account that I have writer's block on as well. Thus I crafted this fanfiction, born from my inability to decide whether Kaito or Shinichi was my favorite character in the DCMK world.

All pairings are canon, as usual. Sorry for the nearly-all dialogue, but I think it works for this fanfic.

"Hey!" Kaito/Aoko's daughter, Tamako, called out. She, and Ran/Shinichi's daughter, Ayako, had met at their usual spot between their houses to hang out together. "So apparently we're coming over to your house for dinner."

"Oh, yeah," Ayako replied. "My mom said something about that. I wonder if our dads will have one of their usual arguments again."

"Hah, probably," Tamako agreed. "You know how they are. So, do you know what we're having?"

"Nah, you'd have to ask my mom about that one."

"I hope it's some type of seafood."

"I don't think it is. Besides, your dad can't even handle fish."

"Are you dissing my father?" Tamako took offense. "He could beat yours, anytime, anywhere."

Ayako scoffed. "My dad is a famous detective. No case has happened that he couldn't solve!"

"Well my dad was an infamous phantom thief that your dad couldn't beat!"

"Oh yeah? My dad was able to bring down an entire evil organization that had been unnoticed by Japan for decades!"

"Yeah, with much-needed help from my dad, who took down an entire branch of that organization by himself!"

"Are you kidding me?! That branch was pathetic! My dad was able to take down an entire section of the real bad guys!"

"Real-shmeal! They were both just as bad! Besides, your dad needed help from the FBI, CIA, and the Secret Police to take them down!"

"So did yours!"

"Well my dad was able to live through hiding his real emotions behind his poker face every single day!"

"Are you serious?! Do you have any idea how much my dad went through?! Do you know how many times he wanted to tell mom his identity but wasn't able to because he was afraid for her life?!"

"Do you know?!"

"More than you!"

Suddenly, laughter broke out and the two looked to a girl who hadn't been standing there before.

"You guys are hilarious!" she laughed in an Osakan accent.

"Nishi!" Ayako exclaimed.

"What are you doing here?!" Tamako asked.

"Oh, my parents are visiting," Nishi explained. "But just for the record, my dad - the Great Detective of the West - is much better than your dads."


Ayako: I chose the name for the sound, but it means "pretty child"

Tamako: "jewel child"

Nishi: "west"

In my opinion, the organization Kaito's after and the Black Organization are one and the same. And of course, the takedown of the Black Organization hasn't happened yet, so this is all purely fanfiction. You can decided what people are involved in it, but I decided to involve Kaitou Kid, the FBI, CIA, and even Japan's Secret Police. Sayounara!

I hoped you liked it. Sayounara!