Pulling her hair behind her ear, Lenore looked at herself in her vanity mirror. She gave a small smile, her eyes wandering about her own face to her slender neck. She grew to someone sophisticated and elegant in looks, but curious of mind. That was no doubt due to her isolation. She was ignorant to nearly the entire world, caught up in her small community, centering around a particular vampire who was standing in her doorway.

He found it curious that the girl who hadn't aged a day in her undead life suddenly began to age. He was aware of her dabble of alchemy and "magic" of some sort, the kind that had brought her back from the dead in the first place. This was no doubt an act of something mystical, as was the transformation of his back into his human form, which he preferred to his small, rag doll form.

"You're learning rather well." He smiled, crossing his arms and leaning on the door frame.

She didn't answer him, continuing to run her fingers through her long, blonde hair. His eyes wandered to her exposed neck and his hunger rose, but he knew better than to try to bite her once again. He, though, was tempted, even more so now. Young women, rather, young virgin women, were always so tantalizing. It was very strange that she was so attractive to him, knowing she was very, very dead filled with nothing but embalming fluid.

"Maybe you could find a way to allow me to feed." He stalked towards her, leaning towards her exposed neck.

She remained silent. She was always so curious to the fact that he didn't have a reflection, even when he was a doll. Much of Ragamuffin she didn't understand. Vampires didn't catch her short attention span long enough.

"Such a pale, beautiful neck." his lips grazed against her cool skin. He could smell the rot of her insides more clearly now. She reeked of death and decay and he pulled away from her. She smirked.

He had been showing her the strange attention Mr. Gosh had given her so many times before. His, though, was different. It was vague and difficult to decipher. To be honest, she didn't care too much, finding his strange actions curious. His actions were nearly as curious as the changes she has gone through herself as she experimented. She began to develop strangely. She was almost an entirely different person, but her thoughts hadn't changed. Those were the same.

"My Lenore." he cooed, putting his hands on her shoulders. "Oh my Lenore. If only I could truly make you mine."

She turned and stared at him with her big eyes, wondering what he would do next. Last time, he had kissed her, which was something he had done a lot lately.

But he didn't this time. He simply stared at her, and she stared back at him, her head tiled to the side.

"What do you think about, Lenore?"

She shrugs.

"I can never tell what you're thinking. Your eyes are so vacant."

"So are yours." she refutes.

He smiled a broad, crooked smiled. He ran his hands along her jawline. "I'm always so curious as to how you're so innocent with your age. You'd think you'd learn so much about the world. About other people..."

"Like what?"

His smile weakened. "The impurity of man, my darling. The impurity of a man's hand on a young lady's flesh."

She remain silent once again.

"Someday you'll learn. Someday you'll be plagued with impurity yourself, and will eat away at your beauty like maggots."

"I'm already being eaten by maggots."

Ragamuffin couldn't help but laugh at the simple minded girl before him. She had the body of a woman and the mind of a child. No matter the temptation, he would have to leave her be, giving himself only a taste of the girl he lived with.

He gave her a small kiss before he stalked away, causing Lenore's own curiosities to grow further.