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A young man stood on the sidewalk to a bustling street. Clad in black robes, his appearance was drawing attention to him. Now, he was used to being looked at and whispered about by commoners, but these people did not look at him in fear, but in curiosity, and their whispers were not the hushed voices of concern, but the wondering whispers of the curious.

He frowned for the umpteenth time that day. He was drawing unnecessary attention, which could make it more difficult for him to blend in. Thankfully he understood their language, it seemed to be similar to Republic Basic, but their written language was completely different. The people around him were all humans like him so that did not seem like it would be a problem.

He needed a plan, at the moment he was drawing to much attention just by his presence and that just would not do. Firstly, new clothes, his Sith garb was obviously something odd, a curiosity. Secondly, a new weapon, not that he was unsatisfied by his lightsaber but considering the attention drawn by his outfit the unusual and exotic weapon would draw far more and far less desirable attention. Thirdly, language, not so much the spoken, there he could manage just fine, as much as the written, he could not read it at all and that would be a major obstacle if he was to blend in with this society.

He pondered. The third could be done just as, but the other two would require funds, and he heavily doubted Republic Credits would do in this place. That would be a priority then, it would help him immensely, not just with the aforementioned, but also with food and lodging. So the problem there was, how? Stealing? He could be cold and ruthless, but even so he did not think highly of those who stole. Extortion? What did he just say about attention? Work? Could work but he did not know the written language nor did he have any contacts in this place… yet.

Only one way to find out he supposed, talking to the locals. He suddenly started moving, startling some who had been observing him. He picked out a target, a man walking just a bit ahead in the opposite direction.

"Excuse me?" He raised his voice a little, doing his utmost to keep it inquiring and uncertain, a testament to the proud and fearsome Siths acting skills. "Could you tell me the direction of the nearest administrative office? I'm new to town and a little lost."

The man looked at him curiously, wonder apparent on his face. "Just a little bit down the road and to the left. Looking for work? Or are you planning to enter Beacon?"

"Something along those lines, yes. I'm a little short on funds you see." The youth said, reaching out with the force, strengthening the man's natural desire to help.

"Oh, yes, that is a problem, here, have some Lien. It's not much, but I'm certain an upstanding young man like you can get more, no problem." The man smiled, digging out a sort of leather, storage?, and picking out some coloured cards, handing them to the young man.

"Oh but you didn't need to…" The youth said, feigning surprise.

"Eh, it's okay, just take it."

"Thank you sir, I will not forget your kindness." The youth smiled. 'And weakness.' He added in his mind.

"No problem, and welcome to Vale." The man said cheerfully, waving as he continued on his way.

The youth looked at him for a while, returning the gesture, before moving again, continuing in the direction pointed out. He looked down at the cards in his hand. This was their form of currency? How did it work? How much did he get? He studied them a bit, musing as to what their value was. He would have to figure this out eventually. He shrugged a bit, putting them in a pocket for safekeeping. He thought back to the man's words. 'Beacon? What is that?' He dismissed the thought, deciding to check on that later.

He used the force to reach out with his mind, investigating the people around him. They felt weird, like they were different. The force in them did not seem to connect them to other living things. No, that type was also present, but faintly, no more than in the trees or plants. Instead they had something else, something different, something more stained with their personality. He had already managed to differentiate between maybe seven individuals, even tracking one far beyond his vision range. Normally he only really got, "someone's there" or "someone is approaching" but here it was possible to see a difference. This interested the youth greatly and he decided to look into this.

He looked to his left, spotting a different building with some kind of writing on it and people moving in and out. He supposed that was what he was looking for. He looked at it. Even if he entered it would hardly help him right now, any kind of documentation would be a problem right now. He took care to dedicate the place to his memory before he moved on. 'Now, where to? I don't know anything about this place, I'm drawing too much attention, and I can't read their language. Then the only logical course of action is gathering knowledge, and for that, Libraries are generally the best option.'

With a new course of action decided, all that remained was figuring out where it was. Calling the attention off the nearest person, a young girl with black hair with red streaks in it wearing a red hood, he inquired about the location of the library, and after being guided there by said girl, found himself looking at quite the collection of hardcover books, although the young man had no idea what they were, for in his world information storage was handled differently. He looked around with interest, picking out some books and looking at them, opening them to look at the text. He quickly came to the conclusion that to handle this he would need some help.

The helpful girl from earlier came to mind, but she had left immediately after he arrived. Thinking back about her, he remembered that the unusual energy he had sensed in the people here had been unusually strong in her, it had seemed to radiate in a manner unlike the others he saw and seemed almost to cover her, protecting her. She had also carried herself with a grace and confidence that implied she had been a warrior of some kind. 'She had also been completely ador…' He stopped his thought. What was he thinking? He shook his head and scanned his surroundings.

His wandering gaze stopped on a girl sitting in a chair reading a book. She was not tall, maybe the same height as the girl earlier with light purple hair reaching down to her shoulders and light blue eyes wearing glasses. She seemed to be wearing a light grey jacket with pink highlights and burgundy sleeves with similar light grey pants with pink highlights as well and a pair of simple white shoes. For some inexplicable reason he decides to talk to her and therefore approaches, tentatively raising his voice. "Um, hello?"


She was sitting reading a book on tactics fighting Grimm when she heard a voice speak out to her. She started, snapping her head up towards the source of the voice. Before her stood a reasonably tall young man, with semi long dark blonde hair reaching down over his ears. He had piercing dark blue eyes, although currently they seemed to waver nervously. He was clothed in heavy black robes of a type she hadn't seen before and she could glimpse a dark vest type garment covering his chest as well as dark pants with a pair of black boots completing the outfit. She raised her eyebrows, nervously responding.

"Y-yes? What is it?"

"Oh, no, sorry." The youth shifted nervously, seemingly lost for words. "I wondered if you could help me. I'm looking for a good way to study the written language here and I kind of…"

'The written language?' The unexpected words brought her out of her nervousness a bit. "Why would you be doing that?"

He winced, seemingly berating himself for such a stupid wording. "Ah, you see, were I grew up we used a different writing system and so while it is shameful to admit I kind of can't read the local language."

She frowned, wondering where he grew up to have such a problem. "Maybe I can help you?" She was intrigued by the young man and decided that the best way to learn more was to offer her help.

The person in front of her seemed a bit shocked at her willingness to help but quickly recovered forming a smile on his face. As all this happened she noticed that the young man was not bad looking. His face was lean and well-shaped and his body was slim with just a hint of musculature indicating he kept himself in good shape. Realising she was staring at him she looked away, a slight hint of heat in her face.

"Thank you. I suppose introductions are in order, my name is Wayle Tyran. You may call me Wayle." He bowed theatrically.

'Wayle? Odd name.' She nodded. "My name is Latune Subbota. You may call me Latune. Nice to meet you."


He wasn't sure how to interpret the recent turn of events. After having spent a few hours learning to read which left him able to at least somewhat comprehend the text, they had spent maybe another hour talking about various things, through which he had managed to learn a lot more about the place he had come to. Now he found himself holding a pile of clothes as Latune considered a suitable outfit for him.

During their conversation he had let slip that he was unfamiliar with the local fashion and that he was wearing his only clothes. The result was as you could see. At least he found out that he had been given a fairly large amount of money from the man. Always something. It did on the other hand leave him a bit worried about the man's reaction when he realized how much he had given away to a stranger. Oh, well. One thing at a time.

After an agonizing hour or so they had left the store, his funds heavily reduced and his Sith garb in one bag while two more held some others. He himself found himself in a black vest with dark red and light blue patterns running up the sleeves before meeting on the back and a pair of nice dark grey pants with silver and gold trims. Underneath the vest he had a white shirt that could just about be seen. He still had the same boots though but that's fine. He liked the outfit, it was comfy, good looking and easy enough to move in. Most of it had been chosen by Latune, except for the vest which he had chosen after feeling it to be strangely fitting.

As it was getting late Latune asked him if he had a place to stay. He shook his head.

"Then I'll show you to a nice hotel I know where you can stay for a reasonable price." She suddenly said, waving for him to follow. "Come on! This way!"

He followed and they walked at a brisk pace before reaching their destination, a decently sized hotel with decently prized rooms. Renting a room for a few nights, they parted with promises to meet again if they could. He chuckled as the adorable girl left. Wait, what was with him today!? He shook his head and followed the wallet to his room.

It was a nice enough room, not to small, not to large. He was used to smaller and while most would have considered it a normal room to him it was luxurious beyond anything he had seen in quite some time. Depositing the clothing bags on a chair he immediately investigated the room and its functions, taking quite some time to figure out the bathroom.

He threw himself on the bed, mulling over what he had learned since he arrived in this world. The technological level was far behind that of the Republic and they knew nothing of the force. Instead they had what they called "Aura". An energy present in all living things, it was reminiscent of the force but far different. The creatures he had encountered were called "Grimm", soulless creatures bent on the eradication of mankind, or something. Furthermore there were something called "Dust", a mysterious substance that had saved mankind and now served as their primary weapon against the Grimm. This was of extra interest to him, as he considered its uses and powers. He would have to look more into all of these things.

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