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"I've got bad news, and good news." Qrow stated as he entered the room. "Bad news is, there are literally, and I mean literally, no Huntsmen or Huntresses left in Mistral."

"None?" Pyrrha questioned.

"None. They've all been sent out on missions, and they are all late in returning."

"Please tell me the good news are really good." Jaune said.

"I found him." The older Huntsman replied with a grin as a young boy stepped into view.

The boy in question was short, had a tanned complexion, ruffled black hair, hazel eyes, and with his cheeks freckled and adorned with a faint blush. He looked quite uncomfortable with the current situation.

"U-um… Hello?" The boy said. "My name is Oscar."

"Hi?" Ruby seemed somewhat confused; a sentiment clearly shared by the others.

"Qrow, who is this guy, and why do you look so pleased with yourself?" Yang questioned.

The older Huntsman cleared his throat. "See, thing is. He's Ozpin."

"He's what?" Jaune questioned.

The group was if anything even more confused.

Oscar took a deep breath, and all of a sudden, his entire person seemed to change.

The discomfort and hesitation were switched for stoic calm and composure.

"I suppose some level of explanation is in order." He said.

But his voice had also changed. It was now that, of their old Headmaster.


Many a strange look were directed at them as they stepped off the Airship.

It made sense.

People didn't fly to Menagerie in the first place, and the vessel was hardly an ordinary civilian one.

It was painfully obviously intended as a personal transport for someone important.

For the record, it was a gift from Aureus.

That person really needed to stop spending so much on Wayle.

Of course, they hadn't set it down in the middle of the settlement, but rather on its outskirts.

Their party consisted of the five earlier decided members.

Wayle, Blake, Felis, The Captain and Phantasm.

Wayle had switched up his garb slightly, maintaining the red and blue duality patterns, but this time limited to a pattern on the back since this outfit didn't have sleeves. A white shirt peered out from underneath.

Blake herself had switched to a new outfit, with a white tailcoat, a black crop top and black boots in place of the old stockings. A subtle patterning similar to Wayle's could be just barely glimpsed on her top. Her bow that used to hide her ears had been discarded, allowing all to see them.

The other three wore their usual outfits, primarily since those were uniforms, although Felis and The Captain did take some measures against heat.

In the Airship was a small group of soldiers, to protect it, and, if necessary, provide reinforcements.

Unsurprisingly, they drew quite a number of people as they headed into the settlement, and towards the Chieftain's house. Murmurs were plentiful, as one might expect.

Some sounded quite normal, just conversation, but some sounded… aggravated.

There were a number of reasons they had chosen such an eye-catching approach, and this would be one of the downsides…

Some people wouldn't like this. Especially those that sympathised with the new White Fang's ideals… and, of course, members of the group remaining in Menagerie.

The White Fang in Menagerie was a very different group, and Menagerie quite distant. It was hard to move on it here.

They'd been trying, but efforts had been slow since they couldn't just attack and kill them all. They needed to discredit it completely in order to dismantle this last piece of it.

Honestly, they were trying to provoke it right now.

Of course, every now and then another type of reaction could be glimpsed in the crowd.

A sort of recognition, and reverence, that marked people who supported Wayle's cause and had gone to Menagerie to try and further it there.

As they arrived before the Chieftain's house they were met by a group of guards, with her father standing at the top of the stairs looking down at them.

Of course, surprise could be seen on his face, especially after spotting Blake herself. He quickly buried it under a veneer of seriousness, but the way his gaze kept returning to Blake betrayed him.

"Ghira Belladonna, Chieftain of Menagerie. My name is Wayle Tyran." Wayle spoke up, not a hint of nervousness in his voice.

Ghira's eyes fastened themselves on him, although they would still trail slightly towards Blake.

"You are… Human?" The Chieftain asked.

"I am, for what it is worth." The young Lord responded with a small smile.

Ghira narrowed his eyes at Wayle. "Why are you here?"

"I have come seeking audience." Wayle made just the smallest of bows.

The other three bowed more deeply. Blake followed Wayle's lead.

Ghira seemed to grumble something under his breath, then sighed. "Let them pass. I'll receive them."

"Thank you." Wayle responded.

The guards let the party pass, and they soon found themselves in a room that might be the living room, or it might be a room for receiving guests… maybe both.

Wayle and Blake seated themselves in a sofa opposite her father, while the other three remained standing.

"Wayle Tyran… I've heard talk about you." Ghira opened.

"What kind of talk?" Wayle replied.

"Certain people speak of you as some sort of devil, leading others astray and ruining all I'd worked for. Others speak of you as someone who works to bring Humans and Faunus together, a great Paragon that will see my hopes fulfilled." The Chieftain shrugged. "I think both are off. But perhaps you can prove which one is closer to the truth."

"I hope to show you the truth, and that we may come to cooperate." The young Lord chuckled. "I have heard a few things about you myself, your daughter especially gives me hope that we can come to an agreement."

"Is that why she is here? As a bargaining chip?" Ghira's expression darkened.

"I'm here to help with the negotiation. That's why I'm sitting here, next to Wayle." Blake interjected, letting a little bit of anger at being called a bargaining chip slip into her voice.

Her father's expression was shocked. "I-I'm… sorry." The Chieftain shook his head violently. "You… want me to cooperate with your 'Army of Union'?" He directed this at Wayle.

"That would be partially correct. You probably have not heard due to the current circumstances, but the Army of Union was recently merged into the Kingdom of Vale as its official military. What I ask you to cooperate with… is the Kingdom of Vale."

"And you… have the authority to make… such an offer?" Ghira asked.

"I have. I have the full confidence and support of the Council." As Wayle said this, Phantasm steeped forward and presented the Chieftain of Menagerie with a set of documents.

Documents that would strengthen his claim.

Ghira rubbed his forehead as he set the documents down. "And what, exactly, do you mean when you say… cooperate?"

"I simply wish for us to work together to promote better relations between Humans and Faunus. If both were to come together… Remnant may see the dawning of a new age."

"Do you sincerely believe Humans and Faunus can come together?"

"I was under the impression you yourself had at least some belief in that. I am not under the delusion that we can bring both together perfectly, but I see in many people the potential to see it happen." Wayle's expression was at once both hopeful and melancholic.

"Hmm… And what, pray tell, do you offer Menagerie in exchange for this cooperation?"

The young Lord smiled. "For as long as this cooperation continues, the Kingdom of Vale will officially recognise and support Menagerie."

Ghira slammed his fists on the table. "Are you serious?! Do you know what that means?!"

"I am fully aware."

"How could you ever have the Council's support on that?" The Chieftain looked down at the documents with a torn expression.

"The simple truth is…" Blake spoke up. "The Council is nowadays mostly made up of people who support him."

Ghira sank back down into his seat. "I… need some time to consider…" He seemed almost, lost.

"Why don't they stay here for a while then? We don't exactly have anywhere else to offer for a Diplomatic party like them." A new person stepped into the room.

Blake's mother, Kali.

She must have been listening in.

"That's… Yes. Yes, I suppose." Ghira agreed.

"We will accept such a gracious offer." Wayle replied with a smile.

"As you heard, they are our guests now." Kali said to the guards that had been in the room all this time.

They immediately relaxed slightly and filed out of the room.

And almost as immediately drinks were provided.

"Felis, Captain, you may be at ease." Wayle said.

The two of them relaxed and found seats, although they stayed off to the side to some extent.

"What about her?" Kali asked, indicating Phantasm.

Phantasm shook her head, causing the Belladonna Matriarch to tilt her head in confusion.

"She is a bodyguard of sorts. I hope you will excuse her, she is under a vow of silence, and has also sworn to never reveal any aspect of her appearance." Wayle explained with an apologetic expression.

"I… see…" Kali responded.

"So who's she guarding? I thought you were supposed to be invincible." Ghira said, although his tone and expression were both light-hearted.

It was clear some level of stories about Wayle's might had reached him. It was also clear he didn't particularly believe it.

"Blake." Wayle replied with a straight face.

The Chieftain didn't seem to have anticipated this answer, as he became somewhat dumbfounded.

Kali though… she had a glimmer that indicated she suspected something.

"Is she that important?" She asked.

"She is."

"You know… I overheard her earlier outburst, and I noticed something. Most people I have heard talking about you have called you 'Lord'."

Oh please no.

"Well. Most of everyone that follow him call our Lord that." Felis suddenly chimed in with mischief in her voice.

"Felis!" Blake exclaimed before she could think.

Her mother seemed to come to some conclusion.

Oh no.

Kali seemed to ponder something for a few moments, then made an almost imperceptible shrug.

Ghira for his part seemed just a little bit confused.

"Ah, how silly of me to forget." Wayle suddenly said with concealed amusement that Blake could barely pick up on. "Felis, would you mind telling the others about our staying here?"

"Aw… but you just told me to be at ease…" She responded, but even so rose. "It'll be done before you know it!"

And just like that she was gone.

Some moments of silence followed, before Kali finally spoke up again.

"How should we room you all?" She asked. "Are any of you able to room together? Do any of you want to room together?" She said just a bit too innocently.

"Well, I can room with that moron of a cat. Felis, that is…" The Captain said.

"Really now?" Ghira questioned.

"It's not like she'll sleep during comprehensible times anyways. Or where you'd expect her to." The Captain replied with a wry smile.

"So, she hasn't changed."

"Not in the slightest."

The two shared a laugh, then started talking about old times.

"There is no need for me to share a room with anyone, although I certainly could, should it be needed." Wayle replied.

Blake was almost a bit annoyed at how easily he could say that.

"No, no. There is no need. We have the space." Kali replied.

"I see. We will be in your care." Wayle responded.

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