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Naruto rushed out onto the deck, praying that nothing too serious had happened. Though he knew it was a lost cause. After all, his captain had to get strong by making enemies to fight against. He just wished that sometimes, Shanks would use his natural charisma to reduce his enemies instead of increasing his enemies. Regrettably, his early days as a pirate had become his instinct, so he is now a master at making enemies without trying. It's a miracle Benn and Naruto were able to handle him without much consequences. Well, maybe except trampled pride and some broken bones. As it is, Naruto was both exasperated and amused by his captain's stunts.

They were staring at each other, eyes narrowed in seriousness, not quite glaring but on the verge of it, their weapons pressed against the other, barely using the whole of their might. Honestly, Naruto thinks, they are truly amazing. They had calculated the strength of each weapon coming towards them, and put their strength into their weapons accordingly, not quite wanting to harm each other. They were only using a little under two-thirds of their strength, yet the sky had already split! It was amazing. And Naruto thinks, of a time before, when all kinds of villains existed and he was locked in a war against two maniacs. And he knew, even they couldn't have done what the two incredible men did today. That is, split the sky into two. On second thought, they probably would have been powerful enough to do that, but not smart enough. Definitely not smart enough to calculate all these fine details to give the marines a show, split the sky and end their fight all at once.

It was, without a doubt, that Edward Newgate and Captain Shanks knew exactly where the marine ship was hiding. It was there, just beyond the horizon, lying in wait behind the outcrops. The marines were truly idiots if they thought they didn't know they were there. Business as usual then.

"Captain, you went too far this time! Do you know how many bandages it's going to cost us to fix the sky?! Apologize to Captain Edward this instant!" He punched his captain, leaving a small bump on his head. A wink from him relaxed the two, realizing they were performing for their unwanted audience. What could he say? He was a prankster at heart after all.

"... Gomenasai." Captain Shanks gritted his teeth. In fact, it looked so real, that the lone member of the marine ship that was still left standing despite multiple nosebleeds from seeing Naruto, could feel the 'tension'.

"Good. Thank you for your kindness and generosity, Captain Edward. I hope to see us on good terms." Naruto bowed respectfully, tugging on his Captain's cloak to lead him back to their ship.

"Captain, I have prepared a hot bath for you. Do you need anything else?"

"... You know, this outfit really suits you, Naru-chan."

"Pervert!" With the amazing strength that comes about when you face a pervert, (in anime) Naruto added another bump to his captain's head, flushing brightly and pulling down the hem of the dress as he stomped away dramatically, an effect which was unfortunately destroyed as Shanks caught a hold of Naruto's hand, making him teeter and lose his balance, falling into his captain's arms.

"I knew it was just a matter of time before you fell for my good looks and handsome character, Naru-chan." Placing a kiss on Naruto's palm.

"Shut up! I have to prepare dinner now! Bye!" Naruto made a hasty escape through the door, blushing brightly as he rushed to the kitchen, feeling his heart beat race as he heard his captain's husky laughter.

"What did he do again?" Benn sighed, reading glasses perched on his nose as he read the newspapers. From the sounds of it, Shanks and Naruto had been flirting again. Honestly, if only those two could just hook up and get all this over and done with. The sexual tension, as well as being the unofficial consultant between those two was killing him. No, I do not know why Shanks likes doing this with you, Naruto. No, I don't know why Naruto doesn't reciprocate your advances, Shanks. They better be giving him a week off for this. No, make that one month. All in all, a frustrating day's work for Benn Beckman, First Mate of Shanks, a.k.a his babysitter.

"Why is my heart beating so fast, and my face so hot? Wahhh! Benn! Help!" Here we go again.

"Naruto, what are the emotions relating to these two symptoms?"

"Ano... Fear? Adrenaline? Embarrassment?"

"Have you every thought about love?"

Naruto flushed even harder, his face an alarming shade of red as he began to sway dangerously.

"Why would I be in love with that Baka!" Naruto proceeded to rush out of the kitchen, a large cloud of dust behind him.

"... He could have at least refilled my coffee." Benn, after torturous months of asking the same question, giving the same answer and having the exact same conversation, is not affected by the similar results. For some reason, Naruto will come back without remembering their conversation, his mind having wiped off the entire episode. As far as he knew, he went straight to his room before remembering he had to cook for them. While amusing the first few times, right now he really just wanted to throttle someone.

Thirty minutes in, Naruto came back in, having changed his maid costume, looking sheepish and scratching his head.

"Just go and prepare dinner now, brat." Benn sighed. Even if he was infuriating sometimes, it was so hard to not forgive him when he had that kicked puppy look. He found it hard to believe that Naruto was only a couple of years younger than him. Honestly, he was quite mature... Well, compared to the rest of the crew unless something serious happened or their precious sake was stolen.

Naruto grinned, before expertly twirling the kitchen knives around, juggling them as he opened the fridge and grabbed some ingredients. Throwing those up in the air and juggling between all those, he grabbed a cutting board and in a few smooth, clean slices, everything was chopped up and diced, separated into its distinct components without any wrong ingredient elsewhere.

"Naru-chan!" Shanks appeared, hugging Naruto around the waist.

"Don't interrupt me when I'm cooking you mortal fool. Begone!"

"Wahhhh! Naru-chan hates me! Benn! What should I do?! All I wanted was to surprise my Naru-chan."

"Flowers." Benn sighed.

"That's it! Nothing can go wrong with sake! I have to go get one barrel for Naru-chan!"

Cue face palm for Benn.

In a few hours, Naruto had finished cooking dinner and served everything for the pirates on board. Even if they were known for their sake drinking powers, Naruto refused to give them sake, claiming that it was good not to drink sake every once in a while. Which usually made the older members depressed but the newer members blush due to the motherly aura Naruto unknowingly emits at times like this.

"Naru-chan! Sake!" Of course, that never stopped Shanks from trying to give sake to Naruto.

"What did I say about drinking alcohol at dinner?" A deceptively cheerful smile was on his face, but he was cracking his knuckles and the honey-sweet words had a hint of venom in them.

"Not to?" Shanks tried not to whimper.

"What is THIS doing here then?! Bring it back to the storeroom! And don't think I won't know if you had taken even a little sip."

"Right-away, Naru-chan!" Shanks yelped, not wanting to get on Naruto's bad side. Hands and feet usually went flying. Amongst other body parts.

Sighing, Naruto addressed the grinning pirates," Hope you enjoy your dinner!" With a cute smile, head tilting slightly.

Despite the slight nosebleed, the Red Hair Pirates ate their dinner and enjoyed partying through the night... Without alcohol. Though, for some reason, they still had a hangover.

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Zoro twitched. Luffy grinned. Sanji melted.

"Hath thine eyes beswican thee? {has my eyes betrayed me?} Oh, the beautiful goddess has bewitched me, turning me into her loyal servant. I would be immortal, if only to stay by my goddess' side forever."

"Ahem. I'm a guy." Naruto tried not to grin.

"NOOOOOOO! Why do you do this to me? What have I ever done to you? No, I don't believe you! Show me evidence! Such an angel could never be an atrocious, uncouth male human!"

"Ne, don't be angry at me?" Naruto pouted. Slowly, he reached down to reveal...

"My eyes! Why?! It's not fair!"

"Told ya." Naruto shrugged, uncaring one way or another.

Luffy poked at Sanji, finding his reaction priceless. Zoro face palmed.

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