Me: Chu chu, short updates.

Erza: Why do you insist on doing that?

Me: Doing what?

Erza: Doing short updates, of course.

Me: Oh marvelous Titania, you will never understand this idiotic author/writer.

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Chapter 2

Lucy's POV

I went back to my stepmother and stepsisters, carrying the tea and their food. As I was walking, I was suddenly tripped by Juvia. The biscuits I prepared were crushed and scattered everywhere on the floor. The tea I set up was poured on my 'dress', and I felt its hot water get to my skin.

"Oh, Juvia is sorry. Juvia didn't see you there." she smiled wickedly and snuggled up to Gray. But, to her surprise, Gray stood up, along with Jellal and Erza, just to help me up. They cleaned the scattered and crushed biscuits, and Erza gave me a spare dress, after telling me to go bathe in her shower.

I felt really special for once. But, then again, there were still three people who looked like they despised me, like they hated me for living. They were Karen, Juvia and Natsu. I suddenly made it my goal to be their friend, or at least good acquaintance, even if it was impossible. I know you think I'm crazy for dreaming too hard, but what could I say? I was always waiting for a chance to change people.

I quickly went into Erza's room to shower. I found it very relaxing, and ended up in the shower for 30 minutes. I quickly put on the dress Erza gave me and walked back to the guests and my relatives. "I'm sorry for taking too long." I bowed.

"We're just glad you realized." Natsu jeered at me and looked away. Jellal gave him a glare before smiling at me. "It's no problem, Lucy. As a girl, you're required to look your best, servant or not."

At least one or two of them were gentlemen, unlike Natsu. He really wanted me gone, ever since he discovered I was a servant. Did he have a problem with girls like me? Was I impolite in my greeting? Did I have something on my face?

"Um… Lucy…?" Erza's gentle and questioning voice brought me back from my daydreaming. She looked worried, so I smiled at her. "Yes, Dearest Erza?"

She removed the worried look she had before and sat back down like a princess. "I was just telling you that I will be helping you prepare our snacks from now on."

I bowed to her. "It really isn't necessary, Dearest Er-"

"You will be referring to her and Juvia as Lady Erza and Lady Juvia from now on!" Karen shouted. I was taken back but nodded. "Of course, Karen-san, I will start calling them that from now on."

Jellal, Gray and Erza gave me a pitiful look, while Natsu, Juvia and Karen gave me a look of disapproval.

"Please excuse me; I'll be in my room until you need me." I said and walked into my room, fists turning to white for I gripped them too tightly. I started crying; no one was gonna help me get through this, was there? I could only pray…

I suddenly heard a knock on the door. "W-who is it?" I asked, wiping my eyes with my blanket.

"It's Natsu, let me in." N-Natsu?

-Daphnx Creations-

Chapter 2

Me: Did you guys enjoy my cliffhangers?

Erza: They are not cliffhangers.

Me: You get my point, Erza-senpai!