Hello my wonderful readers! It's been so long, and I won't lie I miss writing this story – it was by far my favorite one to write, and it wasn't just Newt and Eleanor, it was also you guys. You guys made updating exciting, and I felt like my ideas were accepted. It seems weird to say, but I've written quite a few stories for the Hobbit and that fanbase has several very unkind people, so there was always a sliver of worry every time I would write let alone post a chapter. But in this fandom you guys were just wonderful and you kept me so inspired. So thank you.

As for why I'm writing this note, as you're probably wondering, I watched the trailer for The Scorch Trials and it looked amazing; I'm kind of excited for what changes will be in the movie cause it looks even better than the first one. Only now that I've watched the trailer I now have a new story idea that I'd like your opinion on.
It would start at the end of the Maze Runner, so basically it'd start in the Scorch Trials, and this time I'd actually be doing the trials which I find exciting cause they were crazy and intense. So my working summary is:
The first time they saw her she helped save them from the Maze, and she asked them "you don't remember me yet, do you?" The second time she was covered in blood with five guards dead at her feet, and she asked them "who are you?" The real question was who is she, and whose side is she on?

My oc's name is West – her last name, cause it's more impersonal. And she ends up going through the Scorch with them (and maybe falling in love), however it isn't clear whose side she's on or where she'll stand when she gets her memories back. A little more about her; she's rough around the edges, rude, abrasive, vulgar, a little bit of a badass, quite a bit of a bitch. I've also taken to picturing Lindsey Morgan, Raven from The 100.

However, this is where you guys come in. I apparently only write love stories, but I don't know who to make my leading man. With her personality I think Minho might be the better fit, and I think he's awesome and wouldn't mind giving him a love interest – but at the same time, I'm totally a Newt's girl. And since most of the fun behind writing Everybody Wants to Rule the World was hearing from all you, I have a question: which guy would you most like to read a story for?

I also have a working banner as well, it features Minho – mostly cause I was curious what he'd look like with her, cause Newt looks good with everyone – and I can change it if Newt ends up the most popular choice. Also, I put the constellation Vulpecula, which is of a fox with a goose in its mouth; her tattoo is "The Fox," which can either mean she's a cunning trickster or a wise guide, and someone is the goose (I won't say who, I guess I won't give everything away). So it's a symbol, however whether it's a symbol that she's their downfall or means to help will be developed in the story.

The link, if you're interested: callamaefanfiction . tumblr . com