"Where could she be?" Elphaba wondered aloud, pacing. "Fiyero! Get off of me! We have to look-!"

"Presentable. I know." Glinda finished for her friend, looking in her tiny mirror and putting on lipstick.

"I'll be glad if she doesn't come! She scares me!" Fiyero cowered, clinging to Elphaba for dear life.

"Fiyero!" Elphaba scolded. "That's not a nice thing to say! And stop cowering like the cowardly lion!"

"HERE I AM!" Mudd screamed as she ran up to Elphaba and tackled her with a bear hug.

"Hi!" Elphaba said, surprised.

"Sorry I'm late!" Mudd apologized. "Did you save the date for my mom's wedding?"

"Yup!" Glinda chirped, pulling out a calender. "Right here!"

"Good! Thanks! And something special for all of you..." Mudd replied, snapping her fingers and handing all of them an invitation to her parents' wedding.


"Ok. We're getting off track." Mudd said. "Melena, Oscar. Hello!"

"Hi!" Melena greeted back.

"Alright! That's the greeting! And-"

"HEY! YOU FORGOT ME!" Said Fishie and Dorothy.

"Oh, yeah. I didn't mean to do that!" Mudd said sarcastically. "But HI Fishie and Dorothy and Dodo!"


"His name is Toto!"

"1. Your name is Fishie. Its Fishie because Me and Nia said so. 2. I don't give a crap what your dogs name is. Ok? Ok." Mudd retorted.

"Ok... Lets start this thing over... Hi everyone, I'm (so tempted to say Olaf) Mudd! And (I like warm pancakes) this is Season 1 of The Wicked Interview With Wicked Characters! (From Nia's Show!)"

"Now... Lets get set up with the chairs..." Mudd said, poofing up a chair for everyone's favorite color. Fiyero had crawled under Glinda's fluffy pink chair and wouldn't come out.

"Wow," Mudd complimented. "I'm surprised that he can even fit under there! Oh and I forgot!" Another poof and there was a cheering, roaring crowd.

"Alright! We've already got our first review! Its from Doglover645! Welcome to the show! Aw great start! Okay...dares...dares...

Glinda: slap the Fish, REALLY HARD.

Elphaba: take a selfie with your friends.

Fiyero: we must sacrifice a pair of tight white pants. BONFIRE TIME!
Morrible (aka the Fish): take off all your makeup. Then put on a dress selected by Glinda, allow Elphaba to chose whatever spell from the Grimmerie and cast it on you, and Fiyero...here's a frying pan. You know what to do (hit the fish). ;)

This looks interesting! Update soon!

Mudd finished with a smile. "I like this review! You guys know what to do! Alright Glinda, slap Fishy REAL hard. Like how you slapped Elphie in that catfight scene... on top of where Nessa was squished! (Sorry Nessa! No offence!)"

"None taken," Nessa said.

"Good! Now Glinda, have you slapped the fish yet?"

Glinda got up, walked over to Fishie, and slapped her so hard that Glinda's hand started to hurt. "That was worth it!" Glinda said through clenched teeth.

"AWESOME!" Mudd roared. "Now, Fishe, take off all of your makeup, put on a dress selected by Glin (though I admit, none of them would probably look good on you), let Elphie cast whatever spell she wants in Grimmerie on you, and let Fifi wack you with a frying pan."

"I would never!" Fishie opposed, while putting on more makeup.

"We probably don't even know where she puts all of her makeup!" Mudd whispered to Fiyero (he had come out from under the chair), Glinda, Melena, Oscar, Nessa, Boq (now human), and (everyone's personal favorite) Elphaba. "Does she put these things in her bag? Like she has too much makeup on as it is! Do you think that she puts makeup on her bag?" They all snickered.

"Can you believe that that horrible excuse for a father and a human being is still here? I can't! In fact lets ask him (while you guys are giving Fishie her 'makeover')! Frexpar whatever-your-middle-name-is Thropp (the horrible excuse for a human being and father), why are you here?"

"Because I'm apart of the Wicked cast. And-" Frex started.

"You called poor Elphie a sin, and an 'it' when he was freakin' BORN! I would've embraced the fact that she was green and that she had powers! I would raise her and love her like a father should!" Mudd retorted, tears brimming her eyes. The crowd awed. "You will never learn Frexpar Thropp. Never."

"DONE!" Glinda said "She still looks as ugly as she did before but... Oh... wait... what's going on?"

Frex stomped over to Mudd and slapped her across the cheek. The crowd gasped.

Mudd cackled. "Feel better?"

"Yes I do!" Frex fumed.

"Great! 'Cause so do I!" Mudd retorted, punching Frex in the face. Her bun had come undone and there were pieces of hair sticking to her face. The cheek that Frex slapped had a bright red hand-print on it. Frex now had a bloody nose and a bloody lip.

"STOP!" Elphaba roared, her magic pulling the two apart before things could get real. But Frex resisted the magic, ran over and punched Mudd right back. Her nose was now broken.

"I SAID STOP!" Elphaba screamed, shoving Frex away with her magic. Everyone was more concerned about Mudd than about Frex.

"I'll take her out back." Melena said.

"I'll come!" Elphaba said.

Out back...

"That big fat pain in the ass..." Mudd grumbled, leaning on the wall outside, wiping the blood from her nose. "Bastard... If only I had a sword..."

"I'd have to agree with you on that one!" Elphaba chuckled.

"Elphaba!" Melena scolded, looking horrified.

"What? Its true!" Elphaba shrugged, defending herself.

"Tell Glinda to end today's episode. Oh! And i forgot! Elphie you have to take a selfie with your friends and Fifi needs to burn a pair of his tight white pants. BONFIRE TIME!" Mudd continued from the episode.

"I'll make sure to do that." Elphaba replied.

"And guys, thank you. For taking me outside before I punched the crap out of Frex. Every bone in his body would've been broken. Oh i just wanna see him crippled on the floor!"

"Dude, a bit too violent, don't you think?" Someone said from the door. Fiyero was standing in the door frame.

"How long were you there?" Elphaba asked alarmed (she was worried that he had heard that he had had to burn his tight white pants).

"OH!" Mudd yelled at Fiyero. "We still need to talk! Now sit. Now. Close the door behind you and then sit."

Fiyero hesitated, but complied.

"Now," Mudd started, poofing up a copy of the book Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West for Melena, Elphaba, and Fiyero. "Now read this chapter." She made the pages flip to Part 3 Chapter 1. "What are you waiting for? Read! Now!"


"Alright that's it for today's episode!" Glinda said cheerfully. "Mudd was right! The Fish does look even uglier in the stuff I chose out for her! See you next time! BYE BYE!"

I would like to thank Doglover645.