"Okay! Biq is now back alive (unfortunately...)" Mudd grimaced.

"What did you say?" The tin man sassed.

"NOBODY. SASSES ME. ON MY STAGE." Mudd replied, dangerously quiet.

Everything went silent. Not moving a muscle for fear of Mudd lashing out on them.

Mudd had changed out of her Regina costume and (was still green but) wearing a pair of black sweatpants and a black tank top. She had a red and white flannel shirt tied around her waist. She had an It Shoulda Been You sweatshirt in her chair as well as the gun and holster on her desk. She was barefoot and had bags under her eyes. She had obviously hadn't had a lot of sleep.

"Okay. So I'm going to introduce you to my fiance." She slurred tiredly.

"Are you okay?" Elphaba asked, getting up out of her chair and helping Mudd into her own.


"What happened?"

"You don't wanna know."

"Okay... but if you wanna tell me, tell me okay?"

"Alright." Mudd mumbled. "Now without further adieu, let me introduce you to my... umm... uhhh.. person!"

She popped up a well dressed man with a half mask.

"Qu'est-ce qui se passe ici?" The man wondered. "Une minute je suis à Paris la prochaine , je suis sur une scène étrange dans Dieu seul sait où!"

"Ohhh... Whoops..." Mudd mutters.

"What's he saying?" Dr. Dillamond whispers to Mudd.

"He's speaking French." She whispers back

"Yes but what's he saying?" Chistery mutters to her.

"Erik . Je veux vous présenter ous à certains de mes amis. Certains d'entre eux ne sont pas mes amis, mais il ne faut pas entrer dans des détails techniques. Ok?" She says to the man.

"Comment savez-vous mon nom ? Qui êtes-vous?" The man replies, reaching for his Punjab lasso.

"Sh!t... Wrong Erik... Désolé!" She yells and pops him back to Paris.

"What the hell?" Frex yells.

"Shut up!" Elphaba snapps.

"Damnit man! I was sure I had locked onto the original one... Hmmm..." Mudd mutters.

She snaps her fingers again and suddenly a well dressed skinny man pops onstage but this time with a full face mask.

"Okay." Mudd says, getting up to go to the man. "Now THIS is my Erik."

"Hello." He replies, kissing Mudd on the head.

"He is really tall..." Glinda mutters...

"I know." Mudd says. "That's what I like about him!" With those words, she passes out right into his arms.


"Okay!" Mudd yells, umping up and startling everyone. "Let's get to work! Does anyone have any questions for Erik?"

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Frex yells, stomps up to her and slaps her across the cheek.

"Hurt her one more time and Erik will kill you!" Erik yells. And seconds after Frex slaps Mudd, Erik has his Punjab lasso around his neck, ready to snap it.

In the process of all that, Erik's mask had fallen off. The pieces of porcelain in it scattered across the floor and skidded away from him.

Immediately Erik let go of Frex and hurried to Mudd and buried his face into her hair.

"Mademoiselle... Pourquoi moi aimez-vous? Ce visage hideux... Comment pouvez-vous aimer? Il est un fardeau terrible."Erik cried into her hair.

"Give us a minute." She whispered to Elphaba to tell the rest of the people.

"Alright." She replied. "Guys, we have to give Mudd a minute here. Return to your respective chairs and put up the sound proof class cases. She won't hear us and we can't hear her." They followed her directions. Elphaba was the last one in her chair. Mudd nodded a thank you when Elpahaba was in her chair.

"Votre visage est pas hideux, Erik. J'adore. Vous vous demandez pourquoi. Pourquoi le ferais-je pas? Je crois qu'il est beau. Et je me moque de ce que pensent les autres à ce sujet. Il est beau pour moi et je crois que ce est tout ce qui compte."

"Merci mon ange."

"De rien. Vous serez toujours les bienvenus mon ange de la musique." Mudd replied. She then kissed his skeletal unmasked cheek. She pulled out her phone and started a group text that said, "You can all come out now. We figured it out." Everyone had gotten the text besides the Wizard, Madame Morrible, and Frex.

All right. That was the end of the episode. Because I didn't get any new replies, dares, or anything, no one co-hosted today. I will make sure you guys get an episode every week. With Erik. See you next week!"

And with that, the episode ended.

So sorry for the late response. I will also translate the French right now.

Erik: What is going on here?

Me: Erik. I want to introduce ou to some of my friends. Some of them are not my friends but let's not get into technicalities. Okay?

Erik: How do you know my name? Who are you?

Me: Sorry!

Erik: Mademoiselle... Why do you love me? This hideous face... How can you love it? It's a horrific burden.

Me: Your face isn't hideous, Erik. I adore it. You wonder why. Why wouldn't I? I believe it's beautiful. And I don't care what other people think about it. It's beautiful to me and I believe that is all that matters.

Erik: Thank you my angel.

Me: You're welcome. You will always be welcome my angel of music.

Love y'all! I'll try and update tomorrow! Or today! :)