A/N: I might as well just not promise anymore updates lol. I have to say when i thought of this story idea it was originally for a One Direction Fanfic (go Larry woohoo!) but i just kept picturing Cody and Sierra in the situation too much so here we are. I'm hopeful to actually finish this one seeing as how much I've actually written for it I think I have about 2 more chapters written so far. Starts off a little slow and short while I am developing some characters a bit. Sierra is slightly out of character in this fic btw and there is one Original character but she doesn't have a huge part in this. Anyway love and kisses, I missed ya bitches (: ~CompleteValidations

"Please. Just please let him go. You can do whatever you want to me I don't care anymore but, Cody, he hasn't done anything wrong. He never hurt you." she pleaded and bargained. She didn't even know why she tried anymore. No one at school liked her, but they didn't know a thing about her. Nobody did, because none of them would ever understand.

5 days earlier

"Sierra hurry up and get dressed, you're gonna be late for school!" Her mother yelled from downstairs. Sierra rubbed her sleep heavy eyes and yawned as she stretched. She went to her closet and pulled out her same yellow tube top and jeans. She did her same morning routine of taking a shower, kissing her Cody background screen on her computer, brushing her teeth, updating her blog, getting dressed, and eating her usual breakfast of a piece of bacon and some orange juice. Not that any of it was important. She might as well not get out of bed in the morning if all she has to look forward to everyday is getting yelled and laughed at, but she endured all of it if it meant she could get away from her house for 8 hours a day. She got on her motor bike and rode to school.

"Hi Izzy." Sierra greeted her only friend with a smile, she remembers the day she met Izzy perfectly. How Izzy bit the teachers hand when she tried to stop Izzy from pelting Noah with macaroni noodles, and how she handed Sierra some of the noodles and told her "You're either with me or you're against me!" Sierra joined in not only out of fear but, because Izzy was the only person who had talked to her on her first day at her new elementary school.
"Can't talk now, I'm trying to figure out if I can fit Noah and I in my locker." She said shoving herself leg first into her locker with Noah already cramped into it, a pained look on his face.
"Agghh! You're stepping on my kidneys!" He yelled as she shoved her other foot in. Sierra chuckled and said goodbye before jogging to her own locker. The bell rang as she pulled out her textbook for class. As she was about to close her locker she was roughly shoved and hit her head against it.
"Watch where you're going loser" Heather, aka everyone's worst nightmare (more of a "oh no it's heather everyone run, than a "oh no it's heather we better do what she says" kinda way.) said laughing as Lindsay, Dakota, and Beth trailed behind her.
Sierra only sighed and picked up her books, running into her class before she was late. And ah there he was, the main reason she even showed up to school in the first place. Cody Anderson. Now Cody wasn't the most strong, or attractive, or popular, or... let's just say he wasn't much, but to Sierra he was everything, and yeah she was maybe a little carried away with the crush she had on him but, it was all with good intentions. He sat making goo-goo eyes at Gwen. Some girl Sierra really didn't care for seeing as how it was very obvious Gwen did not like Cody more than an annoying little brother.
"Cody, for the last time no, I will not go to homecoming with you." Gwen said annoyed.
"Come on babe, it'll be fun we can dance, and get to know each other, and we can take it from there." He countered, attempting to be charming.
"First of all, I don't dance, second I know enough about you to last me a lifetime, and third gross. I'm sure you can find someone else to go with you, like Sierra." Gwen suggested.
At the sound of her name Sierra looked up from her phone where she was, of course, blogging again.
"Huh?" She asked confused.
Cody's eyes widened.
"Uh nothing! Nothing at all. She didn't say Sierra she said uh, Sahara, like the desert!" Cody said frantically.
"Oh." Sierra said disappointed. She went back to looking at her phone a sad look on her face.
"Whew, that was a close one. So anyway-"
"Mr. Anderson, from how much you've been talking back there I can only assume you know the answer to all 8 problems." The teacher said with a fake smile. stopped what she was doing and stuck her hand out as to suggest that Cody could write the answers on the board.
"Uh no m'am" Cody said as he turned red and sunk lower into his chair, while the rest of the class snickered.
"Then I suggest you pay attention. Instead of listening to Gwen tell you no for the 5th time today." The teacher said angrily. The class erupted in laughter and Cody, if it was even possible, turned even more red.
"Um, excuse me but you haven't even assigned 8 questions, you've only written down 5." Sierra corrected if anything to take the attention off of Cody.
The teacher now had her turn to be embarrassed.
"Ahem. Shall we continue?"

As class ended Sierra grabbed her bag and glanced at Cody one last time before wiping a tear from her eye, honestly she had no idea why he hated her. When he asked she would give him answers to the test, she would carry his books to his class for him, she would wait in line in the cafeteria to buy Cody's lunch, she gives him rides home. She does so much for him and he doesn't even really say thank you so if anything Sierra should be the one to not like him. But obviously that wasn't the case. She was far too into the fact that he was cute and nerdy and kind (not to her but she's seen him be nice to others) and funny. She was honestly surprised that she didn't have any competition, not that it was a game of course.

The school day finally ended and Sierra went home to get dressed for work. And it's not that she hated her job, she loved it, she just hated the people she had to deal with for her job. Sierra was a bit tech savvy, she worked as a secretary for the doctors office downtown. She constantly dealt with annoyed parents, angry old people, and crying children on a daily basis, but it was all worth it.

The one thing Sierra hated more than school was home. Neither of her parents could pay attention to her long enough to realize if she was hungry or of she was ok, and the attention she did get from them was not attention she wanted. Like her mother pestering her and telling her she should be more like their neighbor Courtney who constantly had straight a's and was at the top of the class and was class president. Courtney was everything Sierra wasn't. Stunningly gorgeous, extremely intelligent, sophisticated, sane... the list goes on. Or her father telling her to stop obsessing over boys and telling her to be useful and the verbal abuse she constantly got from both of them could be the only explanation as to why she isn't very socially skilled. Sierra entered her room, completed her homework, but the last thing she did before she went to bed that night was something no one knew about. And she hoped they never found out.