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3 Days Earlier-

In perspective, promising the one guy you've been nuts about since the 7th grade that you won't lose your shit when he asks you to homecoming and at said dance he decides it's a good idea to go make out with the same goth chick that shot him down repeatedly for years who needed a rebound from her fresh breakup, was probably NOT a good idea. Sierra's never been one to make promises she can't keep but, how could she say no? But who could've predicted he would ditch her the moment Gwen was available- Oh wait, that's right. Anyone and Everyone. Except Sierra.

Sierra turned around in what felt like slow motion as she heard a table crash and saw the love of her life, and the girl he had been pining after since forever, making out disgustingly and on everything. He would attempt to lift her and fail resulting in Gwen falling on different tables and chairs each of them breaking from the force of the falling weight of two people [1]. Sierra felt sick to her stomach and felt a rage come over her that never existed so prominently in her head. Something inside her snapped and she found herself storming out of the gymnasium.

Sierra ran down the hallways and past a door to the roof. She stopped in her tracks and eyed the door knowing well enough that going onto a roof depressed, alone, and now on top heart shatteringly angry, has never ended well. Sierra scanned up and down the hall making sure no one was coming before opening the door to the stairway.

It was like someone who jabs the button of elevators over and over when they don't work. It was like when that elevator is sent into a frenzy of confusion and collapses, falling just about 11 stories to the concrete floor.

"Fuck the plan." She muttered to herself. She dialed her sister's number as she sat on the ledge of the school roof and pulled the bottle of vodka the principal and the head cafeteria chef must come up there to drink. Sierra opened it and chugged it back. The warmness in her throat calmed her and she sat back down on the ledge her body wavering side to side. She threw the bottle behind her just as her sister picked up the phone.

"Hey big sister how's the dance going? That Cody kid try grinding on you yet?" Deylanie joked and giggled at the idea of her almost 6 foot sister dancing in such a way with the scrawny nerd.

"No but, I'm about 70% sure he and Gwen are doing the fucking horizontal mambo in the middle of the dance floor by now." Sierra angrily spat her words.

"Jesus fucking christ. I'll be there to pick you up in like 10 minutes don't do anything stupid." Deylanie ended the call and grabbed her pants to put on and her car keys. Sierra stood up from the ledge lazily and stepped down, tonight was not the night. She took the stairs down from the roof stumbling over her own feet. Sierra used the lockers in the hallway to support herself up but, didn't make it all that far before she felt sorrow take over and began collapsing to the floor. People walked past her unfazed proving to her yet again that the world could live without her here. Just as Sierra was about to pick herself up Heather stormed out of the dance hall looking around.

"You! You bitch! You're the one who told Lindsay to tell me off. I swear on my life I will make your pathetic life even more miserable for telling her to embarrass me like that. Got it? You're fucking dead!" Heather raged at her spit flying out with almost every other word. When Heather began walking away, Sierra let her drunk courage get the best of her.

"Hey Heather I have some advice for you." Sierra called to her. Heather folded her arms and leaned down into her face.

"Oh yeah and what is that?" She said snarkily.

"Say it, don't spray it bitch." Sierra laughed at her own joke as Heather once again began storming down the hallway. She leaned back against the wall feeling herself begin to pass out.

"Christ, there you are. Let's go big sis being back here is so not good for my energy and I swear to god if I run into that psycho teacher I will commit." Deylanie ranted as she helped to walk Sierra out of the school and into her car. The ride home was silent and she felt sick, but part of her couldn't tell if it was from the vodka or from the heartbreak.

"I can't believe that kid, I don't understand why you put up with all his shit. You know, I could set you up with a bunch of other guys what's your type scrawny nerds?" Deylanie lightly teased pulling into the driveway of a slightly run down house. "Get up sleepy head I've gotta take care of some business."

Deylanie dragged her half drunk sister to the doorstep and knocked on the door.

"There she is, my favorite customer! Oh you brought her, I was hoping to get lucky tonight." A familiar voice rang in her ears. Duncan. He was supposed to be with Gwen, at the dance, none of this would be happening if he was there with Gwen.

"Aren't you supposed to be with Gwen right now?" Sierra slurred out her words tying together.

"Nah I'm done with her. She wants to get back with Trent because he's "respectful" and "trustworthy" and "doesn't sell drugs"-

"He's a bore but, dudes got a massive dick I was surprised she broke up with him in the first place." Deylanie remarked smiling to herself at the thought of their last rendezvous. Duncan rolled his eyes at the fact that he'd slept with another girl that Trent had slept with.

Sierra sat down on the couch slowly sobering up enough to realize why her sister was here.

"How much weed you picking up this time?" Duncan asked her pulling out his stash.

"Eh, I only need a few grams."

"I got you. You getting anything fangirl or you had enough for the night?" Duncan chuckled to himself as Sierra groaned from the headache already forming.

"You know why not? The rest of my life is going down hill, might as well speed it up." Sierra pulled a 20 dollar bill out of her bra and handed it out to Duncan. He raised his unibrow uncertain of what he'd just done but, shrugged taking the money and handing her a tiny zip locked bag with a small green clump in it.

"So what do I do with this like how does it work?" Sierra asked confused inspecting it up close. Duncan hit his palm to his forehead and looked to her now seemingly disappointed sister. Deylanie reached into her pocket and pulled out what looked like a little glass cooking pot. Deylanie took out one of her "small green clumps" and placed it in the hole and handed it to me.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" Deylanie asked concerned as to why her sister was so for it after months of her trying to smoke with her.

"I'm sure. I need a change and whether this is it or not, tonight's the night that I find out." Sierra shrugged her shoulders.

"Ok well if you're gonna be smoking you're gonna need to know what all this shits called. "Tiny cooking pot? Just call it a piece. The small green clump Duncan handed you is a "nug"[2], and Duncan's your new connect alright? You need anything you go to him or you ask me to get it for you." Deylanie explained thoroughly. She handed her sister the lighter and nodded signaling that she could try it out.

Sierra felt a bit of excitement rush through her as she held the piece to her mouth and lit the nug with the lighter [3] and inhaling deeply. Sierra only lasted a second before the smoke became too much for her lungs and she began coughing wildly. Deylanie and Duncan laughed with each other at the newbie in front of them. They began reminiscing over the time they had stolen a school golf cart together [4] until Deylanie felt she should get her sister home.

"Alright coughy we'll try this another time when I have my kit, I'll catch you next week Duncan."

"Later kids! Hey tell your sister she's in my good book when she's sober again." Duncan admitted, letting them show themselves out and proceeding to hide his stash again.

Sierra lazily waved goodbye to the bad boy and walked out the front door to her sister's car. She'd make sure to check off more things for her plan when she got home, and she'd make sure to move Duncan onto a different list of people.

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[1]: This is a reference to a movie clip I saw online a few weeks ago and I can't, for the life of me, figure out what the title was.

[2]: Not sure what it's called anywhere else but, where I live everyone calls it a nug so ¯\_()_/¯

[3]: The actual process kiddos! Don't do drugs! Or if you do, have a designated someone (ex: driver, guide) lol.

[4]: True story, I did this just last week with my best friend and it was honestly the most fun experience I'd ever had in my life. High School was made to be remembered am I right?

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