Hello and thanks for all the review I got even if it was only a few, it still means something, now this is Shakespeare's Code and is in two parts because i wanted it to be in two parts. Also I didn't put a disclaimer in the first chapter but here it is in the second chapter. I don't own anything besides my OC Harmony Turner. Now on with the story.


"Oh, Doctor, Doctor, I think she is waking up" I heard someone say while slowly opening my eyes.

"Ouch, what happened" I muttered slowly blinking my eyes trying to adjust to the new lighting.

"I don't know, you tell me you are the one who appeared unconscious right as you got here, what did you just do?" I heard another voice, which caused me to jerk up and look at who was talking.

"So, definitely not a dream," I groaned and laid back down, closing my eyes again.

"What do you mean dream, Doctor what does she mean?" the woman spoke again.

"Hush, Harmony how many times have you met me?" the Doctor asked me quietly, and stroked my cheek.

"Um, by meet this version of you, this is the first time, and the second time meeting you actully, but that was in your future." I said opening my eyes to look at him.

"Well then, this is normal for you being early in your timeline" he said out loud.

"By normal you mean I am constantly going to pass out each time I move to another part of your time line?" I said sitting up slowly with help from Martha.

"Yes, exactly that, now I was just going to give Martha a quick trip in the TARDIS, and one trip only. Outside that door, is a brave new world." the Doctor said.

"Wait brave new….oh now I know where we are, you go do that, I'm going to go change into something more acceptable for this time period." I said to him and started to walk away. "Um, actully where is the wardrobe?" I turned and asked the Doctor.

"Just ask the TARDIS to lead you there, since she always listens to you for some reason" the Doctor told me as they walked out the door.

"Right, ask the TARDIS, so what do you say Sexy are you gonna help me out and show me where the wardrobe is?" I asked the ceiling.


As soon as I was finished changing I ran out of the Tardis in a Tardis blue dress that fit the time period, and went looking for the Doctor and Martha.

"Oh, but hold on. Am I all right? I'm not going to get carted off as a slave, am i?" I heard Martha say.

"Why would they do that?" the Doctor replied as I walked up to them.

"Not exactly white, in case you haven't noticed." Martha said to him gesturing at herself

"Oi, quit being rude, Rude-boy" I say as I hit the back of his head.

"I'm not even human. Just walk like you own the place works for me and Harmony every time. Besides, you'd be surprised Elizabethan England, not so different from your time. Look over there. They've got recycling. Rude-boy?" the Doctor says while turning to me and pointing to a man shoveling manure into a bucket. "What makes you say that? "

"Well you're being rude and you are a boy basically, so hence the name Rude-boy, it's better than calling you something like Sandshoes, or foxy, it sounds right. Also water cooler moment" I said to them, pointing to two men talking at a water barrel.

"And the world will be consumed by flame." a preacher yells to some people

"Global warming. Oh, yes, and entertainment. Popular entertainment for the masses. If I'm right, we're just down the river by Southwark, right next to.." he trails off.

The Doctor grabs my hand and gestures to Martha to follow us to run along from the south end of old London Bridge, past St Mary Ovarie - Southwark Cathedral - to a view of

"Oh, yes, the Globe Theatre! Brand new. Just opened. Through, strictly speaking, it's not a globe, it's a tetradecagon. Fourteen sides. Containing the man himself." he finishes talking and turns to me and Martha.

"Whoa, you don't' mean. Is Shakespeare in there?" Martha states with a sound of awe in her voice.

"Oh, yes. Miss. Jones, Miss. Turner will you accompany me to the theatre?" the Doctor asks while holding his arms out to each of us.

"Yes, of course I will, wouldn't miss a chance to see Shakespeare in the flesh now would i?" I joke at the Doctor while grabbing his arm.

"Mister Smith, I will," Martha tell him grabbing his arm.

"When you get home, you can tell everyone you've seen Shakespeare" the Doctor tells Martha as we start walking toward the Globe Theatre.

"Then I could get sectioned." Martha says causing all three of us to laugh.


"That's amazing! Just amazing. It's worth putting up with the smell. And those are men dressed as women, yeah?" Martha said to the Doctor and me.

"London never changes" I said to her with a laugh.

"Where's Shakespeare? I want to see Shakespeare." Martha said, "Author! Author!" she stopped mid-sentence. "Do people shout that? Do they shout Author?" she asks the Doctor.

"Author! Author!" yells a man next to us who must have herd Martha say it, which causes the whole audience to start chanting it as well.

"Well, they do now" the Doctor states and joins in.

"He is a bit different from his portraits," Martha says once Shakespeare comes onto the stage only to get a rapturous applause.

"Genius. He's a genius. The genius. The most human human there's ever been. Now we're going to hear him speak. Always he chooses the best words. New, beautiful, brilliant words." the Doctor says in awe.

"Ah, shut your big fat mouths!" Shakespeare says to the audience.

"Oh well" the Doctor sighs

"You should never meet your heroes, they tend to not be like how you picture them, except for you, Doctor, you are exactly like how I pictured you" I tell him slightly blushing when he give me a smile.

"see I knew you liked this face better than the others, it's the hair isn't it, I do have awesome hair, though yours is way better it is ginger." he states looking and me and playing with my hair as I bat his hand away.

"Don't touch the hair and pay attention it seems Shakespeare has something else to say" I tell him pointing at Shakespeare.

"I know what you're all saying. Loves Labour's Lost, that's a funny ending, isn't it? It just stops. Will the boys get the girls? Well, don't get your hose in a tangle, you'll find out soon. Yeah, yeah. All in good time. You don't rush a genius." Shakespeare says. "When? Tomorrow night. The premiere of my brand new play. A sequel, no less, and I call it Loves Labour's Won."

"I'm not an expert, but I've never heard of Loves Labour's Won." Martha states after everyone is out of the theatre.

"Exactly. The lost play. It doesn't exist, only in rumours. It's mentioned in lists of his plays but never ever turns up. And no one knows why. Well that is except Harmony she tends to know the impossible and what is going to happen, so are you going to tell us or do we have to figure it out?" the Doctor asks me.

"Oh no I am so not going to tell you it would spoil everything, plus that would make this no fun at all" I tell him grinning.

"Have you got a mini-disc or something? We can tape it. We can flog it. Sell it when we get home and make a mint." Martha asks us.

"No" I say automatically, "Absolutely not"

"That would be bad." Martha says.

"Yeah, Yeah." the Doctor tells her.

"Well, how come it disappeared in the first place?" Martha asks.

"Good question Martha, what do you say Doctor want to check it out?" I ask him with a smirk.

"Well, I was just going to give you a quick little trip in the Tardis, but I suppose we could stay a bit longer" the Doctor says as we start walking.


We walk until we get to The Elephant where Shakespeare was staying. As we walk in we say Shakespeare talking to some people.

"I've just got the final scene to go. You'll get it by morning." Shakespeare tells the person next to him.

The Doctor walks up to him and starts talking to him "Hello! Excuse me, not interrupting, am I? Mister Shakespeare, isn't it?"

"Oh, no. No, no, no. Who let you in? No autographs. No, you can't have yourself sketched with me. And please don't ask where I get my ideas from. Thanks for the interest. Now be a good boy and shove" Shakespeare responds, then turns and sees Martha. "Hey, nonny nonny. Sit right down here next to me. You two get sewing on them costumes. Off you go." he tells the people he was talking to.

"Come on lads. I think our William's found his new muse." Dolly I think her name was tells them and they leave.

"Sweet lady. Such unusual clothes. So fitted." Shakespeare says trying to flirt with Martha, making me giggle a little until he spots me and looks me up and down. "You as well come sit here he pats to the other side of him and I go to sit next to him when the Doctor snakes his arms around my waist and pulls me next to him.

"I would rather you not sit near him" he says into my ear and looks at Shakespeare with a glare on his face.

"Stop glaring at him darling, it isn't nice to do that" I mutter to him lightly poking his arms around me.

"Er, verily, forsooth, egads" Martha asks more than talks.

"No, no, don't do that. Don't" the Doctor tells her. Then shows Shakespeare his psychic paper, "I'm Sir Doctor of Tardis, my wife Lady Harmony of Tardis, and this is our companion, Miss Martha Jones"

"Interesting, that bit of paper. It's blank." Shakespeare says to the Doctor pointing at the psychic paper.

"Oh, that's very clever. That proves it. Absolute genius." the Doctor grins like a madman, oh wait nope that's just his normal grin, he already is a madman in a box that is bigger on the inside right.

"No, it says so right there. Sir Doctor, Lady Harmony, Martha Jones. It says so." Martha says pointing at the paper.

"And I say it's blank" Shakespeare says

"Psychic paper. Er, long story. Oh, I hate starting from scratch." the Doctor says looking at me for help.

"No, you got us into this mess, you are going to get us out." I tell him looking back at Shakespeare

"Psychic? Never heard that before and words are my trade. Who are you exactly? More's the point, who is your delicious blackamoor lady?" Shakespeare says looking at Martha

" What did you say?" Martha asks her mouth opening making an 'o' shape

" Oops. Isn't that a word we use nowadays? An Ethiop girl? A swarth? A Queen of Afric?" he says looking at her

" I can't believe I'm hearing this." she mutters

" It's political correctness gone mad. Er, Martha's from a far-off land. Freedonia." the Doctor tells him.

Just as he is about to reply a man I think his name was Lynley, in expensive clothes and wearing a gold chain of office enters and yells at Shakespeare "Excuse me! Hold hard a moment. This is abominable behaviour. A new play with no warning? I demand to see a script, Mister Shakespeare. As Master of the Revels, every new script must be registered at my office and examined by me before it can be performed"

"Tomorrow morning, first thing, I'll send it round." Shakespeare waves him off like it is normal.

"I don't work to your schedule, you work to mine. The script, now!" Lynley yells

"I can't" Shakespeare says.

"Then tomorrow's performance is cancelled." Lynley says dramatically, and I notice Lilith leaving remembering that she is one of three that have caused this a Carrionite I think was the name of her species.

"Drama Queen" I mutter to the Doctor making him chuckle, which causes me to smile at him.

"It's all go around here, isn't it?" Martha says

"I'm returning to my office for a banning order. If it's the last thing I do, Love's Labours Won will never be played." Lynley says then turns and leaves down the stairs.

"Well then, mystery solved. That's Love's Labours Won over and done with. Thought it might be something more, you know, more mysterious." Martha says looking at us, but before we can respond a man's scream comes from the street, then a woman's. The four of us rush out to investigate.

"Help me!" a woman screams.

Lynley staggers back in, spewing copious amounts of water.

" It's that Lynley bloke." Martha states.

"What's wrong with him? Leave it to me. I'm a doctor, and she is too grabbing my hand and pulling me with him." the Doctor says

" So am I, near enough" Martha says and follows

Out of the corner of my eye I see Lilith taking the doll out of the water and mouths something then stabs the doll with a pin and pulls the head off the doll. I try to send a glare to her but I didn't think she saw it.

Lynley collapses and Martha tries to help him "Got to get the heart going. Mister Lynley, come on. Can you hear me? You're going to be all right." Martha then starts to clear Lynley's airways for CPR, and water gushes out. "What the hell is that?"

" I've never seen a death like it. His lungs are full of water. He drowned and then, I don't know, like a blow to the heart, an invisible blow. Though you know what is going on don't you" he asks looking up at me as I nod to him trying not to glance at Lilith who was on a balcony.

"Good mistress, this poor fellow has died from a sudden imbalance of the humours. A natural if unfortunate demise. Call a constable and have him taken away." he says

"Yes, sir." Dolly says to him

"I'll do it, ma'am." Lilith says to her as I try not to glare at her as she smiles while leaving

" And why are you telling them that?"

"This lot still have got one foot in the Dark Ages. If he tell them the truth, they'll panic and think it was witchcraft." I tell her

" Okay, what was it then?" she asks

"Witchcraft." the Doctor and I tell her.


I got you a room, Sir Doctor. You, your wife. and Miss Jones are just across the landing." Dolly tells us and I nod at her smiling as a thanks, and she smiles back.

" Poor Lynley. So many strange events. Not least of all, this land of Freedonia where a woman can be a doctor?" Shakespeare asks

"Where a woman can do what she likes." Martha tells him

"And you, Sir Doctor. How can a man so young have eyes so old?" he asks the Doctor.

" I do a lot of reading." he states and looks away.

" A trite reply. Yeah, that's what I'd do. And you? You look at him like you're surprised he exists. He's as much of a puzzle to you as he is to me. " he says to Martha then looks at me "Same with you it's like you are surprised he exists, but you have knowledge on things that you can't even imagine you would like to know." he tells me

" I think we should say goodnight." Martha says to him and looks over at me and the Doctor as she leaves.

"I must work. I have a play to complete. But I'll get my answers tomorrow, Doctor, and I'll discover more about you and why this constant performance of yours." Shakespeare says

" All the world's a stage." I say before the Doctor can and the Doctor looks at me then shakes his head wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

" Hmm. I might use that. Goodnight, Doctor, Harmony" Shakespeare says

" Nighty night, Shakespeare." me and the Doctor say.


As we walk in I see Martha is holding a candle and looks at us. "It's not exactly five star, is it?" she jokes

" Oh, it'll do. We've seen worse." the Doctor gestures to me and him.

"Well you have, I haven't even done anything but this so far, so you can't way that, plus you are horrible at keeping things a secret from me." I sass at him

"I haven't even got a toothbrush." she says

" Oh. Er." the Doctor fumbles around his pockets and finds one "Contains Venusian spearmint." he tells her handing one to her.

"So, who's going where? I mean, there's only one bed." she states

"Yeah, and he is the one sleeping on the floor, we get to share a bed Martha" I tell her throwing her a wink.

" No, I am not sleeping on the floor plus we'll manage. Come on." the Doctor says and grabs my hand leading me to the bed.

"If you wanted to get me into bed all you had to do was ask, you didn't have to bring me to here to get me Doctor" I joke at him and sit on the bed, but he frowns and turns to Martha.

" So, magic and stuff. That's a surprise. It's all a little bit Harry Potter."

"Wait till you read book seven. Oh, I cried." he says

"Are you kidding, I was bawling, as I was when the film came out, so sad hated to see her kill off those characters…." I started rambling but the Doctor covers my mouth.

"Now, now no spoiling it for someone who can't read it yet" he tells me and I glare at him his hand still on my mouth

"But is it real, though? I mean, witches, black magic and all that, it's real?" Martha asks.

" Course it isn't! Ouch! What did you do that for, I would have moved it you didn't have to bite my hand." he says then yells at me as I grin up at him.

"Your hand doesn't belong near my mouth, learn that and we will be fine" I tell him and look back at Martha.

"Well, how am I supposed to know? I've only just started believing in time travel. Give me a break." Martha states.

"Looks like witchcraft, but it isn't. Can't be. Are you going to stand there all night?" he asks Martha as he gets into bed and pulls me to his chest.

" Budge up a bit, then. Sorry, there's not much room. Us three here, same bed. Tongues will wag."

" There's such a thing as psychic energy, but a human couldn't channel it like that. Not without a generator the size of Taunton and I think we'd have spotted that. No, there's something I'm missing, Martha. Something really close, staring me right in the face and I can't see it. Rose'd know. A friend of ours, Rose. Right now, she'd say exactly the right thing. Still, can't be helped. You're a novice, never mind. I'll take you back home tomorrow." the Doctor rambles and I lightly poke him.

"Rude Boy, just shut up and go to sleep." I mutter to him snuggling into his chest more. "And quit moving you're warm and comfortable."

" Great." Martha says sarcastically and blows out the candle


We didn't get much sleep because someone screamed casing both the Doctor and Martha to jump out of bed which resulted in me being on the floor.

"What the hell, can't I just sleep?" I mutter rubbing my eyes and following them out.

"What? What was that?" I hear Shakespeare say and I see that Dolly has collapsed and Martha has gone to the window and sees something"

" Her heart gave out. She died of fright." the Doctor tells him

" Doctor?" Martha says.

" What did you see?"

" A witch, she saw a witch." I tell him looking at her.


"Oh, sweet Dolly Bailey. She sat out three bouts of the plague in this place when we all ran like rats. But what could have scared her so? She had such enormous spirit. " Shakespeare says

" Rage, rage against the dying of the light." the Doctor says.

" I might use that." Shakespeare says to the Doctor

" You can't. It's someone else's." I say

" But the thing is, Lynley drowned on dry land, Dolly died of fright, and they were both connected to you." Martha states

" You're accusing me?"

" No, but I saw a witch, big as you like, flying, cackling away, and you've written about witches." she says

" I have? When was that?"

" Not, not quite yet." I say to her.

" Peter Streete spoke of witches." he says.

" Who's Peter Streete?"

"He is the builder. He sketched the plans to the Globe." I tell her and look at Shakespeare who nods at me.

" The architect. Hold on. The architect! The architect! The Globe! Come on!" the Doctor yells and grabs my hand.