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We had returned to the oval room Nixon, the Doctor and I leaving the Tardis to lead Nixon out back to the Oval room.

"You have to tape everything that happens in this office. Every word, or you won't know if you're under the influence." the Doctor says telling Nixon on what he needed to do.

"Doctor, you have to give me more than this. What were you two doing to Apollo 11?" Nixon asks us and we shake our head because we couldn't tell him the exact detail on what we had to do.

"Thing. A clever thing. Now, no more questions." the Doctor says

"You have to trust us and nobody else." I say finishing the Doctor's sentence just as River pops out of the Tardis with the telephone.

"Doctor, Harmony it's Canton. Quick, he needs us."


We had gotten to the orphanage that we needed to go and were racing up the stairs just as Canton was talking.

"Amy! Amy, can you hear me? Amy, I'm going to try to blow the lock. I need you to stand back." we here Canton say just as we make it to where they were or well just where Canton was, as Amy wasn't there anymore.

"Okay, gun down. I've got it." the Doctor yells out and uses his sonic to get the door unlocked.

"Amy, we're here. Are you okay?" Rory says in a panic.

'I can't see.'

The door was opened and they all rush in but I don't before looking back remembering the little girl was back there but the Doctor soon pulled me in before I could go see if the girl was okay.

"Where is she, Doctor, Harmony?" Rory questions as the Doctor scans the spacesuit is lying on the floor and River opens up the helmet part to show it was empty.

"It's empty." River breathes out.

'It's dark. So dark. I don't know where I am. Please, can anybody hear me?'

Amy's nanorecorder is on the floor, flashing and Rory picks it up. "They took this out of her. How did they do that, Doctor? Why can I still hear her?" Rory asks as Amy sobs on the other side as I bite my lip looking away.

"Is it a recording?" River asks wanting to know as well.

The Doctor scans it with his sonic "Er, it defaults to live. This is current. Wherever she is right now, this is what she's saying." the Doctor says upset himself and I grab his hand squeezing it as Rory turns away from us to talk to her even though she couldn't hear us.

"Amy, can you hear me? We're coming for you. Wherever you are, we're coming, I swear." Rory says.

"She can't hear you. I'm so sorry. It's one way." the Doctor says squeezing my hand back in need of comfort.

"She can always hear me, Doctor. Always. Wherever she is, and she always knows that I am coming for her. Do you understand me? Always" Rory says with a determined look on his face.

'Doctor, Harmony, are you out there? Can you hear me? Doctor? Harmon? Oh, God. Please, please, Doctor, Harmony, just get me out of this.'

"They're coming. I'll bring them, I swear." Rory promises to Amy even though he knew she couldn't hear him.

"Hello? Is somebody there? I think someone has been shot. I think we should help. We c." Renfrew says then stops forgetting about the Silence that was in the room injured where Canton shot it. "I can't re. I can't remember."


We made our way to the office where the Silence was shifting as it was hurt making the Doctor walk up to it slowly and I was gripping River's arm terrified by the Silence.

"Okay. Who and what are you?" the Doctor asks softly.

"Silence, Doctor. We are the Silence And Silence will fall." the Silence answer making me grip on Rivers' arm tighten considerably making her have to forcibly remove my hand form her arm and grip it in her own hand as I squeezed it.


We had gone back to the warehouse and were examining the spacesuit with the alien's own technology.

"It's an exoskeleton. Basically, life support. There's about twenty different kinds of alien tech in here." River says as he machine keeps beeping examining it while I stood off to the side still fidgety from the Silence from earlier, they terrify me enough as it is, but the Weeping Angles will always be at the top of the fear list.

"Who was she? Why put her in here?" the Doctor asks all the questions that anyone but me had the answers to.

"You put this on, you don't even need to eat. The suit processes sunlight directly. It's got built in weaponry, and a communications system that can hack into anything." River says reading from her scanner on what it could do.

"Including the telephone network?" the Doctor asks her.

"Easily." River says because it was easy to do that.

"But why phone the President?" the Doctor asks.

"It defaults to the highest authority it can find which the President is the highest authority" I say walking up too them.

"The little girl gets frightened, the most powerful man on Earth gets a phone call. The night terrors with a hotline to the White House." River concludes after what I had said.

The Doctor licks his invitation envelope and I cringe at him doing that.

"Must you lick everything, your 10th self is worse licking things like doors and other things that are not meant to be licked!" I say to him as River looks up from what she was doing after what I had said.

"You won't learn anything from that envelope, you know." River says knowing full well he wouldn't be able to learn anything he needed to know.

"Purchased on earth. Perfectly ordinary stationery. Tardis blue. Summoned by a stranger who won't even show his face. That's a first, for me. How about you?" the Doctor says annoyed that he couldn't figure it out but wanting to know more because obviously River knew more.

"Our lives are back to front. Your future's my past. Your firsts are my lasts, and as for Harmony, it's all over the place" she says shaking her head.

"That's not really what I asked." the Doctor states as it wasn't the answer he was looking for.

"Ask something else, then." River tells him.

"What are the Silence doing, raising a child?" the Doctor asks trying to figure it out.

"Keeping her safe, even giving her independence." River starts to list off things that might be the answer to why.

"The only way to save Amy is to work out what the Silence are doing." I point out as the Doctor starts to pace.

"I know." Rory says with an annoyed look because he wanted to go save Amy now.

"And every single thing we learn about them brings us a step closer." the Doctor points out.

"Yeah, Doctor, I get it. I know." Rory says but the Doctor just kept pacing.

"Of course, it's possible she's not just any little girl." the Doctor says trying to figure out what was going on.

"Well, I'd say she's human, going by the life support software." River points out and there was room for a 'but' though.

"But?" the Doctor says wanting more information and for River to explain a bit further.

"She climbed out of this suit. Like she forced her way out. She must be incredibly strong." River says holding out a piece of the suit that was broken in half as the Doctor and I made our way back to the suit.

"Incredibly strong and running away. I like her." the Doctor says and I whack him on the arm.

"We should be trying to find her." River says wanting to find her.

"Yes, I know. But how? Anyway, I have the strangest feeling she's going to find us." the Doctor says as he turns to the TV which was playing the moon landing.

'Apollo 11, this is Houston. How do you read? Over.'

"Why does it look like a NASA spacesuit?" Rory say asking why it looked old fashioned in a way.

"Because that's what the Silence do. Think about it." the Doctor says pointing at me and I sigh but finish his thought.

"They don't make anything themselves. They don't have to. They get other life forms to do it for them so less work for them" I say shrugging.

"So they're parasites, then." River concludes and I nod slowly.

"Superparasites, standing in the shadows of human history since the very beginning. We know they can influence human behaviour any way they want. If they've been doing that on a global scale for thousands of years." the Doctor explains.

"Then what?" Rory asks.

"Then why did the human race suddenly decide to go to the Moon?" the Doctor says finishing what Rory had asked but added somethings to it.

'Ten, nine. Ignition sequence start. six, five, four…'

"Because the Silence needed a spacesuit." I point out as we watch the TV.

'One, zero. All engines running. Liftoff. We have a liftoff. Thirty two minutes past the hour, liftoff on Apollo 11'


The video that Canton had recorded via the phone had been uploaded to River's device and the Doctor was getting ready to send it so that it would interrupt the moon landing video for the few seconds it was for.

'You should kill us all on sight.'

The spacesuit glove twitches as River scans it and the Doctor and I just were watching the video.

"This suit, it seems to be repairing itself. How's it doing that? Doctor, Harmony a unit like this, would it ever be able to move without an occupant?" River asks confused on how it was doing what it was doing.

"Why?" the Doctor asks.

"Well, the little girl said the spaceman was coming to eat her. Maybe that's exactly what happened." River explains further as the Doctor walks over to Rory to go talk to him about Amy

"I'm sorry" I say softly to River and she looks up at me shaking her head.

"It's not your fault that this happened" she says back to me but I shake my head.

"River, don't play around, you know as well as I do who that little girl is, and I don't like that you have to relive this after going through it once" I say to her reaching for her hand as the Doctor and Rory talk and River glances at Rory for a second.

"I grew up with them, that was the most that I could have asked for, she will find them doing what she needs to do, it was hard, but she will manage" River says and I grab her hand squeezing it.

"Amy will be fine as well, and you know that they will both be fine, they will figure it out with a bit of pushing" I say smiling at Rory who was talking to the Doctor about Amy.


"Doctor we need to go, Amy needs us now, like right now!" I say as I grab both him and Rory to the Tardis as we needed to go get Amy.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" the Doctor questions me and I glare at him and he just holds up his hands in surrender before checking the monitor eyes going wide and racing outside as I grabbed my gun out of my boot giving Rory a 'just go with it' look and River following me in suit with her own gun out and ready.

"Oh, interesting. Very Aickman Road. I've seen one of these before. Abandoned. I wonder how that happened?" the Doctor says as Rory River and I were behind him, both me and River had out our guns out.

"Oh, well I suppose I'm about to find out. Rory, River, Harmony keep one Silent in eyeshot at all times." the Doctor says then turns around to see the Silence, "Oh, hello. Sorry, you were in the middle of something. I just had to say, though, have you seen what's on the telly? Oh, hello, Amy. Are you all right? Want to watch some television? Ah. Now, stay where you are. Because look at me, I'm confident. You want to watch that, me, when I'm confident. Oh, and this is my friend River. Nice hair, clever, has her own gun, and unlike me, she really doesn't mind shooting people. I shouldn't like that. Kind of do, a bit, plus she has a bad influence on Harmony as she has one now as well" the Doctor says rambling a bit as I roll my eyes winking at him and looking off to my side at River.

"Thank you, sweetie." River says smiling.

"Thanks Darling, just because she gave me the gun doesn't mean she taught me how to use it" I say knowing Jack had been the one to teach me how to use it.

"I know you're team players and everything, but she'll definitely kill at least the first three of you." the Doctor says and River and I correct his as we go sort of back to back but in a triangle type way.

"Well, the first seven, easily." River says.

"But I can take a few, still in the beginners, maybe now I can be an intermediate and get my reward for that" I say sending a wink to River who raises her eyebrow at me.

"Seven? Really? And only beginners?" the Doctor asks still confused about how well I was with a gun.

"Oh, eight for you, honey." River says being flirty and I laugh at how flirty we were being.

"Stop it." the Doctor says trying to get us back on track.

"Make me." River says or well more practically sort of purrs out.

"Yeah? Well, maybe I will." the Doctor says flirting back with her.

"Bet we would both love that" I say and I can see his cheeks turn a bit red.

"Is this really important flirting? Because I feel like I should be higher on the list right now." Amy says making the Doctor snap out of the three of us flirting rather than paying attention to what we needed to do.

"Yes. Right. Sorry. As I was saying, my naughty friend and wife here is going to kill the first three of you to attack, plus him behind, so maybe you want to draw lots or have a quiz." the Doctor says as Rory was trying to free Amy.

"Or maybe you could just listen a minute. Because all I really want to do is accept your total surrender and then I'll let you go in peace." the Doctor says waving his hands around and pacing around the room as both me and River had our guns poised and ready to fire when needed. "Yes, you've been interfering in human history for thousands of years. Yes, people have suffered and died, but what's the point in two hearts, if you can't be a bit forgiving, now and then? Ooo, the Silence. You guys take that seriously, don't you?" the Doctor says as he was face to face with one of the Silence then turned around

"Okay, you got me. I'm lying. I'm not really going to let you go that easily. Nice thought, but it's not Christmas." the Doctor says turning on the TV, "First, you tell me about the girl. Who is she? Why is she important? What's she for?"

'And we're getting a picture on the TV.'

"Guys, sorry, but you're way out of time." the Doctor says turning back form the Silence and clapping his hands together once "Now, come on. A bit of history for you. Aren't you proud?" the Doctor says and stretches the antenna on the TV up so the signal could get better. "Because you helped. Now, do you know how many people are watching this live on the telly? Half a billion. And that's nothing, because the human race will spread out among the stars. You just watch them fly. Billions and billions of them, for billions and billions of years, and every single one of them at some point in their lives, will look back at this man, taking that very first step, and they will never, ever forget it." the Doctor says as he taps the top of the TV as we all watch the TV.

'Okay, engine stop. ATA on the descent. Modes control both auto. Descent engine command off.'

The Doctor gets out his phone. "Oh. But don't forget this bit. Ready?" he says into the phone that had Canton on the other side.

"That's one small step for a man…" Neil Armstrong says from the moon and it gets cut off just a bit to play the Silence on the screen from earlier with Canton 'You should kill us all on sight. You should kill us all on sight. You should kill us all on sight. You should kill us all on sight.'

"You've given the order for your own execution, and the whole planet just heard you." the doctor sums it up.

'You should kill us all on sight.'

"…One giant leap for mankind."

"And one whacking great kick up the backside for the Silence. You just raised an army against yourself and now, for a thousand generations, you're going to be ordering them to destroy you every day. How fast can you run? Because today's the day the human race throw you off their planet. They won't even know they're doing it. I think, quite possibly, the word you're looking for right now is oops. Run! Guys, I mean us. Run." the Doctor yells as he goes to flee and me and River start shooting our gun as the Silence is generating its electric shock.

"I can't get her out!" Rory yells over the whole commotion.

"Go. Go." Amy yells wanting Rory to go.

"We are not leaving without you." Rory tells her.

"Look, will you just get your stupid face out of here." Amy yells at Rory.

"Run! Into the Tardis, quickly." River yells to us and the Doctor sonicks Amy free, and Rory helps her into the Tardis.

"Don't let them build to full power." the Doctor yells at us.

"I know. There's a reason why Harmony and I are shooting, honey. What are you doing?" River yells to the Doctor who was using his sonic to help us as he could.

"Helping. " the Doctor says.

"You've got a screwdriver." River yells to him.

"What are you going to do build a cabinet?" I yell after her.

"That's really rude." the Doctor says to us.

"Learn how to drive." River argues to the Doctor as he pulls me to the Tardis, but he went inside as Rory peaked his head out watching as River spins around and around, shooting all the time. Finally all the Silence lie dead

"My old fellow didn't see that, did he? He gets ever so cross." River says and I laugh at her knowing that Rory saw the whole thing.

"So, what kind of doctor are you?" Rory asks though very hesitant to ask as she shoots a Silence behind her without looking.

"Archaeology. Love a tomb." River says grabbing my arm and pulling me inside the Tardis rushing to the console as Rory follows us in slower.

"You can let me fly it." the Doctor says to River as she goes to help drive the Tardis.

"Yeah, or we could go where we're supposed to." River counters.


"So we're safe again." Nixon asks the Doctor as he shakes his hand and I stood off to the side as we were back in the oval room.

"Safe? No, of course you're not safe. There's about a billion other things out there just waiting to burn your whole world. But, if you want to pretend you're safe, just so you can sleep at night? Okay, you're safe. But you're not really." the Doctor says and Nixon's smile turns into a frown and the Doctor turns around to face Canton. "Canton. Until the next one, eh?"

"Looking forward to it." Canton says as the Doctor shakes his hand then turns back to Nixon.

"Canton just wants to get married. Hell of a reason to kick him out of the FBI." the Doctor points out.

"I'm sure something can be arranged." Nixon says smiling again.

"I'm counting on you." the Doctor says poking Nixon then turning to face the Tardis only for Nixon to stop him.

"Er, Doctor. Canton here tells me you're, you're from the future. It hardly seems possible, but I was wondering…" Nixon starts to say.

"I should warn you I don't answer a lot of questions." the Doctor says warning that he might not give him an answer.

"But I'm a President at the beginning of his time. Dare I ask. Will I be remembered?" Nixon asks and I just cover my laugh up by coughing.

"Oh you definitely will be remember, President Nixon, I should know as I did take Government and we did learn about a few things" I say grinning and the Doctor continues on what I was saying.

"Oh, Dicky. Tricky Dicky. They're never going to forget you. Say hi to David Frost for me." the Doctor says and I grin as the Doctor takes my hand and leads me back to the Tardis.

"David Frost?" Nixon asks as we go to leave.


"You could come with us." the Doctor tries to convince River as we had brought her back to Stormcage to get her to come with us as I stood next to the Doctor.

"I escape often enough, thank you. And I have a promise to live up to. You'll understand soon enough." River says as she shakes her head wishing she could go but couldn't

"Okay. Up to you. See you next time. Call me." the Doctor says turning to walk back to the Tardis.

"What, that's it? What's the matter with you?" River says as he turns back around with his arms wide and a confused look on his face.

"Have I forgotten something?" he asks confused.

"Oh, shut up." River says just before kissing the Doctor though he sort of just tries to break it up with a shocked look on his face glancing between River and I.

"Right. Okay. Interesting." the Doctor says then scratches his cheek and I bite my lip as River glances at me then the Doctor.

"What's wrong? You're acting like we've never done that before." River says confused and I rock back and forth on my heels of my feet.

"We haven't." the Doctor states and scratches his head.

"We haven't?" River says a bit heartbroken look on her face.

"Oh, look at the time. Must be off. But it was very nice. It was, it was good. It was er, unexpected. You know what they say. There's a first time for everything." the Doctor says and rushes into the Tardis turning to me who I shake my head.

"I'm going to stick around a little long, just give me a minute." I say as he nods and gets into the Tardis.

"And a last time." River says softly and I rush to hug her.

"I'm sorry, he hasn't, it hasn't happened for him yet" I tell her resting my head on her shoulder. "But I can tell you I have done it, if that makes you feel any better?" I say trying to cheer her up and she laughs a bit before kissing the corners of my mouth.

"Alright" she says then winks at me "Want to give him a show?" she says and I grin before kissing her as I would the Doctor before breaking it off.

"Wow, well I best be off before he rushes out her all jealousy in place, see you later River, and by later I mean I will be visiting if I can" I say to her and she rolls her eyes at me.

"wouldn't expect anything less from you sweetie." she says and I race into the Tardis.


"What was that about?" the Doctor questions me just as I get into the Tardis.

"What was what about?" I ask him and he just points ant me then at the door.

"That, what was that about?" the Doctor says asking again.

"I have no idea what you are talking about darling" I say to him but pat his cheek and make my way over to Amy.

"Fine, ignore it for now but we will talk about this later!" the Doctor yells to me then turns to Rory. "Rory, I'm going to need thermocouplings. The green ones and blue ones."

"Okay, hold on." Rory says and goes down the stairs.

"So." the doctor says to Amy.

"So." Amy says.

"You're okay?" the Doctor asks her.

"Fine. Head's a bit weird. There's loads of stuff I can't quite remember." Amy states as I can tell she has a bit of some flashbacks to what she saw.

"After effect of the Silence. Natural enough. That's not what I was asking. You told Harmony and I you were pregnant." the Doctor says moving to snake his arm around my waist pulling me to him.

"Yes." Amy says softly.

"Why?" the Doctor asks her.

"Because I was. I mean, I thought I was. It turns out I wasn't." Amy says sa she was unsure herself if she was pregnant or not.

"No, why did you tell us?" the Doctor says restating his question.

"Because you two are my friends. You're my best friends." Amy tells us and I feel touched that she sees us as that.

"Really, but why not Rory first, I think he needs to know this before we do Amy" I say wiggling out of the Doctor's grip to hug her.

"No" Amy says to us and I feel bad that Rory was listening.

"Why tell us, but not Rory?" I ask her as she sighs.

"Why do you think? I travelled with you in this Tardis for so long. All that time. If I was pregnant for some of it, wouldn't it have had an effect? I don't want to tell Rory his baby might have three heads or, like, a timehead, or something." Amy says as she leans against the console in between me and the Doctor.

"What's a timehead?" the Doctor asks Amy.

"I don't know, but what if it had one?" Amy says not knowing what to call her made up term or what she meant by that.

"A timehead." the Doctor says again this time laughing making both me and Amy laugh.

"Shut up." she says. "Oi, stupid face." Amy yells out and Rory walks back in hesitantly.

"Er, yeah? Hello. " Rory says making his way back into the console room.

"I'm taking that away from you, if you're going to listen in all the time." Amy says sternly.

"Okay, that's a fair point. But you should've told me that you thought you were pregnant. I'm a nurse. I'm good with pregnancy, I helped Harmony when she had the twins" Rory points out using me as an example.

"Not, as it turns out, that good. So please stop being stupid." Amy says to him and hugging him making me laugh at how they flirt with each other.

"Er, no, never. I'm never, ever, going to stop being stupid." Rory says hugging her back and lifting her up slightly.

"So, this little girl. It's all about her. Who was she?" the doctor says racing around the console and moving the screen over. "Or we could just go off and have some adventures. Anyone in the mood for adventures? Because I am. You only live once." the Doctor says and I stare at him.

"Did you just use the term YOLO? Really, of all the possible things you could say you use YOLO?" I say to him shaking my head groaning and pinching the bridge on my nose.

On the scanner is - Amelia Pond full body scan in progress. Pregnancy Positive. Negative. Positive. Negative going back and forth and the Doctor had a look of concern on his face.