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Chapter One: Sparring Night


Alex fell backward, the left side of his face exploding in pain.

"Get up," Vitaly told him, somewhat amused.

It was nighttime in northern Minnesota. Most of the circus animals were resting and chatting after a long day's hard work, preparing for the performances to come.

"I thought you were gonna take it easy on me," Alex said, wavering as he got up.

"You ask me to teach, I vill teach," Vitaly plainly stated. "Come at me!"

Alex charged at him, aiming a right hook at his head. Vitaly blocked and punched him in the gut, using the distraction to flip him over.

"Aaaah!" Alex screamed, landing hard on his back.

"Is enough for today," Vitaly said, walking by. "Next lesson is after next performance."

Alex rolled over and got up wearily. He suddenly found himself face-to-face with Gia.

"Oh! Gia!" he said, surprised.

"Why are you letting him beat you up?" Gia asked him.

"He's not beating me up," Alex reasoned. "He's teaching me to fight. Evidently, I'm not learning as fast as he's hoped."

Gia rolled her eyes.

"At least you're learning something," she said. "That, and Vitaly finally has a punching bag to knock around every now and then."

Alex laughed weakly.

"You're really not kidding about 'punching bag'," he said, holding the side of his face.

"So, about Seattle," Gia started, "is there anything exciting around there?"

"You mean besides our circus in a couple days?" Alex told her. "There's the Space Needle. It was once the tallest building in the west. People could go up a huge elevator and go up to the observation deck."

"And from there, they could see all of Washington?" Gia asked.

"I think it would have been possible," Alex continued, "if there wasn't all that fog around it and over Seattle."

"Oh," Gia said with a smile. "What else is there?"

"I don't know," Alex told her, shrugging. "Nothing else showed up on postcards."

Gia let out a wild laugh.

"Postcards?" she giggled. "Are you kidding me?"

"What?" Alex protested. "This is as far west as I've ever been in the states! What do you expect?"

Gia struggled to breathe as she kept laughing.

"This is why I fell in love with you in the first place," she told him. "I can almost never walk away from talking with you without a smile!"

Alex put an arm around her and tilted her chin up.

"And I intend to keep it that way," he said.

He leaned in to kiss her, but was interrupted by a startling cry.

"Alex!" Marty shouted. "They're back! Let's get outta here!"

"Crap!" Alex hissed. "Not again! When will they just leave me alone?"

"Hurry!" Gia told him. "Get on the train! We've already packed up, so we should be leaving very soon!"

She and Alex raced for the train. As soon as they were onboard, the train jerked and continued on its westward track.