Title : Reborn

Writer : Aira Aura

Idea : Kyoya Misaki

Beta : DevilKittyKat1

Anime : Monochrome Factor

Disclaimer : I Never Own Monochrome Factor. I only own Yamino Kengo~~~ and this story~~

Chapter 2 : Yamino Kengo





I'm going to be late! Urgh~! Why did I go meet that stupid Akira anyway?! I have to hurry to deliver this document because of him too!", a woman run as fast as she can to her destination after she received a job from her boss to deliver the said document to their client, stating that it is really important. She dodges other people who in her way skillfully even when she wear her high heels shoes and pencil skirt. "Thanks to my experience when I was still a youth..", she mumble not realizing a raven boy in front of her, causes them to crash each other as the books and the paper scatter all over the ground.

"Itte... I'm sorry.", she apologized not looking at the boy as she rub her head.

"It's okay, Miss..", the boy lend his hand to the woman and she accept it. "Thank..y-", she paused and her eyes shot wide, looking at the boy. The boy glanced at the watch that attach to his wrist, "Oh my, I'm already late.. I'm sorry, Miss..", he pulled out a card and give it to the frozen women. "Please, call me when you have a free time.. I'l treat you after this incident.. Bye for now, Miss..", the boy quickly run fast, dodging the people. She look at the boy as he vanish into the crowd. She snapped her trance, slipping the card into her pocket, "Ah... I'm late!", once again she run to her destination but this time, as if her life depended on it.

"That woman.. I feel nostalgic.. I wonder why?", he clenched his fist over his chest while running to his work place. A University. "I think it's better to ignore it.. I am a Yamino.. I can ignore something that not very important. I wonder if that woman will call me... We were both in hurry, I guess..", he walk inside, leaving all his thought away. For him, work and life is a separate matter. What a serious 17 years old boy..




"Aaah~ Finally... I made it on time~", she slumped over her desk office. Tired afer delivering the document. "I'm totally going to get fired if I haven't made it on time..", sighing to herself, she remembered her encounter with a certain raven-haired boy. "That boy...", she take out the card that she recieved from the boy in her pocket and looked for the name.

"Yamino..Ke..Kengo?", her eyes widen. Remembering the boy's look, who was as the same as her friend, whome already gone from this world, the same friend as her when he was in middle school. The name was the same except for the famly name. The boy that she and the King had miss the most, but that boy is a Yamino .. not an Asamura. He works ay a prestige University too.

'And he's also quite young for a person to work in the University.. Is he really not a middle school boy?'. If only she knows. "I better message him as a notice..", she reaches for her phone hesistantly, typing the message and push the send button, nervously. All of her co-workers look at her ridiculously when she was trying to send a one simple message.

Yamino was looking into his students assignment in his office when suddenly his phone vibrated, recieving a message from an unknow ID. He opened and read the message,

TO : Yamino-kun

Subject : Sorry for this morning

I'm so sorry, Yamino-kun. I hope you could forgive me.

I was really in a hurry this morning.

Oh my, how rude of me for not introduce myself.

I am Suzuno Aya. Again, I'm sorry for this morning.

He smiled to himself. Somehow this woman, Aya, gives some rings in his head. "Do I know this woman? Maybe it my imagination..", he mumbled to himself as he type a reply for the message,

TO : Suzuno-san

Subject: Re: Sorry for this morning

Don't worry about it, Suzuno-san.

It is also my fault.

I don't even realize you were even there.

I am busy currently.

I will call you for my forgiveness.

Aya quickly open her phone to the read the new income message. This Yamino aka Kengo doppleganger is really gently, unlike the Kengo she known of. The one who fomerly she know as kind and childish and stupid. This boy acts like a gentlemen. She quickly reply to him and bid him goodbye. She closed her phone and sigh. She's definitely going to tell him about the boy.




Akira might live in the Shadow World now but he have his own house when he's bored over there and decided to go for a walk at the Human World. She was runnning from her work place to his house. Her finger shook when she press the doorbell, silently hoping that the King is inside his home and not at at the Shadow World. She still panting from exhaustion when the door opened. The King look at his friend wierdly, wondering what happened to her.

"Aya, are you okay? You don't look so good..", The Rei King asked.

"Haa...ha...C-can we talk... hah... inside..?", Aya smiled at him trying to catch her breath back.

Akira nodded and let the woman went inside. She slumped on the couch, sighing in relief. She's really eager to tell the King on what she found. Akira sit infront of her patiently waiting for the woman to find her breath and the way she looked at him give him some vibe. Her eyes sparkled like when they were still a high school student and she started to part her lips..

"Nee, Akira... I think... I think, I saw Kengo.. B-but a younger version of him.", she stuttered as Akira widen his eye before he shrug it off, "Maybe someone who looks like him. You know each people have their doppleganger."

She laughed nervously, "Hahaha.. T-that's right.. K-Kengo has already..", she frowned, "...gone...".

"Yes.. He already gone….. I'm the one who take his body… He is not our Kengo then", Akira hide his eyes behind his bang. " There's no way he live.."

"But you know… Even if he's not that Kengo.. Somehow his aura just like him", she smile to herself. "I want to meet him again.. Even if he's not the real one"

Akira look at Aya and sigh "You know, you should act like that when he still alive. He is not him Aya. There's no way. It also impossible to say that he is reincarnation of him. Since the boy you meet already grown up", Akira snorted.

"But my intuition tell me that that the boy is him. His aura is him. You know I'm really perspective when it comes to this!", Aya voice harden.

The King sigh surrender to his stubborn friend "Okay then…. If he really exist.. Then give me proof.. That that person you meet is him. That his aura is 'him'".

Aya claps her palm together happily "Finally~~~ Let's go!", her track stop when she stumble into Kou. Kou hold her from falling. "Gahh! Kou! When you were here?!"

"How cruel are you Aya-chan~~", Kou pout still holding her. His hand on her waist and his other hand on her arm.

"He here the whole time Aya… And Kou-nii.. Let go of her", Akira deadpan. Walking straight to the door. He turn and look at Aya and Kou "What are you waiting for? Let's go already"




They finally reach at X university. They in awe looking at the huge place. Kou whistle, Aya eyes glitter , Akira still with his bored expression.

"Are you sure this is the place? How could a boy work in here?", Akira ask.

"Well… This is the place where this card tell", Aya said before Kou snatch the card from Aya hand. He look carefully at the card then to the University and the card back.

"Yeah… This is the place… Hey.. where Akira?", Kou ask Aya and saw Akira already went to receptionist there. They walk towards Akira. All the student look towards them, whispering to each other. Some of the girls squeal towards Akira and Kou and as the boy entrance of Aya beauty.

"What can I help you?", one of the receptionist ask them.

"Ahh.. You see.. We trying to finding someone. His name is Yamino Kengo", Aya ask shyly.

"Ohh… If you want to find Yamino-san….", the receptionist look at computer. "Looks like he have nothing to do now. May I ask what is your name?"

".. Aya… Suzuno Aya.."

"Okay.. just wait for a moment.. I'll call him"





Yamino in his office checking his students grade when his phone ringing. He answer the phone


["Hello Yamino-san… I want to tell you there a woman want to meet you"]

Hearing it the voice of one the receptionist he sigh lowly "What is her name?"

["It's Miss Suzuno Aya"]

He froze for a moment thinking what she doing here? Is it time for his forgiveness? Whatever "I know her.. Tell her to wait at the cafeteria. I'll be there in…" he look at his watch "…10 minutes.."

[" I'll tell her that"]

"Thank you", he sigh. He think it really troublesome but his heart tell him to meet her. "I wonder… Why I feel like want to prank her? No..no.. Don't do that to a stranger. Don't shame Yamino blood line", he sweat drop.




"He say to meet him at the cafeteria 10 minutes from now", the receptionist smile towards them.

"Hey… Is it true that this Yamino person is actually a kid?", Kou ask.

The receptionist glare for a moment before hide it with a smile " Yamino-san is only 17 years old.. He already finish his studies in University when he 14 years old. He is our most intelligent person and lecturer here. Well you can call him professor. He really expert in Mathematics especially"

"Hmnn…. Professor huh?", Akira mumble to himself looking at the sky before Kou and Aya call him from afar. Akira with both on his pockets he walk toward his friends.

"Really rare to see you dazing like that since that day, Akira", Kou smile at him sympathy.

"Shut up , Kou-nii", Akira close his eyes in annoyance.

They walk till they arrive at cafeteria. They find their sit. Aya and Kou sit next to each other. Akira sit in front of Aya. The attention they got from the students kind of making the King annoyed.

"Kyahh! Look ~~ They really cool"

"I wish he is my boyfriend"

"She really beautiful"

"What they doing here?"

"Are they are model"

Aya and Kou sweat drop looking at the King annoyed face started to darken. First rule for them, the King doesn't like the crowd and attention. Kou almost turned back to his wolf form when Akira gave out a dark aura despite being the Rei King. Kou know his King extremely mad. The King aura made all the crowd shiver and leave them.

"A..Akira… Don't be mad.. You scaring everyone", Aya try to calm the King.

"That's true Akira… They just a students. It's normal", Kou smile nervously.

"Shut up.. They annoyed me.. And blame how you .. We looks like.. Do we even handsome pretty? That ridiculous", Akira hiss. He is former fighter. People should afraid of him not adore him. Sometimes he curse his face and attitude. It don't make any sense.

Suddenly, a new voice speaks up.

"I don't think it's bad when there were people likes you. It's natural to us human"

"Y.. Yamino-san", Aya shuttered while Kou gasp and his eyes widen. The King hears the foot step walking straight behind him. This Yamino person footsteps getting louder and louder and finally stop behind him. He know the voice. This is the voice which his former 'friend' always talk with him. He want to turn. But he afraid to face the person the fail to protect even if this person he going to meet is not 'him'.

"I never knew you brought friends with you Suzuno-san"

The newcomer speak again.

"I apologize.. I tell them to come with me.. I hope you don't mind", Aya stand and bow to Yamino.

"Then.. Care to introduce me to your friends?", his voice really soft when he speak but Akira can sense the tiredness in the other voice.

Kou stand and bow and smiling to the boy "My name is Kou.. Just Kou… But you can call me Kou-nii since you much more younger than me"

"I apologize… But I won't call stranger nii since I'm the only son in Yamino family. I have a reputation to take care off. I don't want to be misunderstanding with someone who isn't my family. It will give my family quite some trouble and I hate troubling myself", the boy said with a cold voice and stare and it give Kou the feeling to hide behind Aya but he endure it.

"Hahaa~~ I'm just joking", Kou laugh nervously.

"Then…", Akira can feel the stare from behind him "… who is this person?..."

Akira take a peek behind him and turn his body fully to face the boy. For the King shock the boy height is average, his raven hair is neat not messy and his bored brown eyes look straight to the King gray eyes (since Akira in human form.. So I will stay with gray but still red eyes if he in Shin form). The boy wearing a long sleeve shirt and black long trouser. His right ear wearing a small metal round earing. The King gulp steadily his breath before he answer the question the boy ask him.

"… Akira…. Nikaido Akira.."

The boy in front of them staring at Akira for long time before avert his eyes to Aya and Kou. Akira can see a glint of recognition but only a little. What Aya say is true. Even if it just a little.. He sense 'him' in the boy in front of him. Kou can't say anything. "Maybe he notice it too", Akira thought to himself.

The boy in front of them smile while gently rub his metal earing on his right ear.

"My name is Yamino Kengo… It nice to meet you all", his voice is so cold and eyes made them, even the King shiver right to their spine.




The black haired latter look at the lake , chuckling to himself "Wow.. They really afraid at those Kengo's"

"Maybe because Asamura effect of factor still in his soul. After all… He have that thing inside him for quite some time", Sawaki said deadpan.

"Haha.. It my fault after all", Ryuuko smile sadly.

"Not all your fault.. Part of it is his fault.. He have the chance to become a King.. To be alive again.. But he don't want it.. Instead he follow you to here", Sawaki sigh.

"Yeah.. I really admire him sometimes… By the way Sawaki~~", Ryuuko grin lazily.

"What is it?", he question the former Rei King.

"Kengo family name… It's Yamino right?", Ryuuko tilthis head to side.

"Yes it is.. Why?", Sawaki brow rise.

"Yami means Darkness and No derive it to Ou it means King right? Then his name means…"

"King of Darkness….", his eyes widen.

"Are you sure he going to be alright? That name not that alright to me", Ryuuko face harden.

"Urghhh~~ If you make that kind of assumption.. Shirogane might be replace with him. Don't be ridiculous Ryuko. You really like to delusion youself", Sawaki groan leaving the former King alone.

"I hope you were right Sawaki.. Cause the last time.. He still have that power effect to him. You the one who take care of him.. You should know better", Ryuuko mumble slowly.





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