First time making a fanon Wesen from the Grimm Series. I kinda pictured one being all feared, more then a Wildesheer or even the Grimms and are extremely dangerous but thankfully rare in the Wesen Community. So hope you enjoy this and tell me what you think.

Schatten Gefallen (German translation: Fallen Shadow) is a demonic-like wesen and are very rare and extremely dangerous of all Wesen. They are considered to be the demon and vampire in human mythology, mainly the biblical legends of the Devil.

According to few Grimms and Wesen alike who have ever seen one had barely escaped with their lives and more cunning then their natural enemies and relatives, Hexenbiests/Zauberbiest.


In their human form, Schatten Gefallen would appear handsome and beautiful on both gender but when they woge, their skin turns stone grey colour skin, their hair snow white, fangs grow in place of their canine teeth. Two horns protrude from their heads and large black bat-like wings sprout out of their backs. Their arms turn black with small patches of fur and sharp claws to slash at their victims. A long black tail with a triangle-shaped tip extends from their spines and able to control them for use of combat much like the Manticores.

The males are considerably muscular and the females have a well endowed shape which are possibly a sexual divergence to attract a mate. They have incredible strength, speed and stamina in their woge form and cling on to walls and ceilings. Schatten Gefallen are considered to be more stronger then some of the Wesen species as they can lift a full grown person and throw them across the room or maybe further, and even overpower a Seigbarste, Wildesheer and even a Grimm in combat. One Schatten Gefalla could take on several people at once and not break a sweat.

Although not much is known about them as they are very difficult to kill but it is said they can only die if their blood is exposed to sunlight when they woge. It is possibly highly sensitive and combust when directly exposed to ultraviolet rays, even cannot stand seeing it directly but only in their human form.


Their behaviour is unique, they are considered very dangerous when they are on their bad side. Schatten Gefallen consider themselves one of the most evolved race of all Wesen in evolution because of their ancient roots and heritage

They are both feared by many and highly respected to few powerful Wesen and even the Royals as they have close political relations yet look down on humans as the weakest race and because of how they are described in common media as they see as an insult to their species. Their view on Grimms is much opposite to common Wesen since they were once feared throughout the ancient world before their emergence. Seeing them nothing but humans who see the world for what it is. What is most well known about them is if a member of their family is harmed, assaulted or killed they would go to great lengths to kill that individual and mount their skulls as trophies and symbols of their kill.