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Characters: Kohaku (Tsukihime), Kirie Fujou (Kara no Kyoukai)


A doll. A broken doll. That's how Kohaku felt.

In her bedroom, she was trying to get some rest until she had to prepare dinner later. The TV (one of the few that existed in the mansion, since the residents weren't fond of modern appliances) was on, but she wasn't paying attention to it. She was pretty much just lying on her back, staring at the ceiling with emotionless eyes.

Just hours ago she had another of her sessions with the master of the house, Makihisa Tohno. And by 'session', it meant she had shared her vital energy with him through sexual intercourse, despite the fact she just was a little more than a child. And such sessions were becoming more and more frequent, as his sanity plunged lower and lower.

And strangely it hadn't hurt as much as before. She hadn't felt as disgusted by his breath, or as repulsed by his touch as the first time he had done it to her. Yes, she remembered clearly the first time: she had been only eight and Makihisa had called her to his room under the pretense of a birthday present. Little she had know what this 'present' was.

But it didn't matter anymore. Her mind had gone numb and her entire nerves had become insensitive after years of abuse. Call it a body self-defense mechanism or even a broken soul. It sent chills to her spine that she was ever getting used to it, but even if she would turn into (as per-said) a doll, if that meant Hisui would stay untouched, then Kohaku would gladly subject herself to this fate. In a way, she could even say she and her sister were rather fortunate to have a family willing to accept them, even considering the price she was paying.

Kohaku knew she didn't have much of a choice anyway. Being orphans of a cast out family of psychics, she and Hisui had nowhere to go after the death of their mother. She recalled that Makihisa had mentioned that her real family had once been part of an organization that hunted half-demons like the Tohno. That her family possessed powerful psychic abilities, which involved projecting themselves onto other mediums, including other peoples' bodies. Because of that ability, she and Hisui could transfer their vital energy to others via exchange of fluids. Makihisa of course wasn't supposed to tell her this information, but the man was so out of his mind sometimes that he ended up blurting out a lot of secrets unconsciously.

Deep inside, Kohaku knew that Makihisa couldn't be blamed for this. He was born with the cursed blood of the Tohno and thus needed her ability as a Synchronizer, with which she and Hisui were born. Nobody chooses how they will be born, so no one was to blame for that. Yet it was necessary to keep his human sanity for as long as possible. At least until he managed to train Akiha into the next head of the family.

Speaking of whom, Kohaku wondered how the young mistress had been doing these years. Ever since that fateful day years ago, when the older son of the Tohno inverted and almost killed the adopted son, things in the mansion had never been the same anymore. The older son, SHIKI, had been imprisoned in the basement, but to the world he was dead. The adopted son, who was called Shiki as well, had survived, but was given to a branch family of the Tohno as soon as recovered. Hisui, once cheerful, had turned depressed. Akiha, deprived of her two brothers, had also turned depressed and resentful of her father, a condition made only worse due to Makihisa's harsh training to make her a worthy head of family. Even with Akiha still living in the mansion, Kohaku had barely any time to talk to her, so busy she was with all the lessons and studies.

She would still see SHIKI on a daily basis though, since Kohaku was the one responsible to bring him food in the basement. That naturally wasn't a pleasant task, for the older son of the Tohno seemed so out of mind as his father. But she wondered about the adopted son, Shiki. Even if she hadn't known him very well, Kohaku somehow found him more likeable than anyone else in the mansion, save for her sister. She would never forget the times when she watched him, Akiha, Hisui and SHIKI playing on the mansion gardens from the window, him waving to and asking her to join them. In a way, that boy had earned a special place in her heart, so much that she had even given him her favorite ribbon as a parting gift when he departed from the mansion.

"... Fujou."

A word of the TV caught Kohaku's attention as she lifted her head to see what it was showing. Apparently it was the evening news, the reporter speaking to the camera with a large, decaying building in the background.

"The eighth person to jump of the Fujou building was confirmed to be Kirie Fujou-san, the daughter of the deceased owner of the building, Yasuki Fujou."

'Fujou' she thought. The surname Fujou wasn't strange to her at all. It definitely had some connection to her. She knew it not only from Makihisa's blurt outs, but also from the files he kept about his associates. Being his confidant, Kohaku had free access to both his room and his office, where he kept the files. In one of them, she remembered seeing this name, together with three others: Nanaya, Ryougi and Asagami. Apparently those four families were the ones that opposed the half-demons and were considered enemies by the Tohno. Next to the Fujou name specifically, there were notations which referenced her and Hisui. So, combined with what she knew from Makihisa, she could only postulate that this was the family she came from.

There were a few notes next to the Nanaya name too, although they referenced Shiki. But she already knew that, for it was common knowledge in the mansion that the adopted son came from the Nanaya, considered the strongest of the four families. Therefore, they were also the most hated and perhaps the reason why the boy was regarded with contempt by the rest of the mansion (and made Kohaku even wonder if that was the reason why Hisui and her were so fond of him).

The reporter continued on. "Kirie-san had an incurable illness and had been hospitalized for the last 10 years. She was 27. Different from the previous seven suicides that happened in the same place, she was not a high schooler and it's speculated that the suicide was caused by depression over her illness. Therefore, the authorities consider this case unrelated to the previous ones."

From what Kokahu understood, the reporter was talking about a series of deaths that had been happening in the neighboring town of Mifune. The victims were all young girls who had jumped of a building in the time frame of a few months. However, none of the girls had any historic of depression or mental illnesses, nor shared anything in common with each other, which baffled greatly the investigators. This one though, seemed different.

"According to the hospital, not only her father, but her entire family had died in a car accident not long after she had been hospitalized. So it might have added to her depression."

The TV was turned off by remote control. Kohaku didn't want to hear anymore of that.

Especially because it reminded her of her own situation. Alone in her misery, no one to understand or comfort her, not even Hisui, for she wouldn't stand letting her sister know what she was doing to keep her safe.

And it didn't help too that the one who died supposedly happen to be a family relative.

Kohaku wasn't sure why did she care. She didn't even remember her own mother's face, let alone the other members of the Fujou. So it was not like her birth family should hold any meaning to her. She also had killed all her emotions to bear Makihisa's brutal treatment. So any other death that is not Hisui's should not be of any importance to her.

Still why did it bother her?

A knock on her door. Whoever it was didn't wait for a response and simply opened it. The face of a man, more frog than person, stuck out of the gap. It was Tonami Kugamine, one of the mansion residents and a relative of the Tohno. Surprisingly this man happened to be Akiha's fiance, much to the latter's chagrin.

"Oh, there you are, Kohaku-chan," he said in his half-pervert, half-obnoxious voice. "If you're done resting, could you start making dinner? I'm sure Akiha-chan will appreciate a meal after her studies." He didn't wait for an answer again and simply left, as if his requests were meant to be promptly obeyed.

Kohaku slowly sat back on her bed, but didn't immediately stand up. She stared emotionless at the floor for a few minutes, a lot of thoughts going through her mind.

But as much as numb her mind had become, she couldn't avoid letting a small drop flow down her face, unconsciously or not.

Her mind, however, differed greatly from her stoic expression. Dark thoughts started whirling inside her head. The ugly mugs of revenge and resentment among them.

Finally she made way out of her room, toward the kitchen. But not before making a mental note to visit the basement later that night. It seemed SHIKI might be of use in the end.


September 1998.