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Trust You To Teach Me

Chapter 1 The Problems

One might think that when you're eighteen, going nineteen soon, puberty should have calmed down by now, leaving you less crazy from hormones and mood swings, almost bordering mature.

Not for Edeline.

Chasing the Philosopher's Stone to retrieve her and her brother's bodies, fighting countless villains and monsters on the way and even saving the world in the end, had simply left her with, well... no time for going through that phase like every other teenager. And now her body wanted to catch up. Her mind too, considering that she wanted to live a normal life at its fullest now that she was done with her chase for the stone.

Well sort of normal life. She was still bound to the military until she turned nineteen and not even Mustang, master of pulling strings, could get her out of that. Though the colo-... brigadier general probably wouldn't do so anyway, the bastard enjoyed having his favourite object of teasing still around. Anyway, the military needed to maintain order after the near breakdown on promised day so they could get back on their feet and change for the better. And allowing Ed to skip out of contract wasn't maintaining order, as much as she wished it to be. So to avoid a court marshal for going AWOL and then being dishonourably discharged, which would cost her her military pension, Ed stayed, refusing her promotion though.

At least people thanked her for saving their asses along with the world by trying to not make her job too insufferable.

But back to the topic: Edeline wanted her puberty experience and her raging hormones to be calmed. People told her puberty wasn't that nice and full of embarrassing moments and if you were very unlucky, acne. Though so far Ed's skin was still flawless, apart from all her battle and automail scars, and even the prospect of embarrassing moments couldn't scare her away from wanting to experience something normal for once. She had handled Homunculi, she could face this.

So now Ed was at a bar, together with Winry, trying to socialise and – she blushed – get to know guys. Winry had come over for a visit and since she grew up in quiet Resembool hadn't much experience with the night life of a big city like Central, either. Though the automail engineer didn't really mind. She was mostly here to mentally support Ed and maybe laugh a bit at her if she acted really stupid. Ed knew Winry also didn't bother for a guy's attention because she already found someone who's attention she wanted. Her little brother and her mechanic had gotten quite close during Al's recovery time in Resembool. Right now though the boy was at their small Central apartment because he still wasn't sure his body could take the strain of going out so late in a not exactly calm location already. He was still prone to headaches from sensory overload and easily overwhelmed by all the sensations and stuff he had missed in the armour, despite having his body back for roughly two years now.

Ed pushed the thought aside, Al was getting better steadily and he'd be going out with them in no time. She blinked and surveyed her surroundings. She did have a pretty face, she knew because of a rather awkward situation a few weeks back. Winry had come for a small surprise visit back then because she was in Central to buy some automail things and she showed up and collected Ed at the military building so they could have lunch together. And when they came back they found Mustang's trusted team, apart from Falman who was still in the north, playing a game of "Would The Mustang go out with...?" It was a game that developed when they had come back for the two month break from their Ishbal project a month ago and tried to find a girlfriend or at least get a date. They just listed all the women they knew and thought about if their commanding officer would steal them away or if they could try to date them relatively safely.

"Would The Mustang go out with... Becky from the diner at the corner of Dandelion Street?" Havoc asked.

"Nope, Becky has a kid," Breda answered.

"Hm I don't mind her being a mother already. Okay your turn."

"Would The Mustang go out with... damn I can't think of a another woman right know..." Suddenly he chuckled. "Edeline?"

Said girl and Winry froze, their presence not yet detected by the males.

"You're interested in ED?!" Havoc yelped.

"That was a joke, she's far too young for my taste!" Breda rolled his eyes. "And even if she wasn't, Mustang would snatch her away, she's more than pretty enough for him to like her."

"Who is?" Mustang himself asked, emerging from his private office to go get more coffee.

"Ed," Breda told him.



The former colonel looked thoughtfully. "She is," he then said. "If she was a bit older and taller-"


"-and wouldn't hate me for loving to hear those creative rants, I might have tried to ask her out," Mustang continued unperturbed and with a smirk before vanishing to get his coffee.

Ed had stared after him awkwardly. Now that she had calmed down from her rant she actually realised what the colonel had said and blushed.

"Uh so Edeline, how was lunch?" Fuery finally piped up to bring them all back to a kind of normality. "And hello, Miss Winry!"

And ever since that day Ed had known that she had a pretty face. Because if Roy Mustang would have taken her out then that must be true no matter if she doubted it. The now Brigadier General only ever seemed to go out with pretty, downright beautiful girls and while Ed liked to call him superficial she also knew that maybe it had something to do with average women fearing the rejection of this most eligible bachelor and so just not trying to meet him but instead running off.

Anyway, a pretty face wasn't of much use for Ed. While she did find some people more attractive than others she would still chose character and brains over looks. So when people came onto her only for her pretty face she really didn't like it.

There was another, similar reason why she rejected a lot of boys even though she was trying to find one. Edeline was the Fullmetal Alchemist, meaning she was famous. And there were a lot of boys who only wanted her for that reason. After a lot of futile attempts to get to know a boy she liked and who liked her, not her fame, she had almost given up on finding someone to start a relationship with until she was thirty and the hype about her had calmed down. But still, she was rather… well... horny by now and even if she couldn't have a relationship she wanted to at least lose her virginity sometime soon. Though she still refused to lose it to one of those guys who only wanted her so they could brag about having taken the famous Fullmetal to bed. Also she was aware that as a virgin she'd probably be really awkward but absolutely not good or amazing during that night and she didn't want them to tell others about that too.

Another problem was that a lot of boys would chicken out because of her automail leg. Automail was an accepted thing and nobody was discriminated because of if, on some people it was even said to look and be cool, but guys still seemed to be afraid of getting closer to her leg. Maybe they were afraid she'd squeeze them to death if she wrapped her legs around them in bed. Ridiculous, Rockbell Automail was finely tuned and Ed was always careful with its strength.

What Edeline wasn't though was girly. She had a tendency to be tough and a bit rough at times, her temper flaring and short, not timid or coy or whatever boys here seemed to expect of a girl. It scared them away. Also she was smart, highly intelligent, considered a genius by everyone. She needed to have really complicated conversations every once in a while and while Al usually was enough for that her little brother wouldn't always be around. He was about to start his own life too now. They'd still be closer than other siblings, but still.

And then she wasn't only smart but had a lot more mature, oldermind in some ways, having seen so much already in her short life. She could get along with people her age just fine but it still always put that barely recognisable barrier between them and she wasn't sure if that would hinder a romantic relationship at some point, keeping their souls apart when they should form a bond as strong as hers and Al's, someday.

So Ed had a lot of problems, yet she was still trying. And today they were at this bar. It was a place she hadn't tried before and she rather liked it. People of different ages, ranging from eighteen to forty, in case of some of the regular patrons at the bar counter even a bit older than that, came here and still everyone was happy with the skilfully chosen music and the wide range of drinks you could order. Ed and Winry weren't ones for drinking much but they happily had a tasty cocktail or two. Also they felt less stupid sitting at the bar counter with a drink instead of just sitting there staring at boys to find one for Ed.

Winry was currently looking into a really tiny mirror she had drawn from her purse, looking for something that seemed to make her eye uncomfortable, because she was rapidly blinking and pulling at the eyelid a bit. She seemed to solve the problem though before Ed could ask if everything was all right and held the mirror out to her friend.

"Wanna check your make up? I think you have a little black smudge under the eye but I can't really tell with the light here..."

"Thanks." Ed took the mirror. She didn't really like the make up, it felt like a mask to her because she preferred things to be honest and true and natural, but Winry had convinced her that there was nothing wrong with highlighting her natural beauty a bit. The mechanic herself didn't wear much make up either (she was far too obsessed with her automail to care for learning how to paint your face the best way) but she knew the basics and taught Ed. The alchemist supposed that dabbling with make-up was another teenage thing she had missed and therefore had given in to Winry. So now Ed was wearing a bit of mascara and eye-liner to show off her golden eyes some more.

And it really was a bit smudged at her right eye. She wiped the smudge away with her finger and handed the mirror back. But dropped it when she heard a rather familiar voice order some drinks not far away. Picking the mirror up she peered along the bar counter, seeing that it was really Roy Mustang who took two glasses of the more heavy stuff from the bartender, leaving money and a dazzling smile for the woman before turning and walking to a table at the other side of the dance floor.

Ed's first reaction was wanting to flee, embarrassed by the fact that Mustang might see her trying to flirt or dance with a boy and failing. Because while Ed could move gracefully and elegant like a tiger when fighting she had never gotten the hang of dancing, especially when dancing close with a partner. She kept bumping into the boy or the people around awkwardly because she couldn't get into the rhythm they tried to set; she had this stupid subconscious urge to set the rhythm herself, her stubborn spirit unwilling to submit to others influence even if she tried. Though when the boy gave in and tried to allow her to set the rhythm she suddenly didn't know how to move her body any more. It was ridiculous, she plunged head on into the most dangerous situations yet she froze in fear of getting laughed at when asked to set the rhythm of a stupid dance in a bar.

Though shaking these thoughts off Ed decided to stay after all. A smirk not unlike that of the person she was watching crept on her face when she formed the plan to just stay at the bar counter this night and make sure she wouldn't get in any embarrassing situations while trying to see if maybe she could watch Mustang acting stupid sometime during the evening instead. The drinks he had ordered weren't exactly light so maybe if he consumed enough Ed would get a good laugh tonight.

This bar had a dance floor that was neither small nor big but just right. The establishment was still focused on being a bar though so it was not like a club, the dance floor was just a bonus and people seemed to like it because it was rather crowded. Ed had to peer through the moving bodies to watch her superior sitting on the bench behind the table in the corner booth, next to him a woman who was close enough to almost sit in his lap. She was sipping at the drink Mustang had brought her though she didn't seem to need it to get over her shyness. Simply because there obviously was no shyness. It seemed that Mustang's catch for tonight knew she was pretty though unlike Ed she was bold about it. Ed could see Mustang smirk in a way that told her he knew precisely that the woman who leaned in to whisper something in his ear thought he was her helpless prey. She had a feeling the colonel – damn - brigadier general enjoyed the challenge of teaching the woman he was everything but helpless and she would end uphis prey by the end of the night, screaming his name and writhing beneath him when he made her explode from sheer pleasu-... Ed froze and then frantically shook her head to get that picture out of her head. No way was she just thinking about Mustang like that! Her superior annoyed the hell out of her and was a smug bastard and damn, he was at least ten years older than her! Taking a drink from her cocktail to cool her suddenly too warm body down she slowly peaked back through the dancing people to maybe still get a look at Mustang doing something stupid.

Though the booth and the two glasses on the table were empty. Asking herself how Mustang and his date could have chucked down their drinks like that (Ed had tried that sort of alcohol once and it had her almost coughing up a lung from the burning sensation in her throat) she tried to find them again. She found them right there on the dance floor. And she had to begrudgingly realise that she would not get to laugh at Mustang for his dancing skills. Movements elegant and smooth, bumping into no one because for some reason the bastard was able to catch the general moving of the crowd while simultaneously getting along perfectly with the woman, so close to him there was barely a hands width between their bodies. Not one movement made him look stupid. Ed cursed underneath her breath, not even in her mind willing to admit what those movements made Mustang look like instead because it was nothing negative.

"What is it, finally found someone worth your attention?" Winry asked, searching the crowd to find what Ed had been staring at.

"Not really," Ed grumbled.

"Hey isn't that your boss... Eeeed have you been ogling your commanding officer?" Winry grinned and wriggled her eyebrows.

"What?! No!" Ed tried to yell without rising her voice, still not wanting for Mustang to know she was there.

"Then who else?"

"Uhhh... that blond guy?" she pointed at nowhere specific in the crowd.

Winry only raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, okay, I was watching Mustang! But only so I wouldn't miss it if he does anything embarrassing!" Ed hissed her admittance.

Winry thought about it. "Okay that sounds like it is the truth. Keep watching." She then added with a giggle.

Ed hmpfed and turned back to study her commanding officer. Somehow he and the woman had managed to make all space between them vanish, yet they weren't dancing the typical arms-around-each-other couple dance, either. No, what they did was play a game of turning the other on. It seemed the woman had understood that Mustang was as much a predator as she was and that made her turn up charm to try and keep that predator with her so he wouldn't go for the other prey – women - in the bar that ogled him and glared at her with envy. Ed stared in amazement as she moved against yet still with Mustang, her body sliding against his easily and elegant and damn sexily, Ed had to admit as an objective observer. And Mustang seemed to like the attention, coaxing the woman with his own movements, rewarding her for making an effort to keep him with her by fixing his eyes only on her. Yet it still wasn't too much to do in public, even if it was so damn sexy and every move was loaded with the prospect of what they'd be doing later, likely in the woman's bed, not Mustang's. No, that game the two were playing mesmerized people more than it annoyed or disgusted them and there was nothing really obvious about it, no kissing, no bold groping, only the missing space between the hot bodies.

Ed watched them though she was NOT mesmerized, she refused to admit that. No, she was watching them for scientific reasons, studying them to learn-... She stopped the though when she realised that was really what she was trying to do. She wanted to know the mystery behind these perfect movements, wanted to know how Mustang and that woman could move this way without being awkward or bumping into each other in an unintentional way at all.

And most of all she wanted to do that with someone too. Her body felt far too hot right now and it only got hotter when she imagined what that must be like, the other's heat so close, body against body, teasing, coaxing, playing. She drank away the rest of her cocktail to cool down, but didn't stop staring, trying to find the trick behind these motions. There had to be some trick, some reason why she never managed to dance with a boy like that. Just what was it?

But before she could find out Mustang whispered something into the ear of tonight's catch and the both vanished, taking their magic with them.

Edeline sat there for a moment, looking dumbfounded, then decided that it was time for her and Winry to go home too.

She lay in her bed, thinking about what she had seen at the bar, ignoring the hotness that crept up her body again. Just how did they do that? She thought about how fluid she moved while fighting and then about how Mustang moved when engaged in hand to hand combat. He never fought as fluid as she did; he was skilled but basic, going for classic punches and kicks, made to be quick and efficient nothing more. Now that she was on that train of thought she realised that this was how he moved most of the time. He had this casual elegance, confidence, but also the stiff efficiency of the military that had every move of his body precise and sharp. So if he could remove that military stick from his ass and move like that on the dance floor then surely Ed who moved much more fluid and freely most of the time could learn it too, right?

She tried to remember his moves and then how the woman had countered them, tried to imagine herself doing that, imagined herself sliding against that strong hot body. And heat pooled in her own body, wandering down between her legs because damn, that dance was pure foreplay! And Ed knew that Mustang and the woman were as awake as she was now. Knew they were moving against each other, with each other, just like they did in the bar only even closer, even more intimate now. Squirming in her bed Edeline tried not to think about how Mustang would take the top position, ever the leader, and how he would smirk a warning before teaching the woman how to scream his name in ecsta-... teaching...

Ed frowned, her mind trailing off the path without her even chiding herself for imagining Mustangof all people like that because she just had a really stupid idea: She wanted someone to teach her. And that idea was stupid because she wanted not only someone, but Mustang.

There had to be something wrong with her head.

Sure, Mustang wasn't one to turn down a night of sex but with Edeline? And for that reason? And just why the hell wasn't she disgusted by the thought of sharing a night with someone so much older than her? Because he has experience, a voice in her head said.

Great, now she was arguing with herself!

But it was true. Mustang knew what he was doing. But then so did others who she had turned down. So why...?

You trust him.

I trust him.

She thought about that. And realised she really did. Mustang was annoying to a point where she sometimes came close to really hating him, but she did trust him. He would never do someone innocent (that meant people in general, not her status as a virgin) harm, most of all he wouldn't do his subordinates harm. He made a point of keeping them safe and sound. And that included not laughing at them in certain situations where he knew it would really hurt them no mater how funny the situation seemed. So she trusted him not to laugh at her and take her problem seriously. He also wasn't impressed by her fame in any way so even if military fraternisation rules would allow him to brag, he still wouldn't. Overall she trusted him not to tell if she asked him not to.

And most of all she trusted him to care enough to be gentle with her and make sure that night was about her learning not him having his fun.

And he wouldn't be disgusted by scars, he had his own fair share of these. He wasn't afraid of the automail, he had seen her using it for years and knew she had it under control. Mustang would most likely be a sarcastic teacher who mocked her but they always mocked the other and he wouldn't hit a nerve that really hurt so that was okay. And about him being so much older...

It only meant her mind would be at ease because there wasn't this small barricade between them. The one which was between her and people her age because she had seen so much and they hadn't. He had seen enough as well. And, as much as she loathed admitting it: Mustang might be what she considered old but his body was still well taken care of. Well build, strong, the right amount of muscle, lean. He was pale but in a good-looking, not-sickly way and his skin was flawless apart from the scars he bore. Roy Mustang was handsome and sexy, there, she said it. And she lifted her pillow to smack it down on her head for the thought.

But still, apart from the fact that she didn't mind his age or body at all, it still came down to the fact that she trusted him. Edeline just knew that if she could get Mustang to be her first and he was aware of it, then he would do his best to make that night as easy and perfect as possible for her. If not for her then because she had challenged his teaching skills and Mustang didn't back down from challenges, he gave his best to show off that he could do things.

So Edeline put her pillow in its place again and lay down.

She had made a decision.

She wanted Roy Mustang to be her first.

She trusted him to teach her.