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Chapter 4 The Happening

Where he had gone more for the sides of her neck before Roy now paid more attention to her throat and collar bones, distracting her from his hands now moving underneath her top, stroking bare skin. Though she didn't need any distraction from that feeling. It seemed going for the vulnerable neck first had really taken a lot of her fear away, instinctive self-defence mechanisms all soothed because if the predator hadn't ripped out her vulnerable throat when having the chance, then why should he make the effort and try to wound the rest of her?

So Ed savoured the touch without fear this time, taking in a deep breath so her chest stretched, forcing the splayed fingers on her sides to press harder against her. Roy gave a low chuckle, though this time his amusement didn't piss her off because it was a new kind of amusement, a kind that was pleased with her. His hands glided up her sides a bit higher, fingers still splayed, then moved more to her front, thumbs slipping under the loose bra, leaving his hands shortly before cupping her breasts.

It was a strange feeling but Edeline didn't mind it because the warmth, no,heat, radiating from his fingers seemed to go right through her, reaching every corner of her being. She was sure even the air in her lungs was affected because her body felt so damn hot. Though it seemed Roy had an idea how to help her cool down because now his hands slipped down again, grabbing the hem of her top and guiding it up along with his hands this time. Cool air hit her skin and she was reminded that she was about to get totally naked soon. Her arms tightened around Roy instinctively, like clinging to him would stop the removing of the top. Which it did because he left the top just rolled up for now, instead his hands started roaming again, stroking her half bare back in an almost massaging way, dipping down to almost slip inside of her panties, but not breaching any fabric barrier until she relaxed again. Still paying attention to her shoulders, collar bones, neck and throat with seemingly random kissing and sucking and gentle biting he then slowly guided her arms away from his neck. She expected him to lift them over her head so he could slide off the top, but instead he guided her hands down to the hem of his own shirt, closing her fingers around it, giving her the opportunity to expose him before she was exposed. Sure, a man removing his shirt was different from a woman removing her shirt but she understood the gesture telling her that he wasn't only asking for trust but giving it too, leaving them at a much more equal level despite him being the teacher. And Ed appreciated it because she hated not being taken as an equal, hated it when people told her she was too young, toosmall,too whatever else was supposed to make her incapable of doing things she could do very well.

Carefully she lifted his t-shirt and pulled it up over his head, exposing that solid chest she had been pulled into earlier to her eyes. And while she wanted to run away whenever Alex Louis Armstrong ripped off his shirt she now discovered she wouldn't really mind if Mustang developed that habit. Just the right amount of muscle underneath aristocratically pale skin, decorated with small scars every here and there but otherwise flawless. Even the big scar at his side, a pale pink patch with ragged edges, couldn't ruin the view. Ed would even say the scar made it better because while she didn't have a scar fetish or wanted people to get hurt so much, it still put her mind at ease that Roy could understand her that way, that he really wasn't appalled by the scar on her own side, leftover from Bascool. What was left on her side wasn't standing out as much as the traces on his body, but it was still there.

Roy seemed completely at ease with her staring, either he was used to it from other partners or his ego was just too big to be fazed. He just allowed her a good view before leaning in to continue his administrations to her body, Ed now actively aware that he really wasn't avoiding her scar and realising that while her automail scar was so sensitive about being touched the Bascool scar just felt like every other piece of skin. So the last reason for her to be afraid of taking off her top dissolved and she lifted her arms, leaving him to catch the drift and take off the clothing in a fluent, practised movement.

Since she had stared at him Edeline couldn't really be uncomfortable with Roy taking a good look at her too, though he took less time for an appreciating glance, choosing to caress the newly on show skin with his lips rather than his eyes. He kissed down from her collar bones, wandering between her breasts, one hand at her back the other at he same time moving up and under the bra still loosely on her body and she gasped when he pinched a nipple. Ed couldn't even bring herself to be angry when he smirked against her skin because he did it again, the other side this time, leaving the flesh nubs hard and tingling. She leaned forward on instinct, pressing herself against him, again becoming aware of the hard on she was sitting above, standing at full attention and only separated from the now rather wet place between her legs by thin fabric.

And this time no amount of awkwardness could ruin that feeling because Roy was still playing with her breasts and nipples while at the same time his mouth was busy electrifying her skin, making her tingle and shiver all over. She couldn't hold back a gasp turning moan and he finally took off the bra, threw it to who knows where carelessly and with his eyes still fixed on her in a way that made that feeling of pride and being wanted come up again. And god, did it feel good! It was like Roy had stripped all her insecurities about her body away along with the clothes and now she was here, heat swirling through her body, burning her up, yet she was still not able to pull away from that other hot body to cool down, at the contrary, she revelled in that heat radiating from the both of them, mingling between them like their bodies would mingle soon, become one.

There was no shirt for her to grab any more so her fingers met his skin, hot, smooth skin stretched over firm muscles. She pulled back in stupid surprise first but then her fingers slid up his sides, feeling the different texture, the injured side ever so slightly rougher, before her arms wrapped around his shoulders, his neck again, pulling him in because she wanted to be closer, closer, closer.

Roy gasped and the sound sent a shiver through her but before she could understand the connection between her pressing her hips down against him and him uttering that delicious sound, he spoke, kissing the side of her jaw between every other word.

"We can- "a kiss "- get under the - " another one " -blankets, or stay above-" a gentle bite "-it's your choice." his tongue flicked against the shell of her ear.

"Under," she managed between two fast intakes of breath, she didn't want to lose any of the heat she felt, wanted the blankets to keep the moment safe. He nodded against her shoulder and reaching behind him pulled up the sheets. In a fluent movement he let himself fall backwards, pulling her with him, on top of him, then turned them around so they rolled under the blanket, him above her again.

Edeline thought she might feel uncomfortable with him looming above her but he kept low anyway, supporting his weight on his elbows so he wouldn't crush her but still close enough for them to be chest to chest, enough for his hips to settle between her legs so she could become accustomed to the position. She marvelled at how that strong, heavy body above her could be moved so carefully that she felt all the closeness but barely any of the weight that all these muscles made up. But Roy managed that and so she could focus on other things instead. Like the hardness pressed against her lower stomach or the lips moving across her skin, always slowly enough so she could protest, but still fast enough that she didn't feel mocked for her uncertainty about how to react to what. But at the moment there seemed to be only one fitting reaction anyway and that was to arch her back and press up against Roy.

He hummed in appreciation and slipped an arm underneath her arched back, lifting her off the mattress as he pulled her close, rolling them on the side so he could get out from between her legs without losing closeness. Then, carefully pushing her legs back together, he hooked his thumbs into her panties, giving one questioning tug before stopping, waiting for her hands to join his in pulling the garment down a good way before Ed kicked it of, thankful that Roy still seemed to be very busy with kissing her upper body, thankful that the sight of a completely naked woman wasn't so new to him that he would stare at her, especially now when she suddenly felt so laid bare in a way that had nothing to do with her state of undressing.

One hand soothingly stroked the outside of her thigh, his gaze only sweeping down for a short moment of appreciation once, though as Ed now realised, feeling stupid, he couldn't see much with the blanket above them anyway.

Though he seemed to want to change that because he crawled backwards a bit, under the blanket. "Remember we can stop any time you want to," he told her though before his head vanished under the light blue, silken sheet. The next moment she could feel him carefully place his lips at the scar where her automail leg connected to her flesh thigh. She flinched a bit in surprise but then forced herself to relax because that scar seemed to be just like the one left by the metal arm; very sensitive. So she stifled a pleased sound when the kisses moved to the inside of the thigh and then her breath quickened as Roy moved up. Ed's eyes widened at the hot, tickling feeling crawling higher and higher while Mustang slipped back to his place between her legs. And then he placed one kiss just above her most intimate place, but not stopping there he moved up higher still. Under her wide eyed but lust filled gaze he emerged from under the blanket again and steadily kissed his way up, settling his hips between her thighs again. Lifting his head from kissing her collarbone he smirked.

"There, I've seen it all, no reason for you to be ashamed or afraid anymore."

His smirk seemed so normal and infuriating, but she could see a minuscule difference that despite being so small changed the whole smirk. She didn't know what exactly it was but the expression looked fond and caring now, not smug and annoying like usual.

And so Edeline slowly nodded. He was right. And she was lying naked in his bed, hot and wet. And there was nothing left that could convince her not to do this. Because she trusted him. All his actions so far had only proved he deserved that trust.

Swallowing she reached for the waistband of his boxers. He lifted his hips from their resting position flush against hers and she pulled the garments down until he could kick them off. Ed took a deep breath and then there was nothing left to separate them. She lay there, hands fisting the bed sheets, breathing fast, not sure what would happen now. Would he just thrust forward and... enter?

But all she felt was his bare skin against hers and a calming, almost loving kiss to the tip of her nose, just enough of an unexpected action to get her out of her slightly frozen state.

"Ready?" he asked, dark eyes searching hers.

"Yes." She nodded, trying to relax.

Though the impact she braced herself for didn't come. Instead he did something else that was new as well. Leaning down his mouth found her nipples, the hot, talented tongue and lips treating them even better than his fingers had. She started panting when she realised one of his hands slipped down, stroking the sensitive inside of her thighs while he still drove her crazy with the attention to her breasts, switching between the right and the left nipple, softly tugging with his teeth by now.

She clasped her hands over her mouth as his hand stroked down the half metal thigh, making the scar tingle while at the same time he licked a hot trail across her skin when switching to the right, hard flesh nub again.

"Don't keep it in, most men appreciate a bit of noise telling them they're doing something right."

How could he be so damn casual about uttering that wanton whimpering noise that had wanted to escape he-

"Ah!" Just when she had taken her hands away from her mouth one of his fingers had slipped into her, making the sound come out after all. "Wha-?!"

"Just making the final intrusion easier on you."

She might have answered but his fingers were damn talented after all, his thumb stroking the sensitive bundle of nerves, leaving no room for uncomfortable feelings as his pointer finger mov- his pointer finger and his middle finger now moved inside, stretching a bit. She couldn't help it, she moaned. And almost whimpered when the fingers drew back then. Though her disappointment didn't live long because Roy was scooting back a bit, finally lining up the hardness she had only felt pressing against her lower stomach up until now.

Edeline was panting, though she tried to calm her breath, tried to get ready. But something was confusing her. Roy had stopped and looked at her with one raised eyebrow, something he usually did when she was doing something stupid. But what was she doing wrong, what was she supposed to do, what, just what did he want?

"Ed. You said you know the theory, right?"

She nodded, still confused, her mind pleasure hazed, wanting only- wantingall now damn it!

"So you do know you can get pregnant from this even if it's your first time?"

She nodded again, still not getting what she was doing wrong.

"So what did you forget to remind the horny guy above you to do?"

Did he really expect her to be able to think after turning her so putty?

"Use a condom Ed!" Roy said with a facepalm. A blush slammed up into Ed's face as the man moved to reach for the bedside drawer, fishing out a rectangular package, still scolding her. "I might usually be too paranoid to forget but even I can act stupid. Same goes for other guys. So you need to think too, got it?"

Still beet red in embarrassment Ed nodded. "Got it."


She watched, still flustered and embarrassed, as he pulled over the condom. How could having his fingers inside her feel so right but this now was so damn awkward?! Well, at least she now had the chance to take a good look at him. Though that probably wasn't a good idea because Mustang's ego was definitely no compensation for his anatomy. It was a ridiculous thought that itwouldn't fit in, the damn womanizer wouldn't get that much action if it didn't work out, but still... Roy Mustang had definitely more than enough to prove he was a man and Ed thought about asking him to introduce another finger first before she'd let him anywhere near her. So when the raven haired man settled back between her legs she was rather nervous again.

"Sorry for the mood killer but I'd rather not knock you up," he said with an apologetic grin, nuzzling her neck a bit. And then the grin turned predatory. "Let me make it up to you..."

The drop of his voice alone had her forget the awkwardness again. Low, deep and sultry. He dove down and used every sensitive spot he had found on her until now, licking and kissing a hot trail down her body and up again, hands roaming, stroking between her legs until she involuntarily parted them even wider, arching up, breathing faster and harder. She hadn't even realised she had thrown her head back until he kissed the underside of her jaw, before moving down, kissing his way to between her collarbones and she new he was lining up now.

His blunt tip nudged her. She shuddered in anticipation. He asked permission, one husky word.



There was a feeling like something was breached, accompanied with a twinge of pain and even though it was nothing compared to other things she had gone through she winced. Roy stopped immediately but she shook her head and breathed "Keep going" because really, that wince was more surprise than anything else and now that she had started she wanted to finish it. And so, still leaving her a second to brace herself, he filled her out completely.

"That's all of it... that's all of it," he then assured her tense form and there was something breathless in his voice now that made the heat pool between her legs, made all the discomfort vanish and instead something new bloomed in her chest that made her want to pull him even closer even though it was impossible because their bodies already were as close as could be, flush against each other, he inside her, she around him. He was kissing her skin almost like he was apologising for the brief pain that really wasn't his fault and she marvelled at the difference between this tender man and the soldier who mocked her all day long in the office.

She expected him to start thrusting, he was used to partners he could start moving with almost immediately, the breathless voice had told as much, yet he held still, allowing her body to fully adjust to the unfamiliar intrusion and when she squirmed a bit to see if she could take movement now he buried his face in her shoulder, uttering a choked, "Damn you're tight," smothering her question if that was a bad thing with the hungry note in his voice. And her fingers twitched once more, just wanting to touch and pull close, tell him it was okay, she was okay, he could move!

His hot breath shuddered against her shoulder, she opened her mouth to speak an "okay" but no sound came out because he propped himself up again, looking her in the eye. His bangs were tickling her forehead, their noses barely a centimetre apart, his breath ghosting over her lips. He looked like he too had been about to say something, probably ask the question she had been about to answer, but his silver tongue seemed to have turned to lead because no sound came out. They both had stopped breathing, but Roy slowly took in some air now, she could feel his chest widen against hers and the heat and want that was crackling between them now seemed so tangible she thought the next touch would cause real sparks to spring. She looked into those dark,darkeyes, pupils dilated so much they only left a small rim of the actual midnight blue that you could only see this close, and she dimly asked herself if her pupils were just as wide, if she had the same faint blush painting her cheeks, if her lips looked so kissable too.

She must have leaned up because suddenly their noses were touching and the next thing Edeline knew he was meeting her half way, soft mouth descending on hers, coaxing her lips apart as she closed her eyes, gave in to that talented tongue sweeping over her bottom lip, proving that it had definitely not turned to lead but was still hot and slick and oh so flexible. Her moan was swallowed by him and she opened her mouth wider, welcoming the new experience, welcoming him to show her how to play this new game and he did. Tongue moving slowly, languidly teaching her the dance until she could fight back, until she grew bold enough to try and get past his lips.

Only then did he remind her he was still intruding into another wet cavern of hers, pulling his hips away and pushing back in slowly once. She gasped for the air that had gotten scarce in their heated kiss, because the movement felt strange yet she could feel the first traces of pleasure. Her breathing sped up then and she looked at Roy above her, her stubborn spirit wanting to turn them around and get on top for a moment no matter that she had no clue how to move, but the view of his skin glistening ever so slightly from the same thin layer of sweat that covered her own body, those cheeks dusted with light pink, those eyes glazed with pleasure yet still so very attentive, taking her in, making sure she was all right before he moved again, that openly caring expression... She was sure he could have fucked her into the mattress without ever dropping a single mask but he chose to show he was just as vulnerable, just as affected, just as human as she was and it left nothing in her that wanted to fight him. Her soul finally understood that he was above her to guide her, not to suppress her.

Roy blinked when she smiled but didn't question, just leaned down again, though she would swear that she saw the same understanding smile grace his lips just before they touched hers again. She lifted her arms, unsure where to place them but wanting to feel and suddenly he guided her hands to his back, one after the other and she splayed her fingers, feeling the muscles underneath the skin move as he gave another thrust. A choked curse left her lips and she gripped tighter, grateful his back was strong and her nails were short though she might leave some involuntary little bruises anyway. Edeline let her hands roam like he had done to her, discovering that while his scarred side wasn't any more sensitive than the healthy one and he didn't react as intensively about his nipples as she did when he touched hers, he was very sensitive to her nails raking gently down his back. Roy gasped, his hips twitched and he delivered another thrust, making her dig in her fingers to the left and right of his spine, causing him to barely stifle a pleasure filled sound.

He latched onto her automail scar, nibbling and biting, making her writhe from the good feeling as he thrust again, this time following with another thrust faster, settling for a slow steady rhythm and Edeline moaned softly. She pulled him down to her mouth for another kiss and he swallowed the other wanton sounds about to escape her willingly, stealing her breath becausedamnthe oxygen didn't seem worth pulling away from that sensation. But he forced her to breathe, making her throw her head back and gasp in air as he ever so slightly changed the angle of his thrusts until it seemed that every sensitive nerve between her legs was touched, stroked, rubbed as his body moved against, inside hers. Every last bit of strangeness was gone and her breathing sped up even more as she revelled in that new pleasure. Roy picked up speed and Edeline's legs wrapped around him, pulling him in as close as possible and only letting him pull back because it was necessary for more.

But that wasn't enough, her hips bucked, wanting to move too. She stiffened, insecurity washing over her until Roy whispered a husky, "Just trust your instincts," into her ear before sucking at the sensitive lobe. Taking a deep breath she faced her biggest fear; not being able to follow the rhythm.

The first time their hips collided awkwardly, but Roy just slowed down and demanded, "Again," the word coming with hot breath tickling her skin, spurring her on and she tried once more. Her mind drifted back to the evening in the bar, Roy and that woman on the dance floor, every move perfect, coaxing the other, answering them, meeting their movement half way...

Roy gasped and and she could feel him grin against her neck as she met his thrust the right way this time, having finally understood that this wasn't about dominance and following the rhythm one person set but finding the right rhythm for both of them, meeting the other half way and welcoming them.

Roy congratulated, rewarded her with a mind blowing kiss, mind blowing because now they were in perfect harmony, their bodies sliding against each other, with each other, just the right way, sensation doubling now that she was not only taking but also giving.

Had she had the breath Edeline would have laughed in relief but there was no air in her lungs; just how could Roy kiss that long without suffocating? She chose not to think, chose just to enjoy, to feel as together they sped up, coaxing the other, deeper, faster,more.

One arm was around Roy's shoulders, fingers buried in the hair at the base of his head, something he seemed to like just as much as her other hand on his back, gripping tight. His arms had slipped underneath her arched back, elbows still on the mattress to support his weight but one hand tangled in her golden locks, the other splayed between her shoulder blades, keeping her close. Their kissing was becoming shorter now, the need for air in between increasing and Edeline could feel something building up inside her, a hot coil in her stomach that made her toes want to curl up in pleasure overload. She raked her fingers down his back, gripped his hair tight, and arched up against him as much as she could. He growled something akin to a moan and complied to her urging to speed up movement one last time, thrusting deep but fast he made her nerves tingle even more until she thought she couldn't take it anymore. She opened her mouth to warn him, of what she didn't even know, but all she managed was a breathless cry of his name before her body stiffened, toes curling, hands gripping tight, head pressed into his shoulder before she threw it back and her body arched up against his one last time in completion.

White dots marked her vision and her brain stopped working, overloaded from the pleasure that uncoiled in her, exploded and filled every corner of her. She tightened around Roy and could feel him thrust a few last times, one, two, three, and his body shuddered as he buried himself inside of her, pressing her close to him, a choked sound falling from his lips as he reached climax as well and filled her with more heat. She dimly wished the condom wasn't there so the heat could spread around but even as it was another shudder raised through her, her orgasm offering another wave of pleasure.

Roy managed to pull out and collapse onto the mattress to her right instead of going down on top of her and she was dimly grateful because she was still panting hard, feeling like she would have suffocated with his full weight on top of her. He calmed down faster than she did but she didn't feel too miserable because she knew she wouldn't be able to give him the best orgasm of his life that left him incoherent for an hour when she was just losing her virginity, and he probably knew too because he was grinning at her boneless self. She grinned back, really tired now, still a few white dots in her vision and her mind in a haze because forherthat had been the best orgasm of her life so far, nothing she had ever tried on her own could compare to what had just happened. She allowed herself to close her eyes for a moment, revelling in being so sated and then, feeling distinctly stupid for wishing the condom away but otherwise as relaxed and happy as can be, she fell asleep.