Title: Two of Them

Summary: When Chris returns to the past he is followed by his little sister. But is she as good as her brother in hiding their identity?

A/N: This story starts at the end of Chris-Crossed. This is my first story on fanfiction so I hope you like it. And since I'm no native speaker, I didn't make too much mistakes in English.

Disclaimer: I don't own Charmed or any of its characters.

Chris falls through the portal on the attic floor.

"O my God, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Nice spell",

"Yeah, but we just put it in there like two seconds ago"

"Well you see, the way time travel works…"

"I don't want to know. I already have a little headache."

Even though Piper was relieved their whitelighter had returned safely, she still was angry that he had lied to them for months.

"You have some serious explaining to do, young man."

"I know", Chris responded.

Just when he said that, the triquetra behind him start to glow again. A young woman, hardly more than a girl, fall face down on the floor. All they could see of her was short dark hair and black cloths. And strangely enough she was giggling.

"O my God, I made it. It worked", she said to the air.

Piper glanced at her sisters, who looked confused, and then let her eyes wander to Chris. He had a completely bewildered expression on his face, while staring at the girl.

"Who are you", Piper shouted as she fixed her eyes on the girl again.

Putting her hand up to freeze her, if necessary. That's when Chris seemed to come alive again. Jumping in front of the young woman.

"No Piper, don't hurt her. She's my baby sister."

Slowly Piper lowered her hands. It looked like they finally would learn a bit about who their whitelighter was.

Chris turned around to face the girl, who was now scrambling up.

"And Mel, what the hell are you doing here. What about …"

He started, stopping midsentence while glancing at the sisters for half a second. The girl looked up at him with big brown eyes.

"Can't a girl visit her big brother", she said giving him a sugar sweet smile.

"Jumping through a time portal isn't just visiting. You have to go home."

"Too bad, "'cause I'm staying."

The smirk disappeared of her face and she embraced her brother.

"I'm so sorry about Bianca."

Her voice sounding suddenly very gentle.

"I really wish I could have saved her."

"Yeah, my to", Chris said softly.

Before he buried his face in her hair. The girl held Chris firmly for some time before releasing him.

Turning to the sisters, she said: "I'm Melissa Perry. It's an honour to meet you all, but right now I have to speak with my brother. Bye."

With that she grabbed her brother's hand and they orbed away.

The sisters looked at each other.

"Now we have to deal with two of them", Paige sighted.

- On the Golden Gate Bridge -

The girl sat cross-legged across her brother, but instead of looking at him she watched at the city.

"It is so peaceful. It hard to believe how much it changes in just two decades."

"Mel, what are you doing here?"

"It's freaky to see mom and our aunties alive. And so young! How can you stand it?"

"Mel, you are avoiding my question. What are you doing here? You're supposed to be taking care of Penny and the resistance for that matter." He sounded slightly irritated. The young woman looked down and began to fidgeted with her nails.

"Mel?" He voice became softer as she looked up with teary eyes.

"Penn died", she blurted out. Tears where running down her cheeks.

Chris buried his face in his hands. It couldn't be. Little, thirteen year old Penny. Fragile and scared Penny. She couldn't be dead, it wasn't possible. Tears were burning in his eyes. Now Aunt Phoebe's youngest daughter had dead too, they were alone. No family left, it was just the two of them.

"What happened?"

"We had a traitor in our midst. Do you remember the kid Tamora brought in, Riley was is name. He poisoned her, so I killed him. No-one hurts my family and gets away unscratched."

"So that's it. We and Wyatt are the last of the Halliwell's."

"Looks like it. That's why I'm here. Family is the most important thing in the world and since my only living family is here…"

She looked at her brother with a small smile on her face.

"But there is something else I need to tell you", she continued. "Penn had a few premonitions since you left. As usual they are a bit vague and incoherent, but they might help. She told that something happened or will happen on 21st of May 2004. Maybe it's the day Wyatt gets turned, I don't know. Anyway it's better than the information that it happens before you're born. And she said Wyatt isn't turned by a demon."

"What! Who else than a demon would want to make Wyatt evil. You're certain that you interpreted it right?"

"No, it's Penny. You know how hard it is… was to get something coherent out of her. She had the mentality of a five year old because all the trauma she's been through. She couldn't distinguish the past, present and future. So no, I can't be sure if I interpreted it right."

"I know. I'm sorry, but I need to know how reliable this is."

"Well the date I'm not sure. But I can't think of anything that happened that date, so it is something we don't know of or something that is changed because of the timelines. So it is important. And I'm pretty sure Penny was talking about Wyatt when she said it wasn't a demon."

"Okay, so we need to make a list of possible creatures who want to hurt Wyatt. Next to de demon fighting, just to be safe."

"But first what do they know? About us, Wyatt and the future I mean."

"Well, I told them that I'm here to protect Wyatt, they don't know their precious baby will become the lord of all evil. And as you saw they don't know who I am. All they know is that I'm a half-witch, half-whitelighter and that Bianca was my fiancée."

"Then its good I gave a false name", the girl smiled.

"Yeah, saying your name is Melinda Halliwell might tip them off."

They both smiled.

"What do you think of a good night's rest before we face our, probably, cranky family", Melinda said.