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Leo's face looked pale as a sheet. "It can't be true. Wyatt wouldn't do that", Piper heard him mumble to himself.

"Leo, what did they show you", she asked. The Elder just stared blankly into space. When he didn't answer she went after the two Whitelighters, but froze on her way down, when she saw them sitting on the bottom of the stairs. The scene was heartbreaking. Melissa sat on the ground, crying her eyes out. Her brother sat next to her with his arm around her. Softly trying to comfort his little sister. As soon as the girl spotted Piper, she pushed her brother's arm of her shoulder, stood up and wiped the tears away. Pipers heart shattered in a thousand pieces when the girl put a smile on her face. She wondered how often Melissa, and Chris for that matter, hid their emotions, pretending everything was alright when they were about to fall apart.

"Crying about the past won't change it. Or the future, whatever", the girl said to Piper. Her eyes were still red and puffy.

Melissa turned to her brother. "Just let's kill some demons. Didn't we have a scabber demon to vanish?"

A few hours later –

The potion had worked and they had defeated the demons quite easily. Chris and Melinda were standing on the Golden Gate Bridge. Chris looked at his little sister, who was staring at the cars moving beneath them. She hadn't spoken a word about the breakdown earlier that day.

He stepped closer to her and softly asked: "Mel, what are you thinking?"

Melinda looked up, but kept her eyes away from him.

"Dad, will think I'm a monster for letting Micheal die."

The boy laid his hand upon her shoulder, but didn't speak. What could he say? He didn't even know exactly what had happened that day. At the time he was imprisoned and when he had returned to the resistance to much had been going on to find out.

"He… he will only think of what Wyatt did", he said eventually.

"Like always", Mel muttered. "But we still have to get Mom and Dad together."

Knowing that the sudden change of subject meant Mel wouldn't talk more Chris asked: "Any ideas?"

"I already broke Mom and the fireman up. So it's time for you to get your hands dirty. After all you created the problem", she grinned.

Playfully he pushed her in the shoulder.

"We could try a love spell", he said.

"Because they always work so well", Melinda said sarcastically.

"What do you propose?"

"We could try to get our hands on a cupid ring."

"And how are you thinking to do that?"

"Well, first I need my powers."

Two days later –

She hadn't seen the young whitelighters in two days, but couldn't keep them out of her mind. Melissa's tearstained face suddenly turning in a smile had hunted Piper ever since. She wondered to what had taught the girl to put up a brave face. What had she and Chris been through? They had been living next door and somehow their parents had died and Paige had taken them in. How had those kids come to fight Wyatt, their former friend? The only thing she was sure of was that they had been scarred more than they liked to acknowledge.

Piper shook the thoughts out of her head when lights appeared. The figures of her whitelighters materialized. Melissa was leaning on Chris, while pushing her left hand against a wound at her side.

"What happened", Piper asked surprised while Chris set his sister on the couch.

"A demon had a potion that possibly could give me my powers back, but he didn't want to help", Melissa said calmly.

"You were reckless", Chris muttered. His face shifted between worry and annoyance.

"It is just a little scorch mark. I have had worse."

"So I guess, you didn't manage to get the potion", Piper said.

"Actually, we did. It just didn't work. When Wyatt took my power, he clearly intended that only he could give them back."

Now she knew Melissa hit her emotions Piper could hear the frustration underneath the words.

"Maybe we could use the power of my Wyatt and to go against that of your Wyatt", Piper said.

The siblings looked at one another.

"That could work, in combination with the charmed ones", Chris said slowly.

"Wyatt defiantly didn't count on that", Melissa grinned. "So let's try it."

When they walked upstairs Piper wondered why she offered to help the girl. She didn't even know what powers the young whitelighter had. What if there had been a good reason to bind them. Suddenly she remembered the memory Melissa had shown her. How Wyatt had killed Leo and than forced Melissa to drink the potion. She was doing the right thing Piper told herself.

"Melissa, what powers are actually bound", Piper asked while they entered the attic.

After a few seconds the girl spoke: "Levitation."

"What can you tell me of the potion that you took."

Before Melissa could open her mouth Chris answered: "We think it is similar to the binding potion from the book, but somehow Wyatt made it so that no-one but him can unbound her powers."

Piper quickly looked up the power binding potion in the book and it's counter spell.

"If I make the unbounding potion and Wyatt says the corresponding spell, shouldn't that do the trick?"

The girl nodded: "It might work. But let me help with the potion."

Five minutes later Melissa was standing next to her chopping ingredients with great care. Her face had become sad and she hadn't spoken a word since they entered the kitchen.

"You don't think it will work?"

Melissa looked up at Piper and said: "I learned not to get my hopes up."

It made her think again of Melissa's breakdown. The girl could too easy switch between optimism and sadness, something inside her soul seemed broken. Maybe having her powers back would make her a repair some of the damage done over the years.

After they were done making the potion Piper took Wyatt out of the playpen and let him repeat the spell. When the boy spoke the last of the words a soft wind blew through the room and a little light appeared on Melissa's heart.

"Let's see if it worked", Piper said.

The female whitelighter took a deep breath and than lifted from the ground. When she touched the ceiling the girl began to giggle. The soft and gentle laugh gave Piper warm feeling. When Melissa's feet landed on the ground again she gave Piper a tight hug. Then she kneeled down in front of the little boy.

"Thank you too for helping me", she said smiling to Wyatt.

As reaction the boy yawned and rubbed his eyes.

"I think it's time for me to put this little man to bed", Piper said well lifting the boy on her hip.

When she left the room she could hear the whitelighters happily talk and she smiled.