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It was not an easy answer, and in these cases looking back at my stupidity I wish I had looked towards Feeny for his guidance and wisdom, but right then I only had my own to rely on...and knowing myself I knew things would not end good.

Maya's Point of View

Sunday, December 31st, 1995, Philadelphia

Past time, 10:08 A.M

"Hart, this party's gonna be fly! Don't be such a buzz kill. Ya know ya wanna go," T.K. persistently insisted (more like begged) on the phone.

I rolled my eyes as I curled the phone cord in Turner's living room around my forefinger. "You really think your brother's rave is gonna be 'fly'. Who even uses 'fly' anymore, that's so...uh...never mind." I caught myself before I said "nineties". It was the little details that could potentially make me slip up and say the wrong thing. It was like whenever Riley would accidentally almost call Cory "dad", or Topanga "mom" (and Lord knows how many times she's done it). Yeah, at least she had people she could almost call her parents. But the point was, I could sense it was more than just carelessness or a slip of forgetfulness that was occurring with Riley because it was happening with me too. We both missed home.

"Hart, ya never make sense. Are ya coming to the rave or what?"

I kicked the couch that sat in front of me with a bit of frustration for my lack of quick decision-making. I'd promised Riley that I'd spend New Year's Eve with her, Shawn and Corpanga (yep, you heard me right). They had invited me to go with them to a New Years Eve party that would be under "parental supervision", and I'd told Riley I'd go because we hadn't been able to spend Christmas together due to a snow storm (that was a downside of moving out that I hadn't anticipated on) and I wanted to make it up to her, but just like how everything with T.K. was spontaneous and last-minute, she had called when she knew Mr. Turner wouldn't be home on a Sunday morning to invite me to her brother's stupid rave.

"I promised Riley I'd go to this New Year's Eve party with her-"

T.K.'s voice cut me off over the phone. "Harvey's parties only come once a year, Hart. I need ya there with me. How many New Year's Eve have ya spent with Riley, all of them?"

I couldn't deny that statement. Ever since I'd met Riley, I'd always made sure to come over to the Matthews place to celebrate New Year's Eve with them. Even during this whole mayhem of being stuck in the past, Riley and I would still spend New Year's Eve together as our tradition. If I chose otherwise for just this one year, would Riley mind? Of course she would. She's Riley for godsakes! What better way to avoid crushing Riley's feelings than to not crush them at all? I needed to come up with a lie to not hurt the plant.

"Okay, shut up then if you know the answer," I said with annoyance, rolling my eyes for the millionth time since she called. "What do I tell Mr. Turner?"

"Tell your teacher-daddy that you're not feeling well and ya wanna stay home. He's going out tonight, ain't he?"

"Yeah, but what if he decides to cancel his plans because I told him I'm sick when I'm really not?"

"Ya only tell him that if he asks why ya weren't with Riley," she spoke like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Uh and what am I supposed to tell Riley, genius?"

"That ya can't go 'cause ya ain't feelin' well. Got that, Hart? It ain't that hard."

I was starting to lose my patience on this girl. But it wasn't like T.K. was forcing me to go to this party with her. It would certainly be easier to say no to her than to say no to Riley. Perhaps because knowing T.K. so well now that I knew she would probably end up doing something stupid that I was subconsciously leaning myself towards the idea of having to cancel on Riley in order to protect T.K. from harming herself (and/or others) during her hoodlum of a brother's New Years Eve party. So I guess the question that I needed to ask myself now was would I be doing a heroic act by accompanying my crazy friend to look out for her, to would I be doing a selfish act knowing that Harley's party is most likely gonna be better than the party I had promised Riley I'd go with her to?

It was not an easy answer, and in these cases looking back at my stupidity I wish I had looked towards Feeny for his guidance and wisdom, but right then I only had my own to rely on...and knowing myself I knew things would not end well.

I sighed before answering. "Yeah, I got that T.K. Where do I meet you tonight?"

"At the alleyway. Wear somethin' cute," she mocked me before hanging up.

I immediately felt like dialing T.K. to back out of her plan, but I didn't do that. Why? I was being a selfish person.

I plopped myself onto the living room's couch to watch some TV. I switched the channel from the show Baywatch (Shawn's favourite show for obvious reasons, one of them spelled P-A-M-E-L-A A-N-D-E-R-S-O-N) to a show on MTV called Real World. It was a reality show about a group of teens being put in a house with each other and their lives are documented non-stop. It reminded me a little of the situation Shawn and I were in. Becoming housemates while having to tolerate each other (well, to be fair I needed to tolerate him more than he needed to tolerate me) whilst being teenagers and trying hard not to develop feelings for each other (I mean, that was my struggle but he's a lost cause). Hmm, what an interesting idea that was. Perhaps someone should write a show about that or at least a novel.

My thoughts of meta were quickly dispersed out of my mind when I heard footsteps entering the living room from the hall. I ignored the owner of those footsteps once I realized it was Shawn that had just woken up.

A long yawn sounded behind the couch. "Ah, that air vent is really something," Shawn commented nonchalantly. I followed the sound of his footsteps as they made their way to the kitchen area.

I muted the TV and shifted my body to where I was directly facing him. I rested my left arm over the couch. "What are you talking about, Hunter?"

Shawn had his usual vertically striped red and grey pajama robe. The front string of the robe was untied revealing his black t-shirt with his favourite band, Counting Crows' name plastered on his chest. A pair of red pajama pants hung loosely on his lower torso. Okay, maybe I shouldn't have focused too much on what he's wearing. Who cares?

Shawn's response to my question became my nightmare.

"You know, that air vent next to the phone where you were standing minutes ago talking to T.K. has this really nice echo effect."

Anger began to boil up inside of me. Deny, deny, deny. You can't give him the satisfaction of knowing he can use this against you by telling Mr. Turner. Of knowing that he could ruin your plan to be a wild party girl.

Just as I was ready to threaten Shawn with his life if he was even thinking of snitching on me, he was back to hitting on me again.

"Wanna test it out from my room?" he proposed and I almost gagged. "It's almost like you wanted me to find out about it, right? The Maya I know wouldn't have let this happen."

All while this was going down, Shawn was preparing himself cereal for breakfast.

I rolled my eyes at his cocky comment. "It's more like...I forgot you existed and that's why I didn't think to check the air vents for a freaking echo!"

I was letting my anger get the best of me. I needed to calm down or else he would surely tell Turner about my plan. But then an unexpected thing happened.

"Turner's not gonna hear about it from me, just so you know," Shawn reassured me as he spoon-fed himself his cereal.

"You're not gonna tell Turner what exactly?" If Shawn thought he was going to be able to trick me into revealing my plan to him when there was a high possibility he was probably lying about the whole air vent echo thing, he would soon be a dead Hunter.

"About your plans with T.K. tonight." Crap, okay so he did know something.

"What about my plans with her?"

"Harley's New Years Eve party. Now, I don't normally pass up the opportunity to hook up with girls at parties, but I'm gonna have to pass up on Harley's. I hear they're not the safest."

My eyes narrowed suspiciously at him. "And when have you ever cared about safety?"

He paused his cereal-eating to think. "Let's just say if I keep adding to my police record I probably won't be living here for very long. And I like living here."

I huffed. "Is this your way of trying to convince me not to go?"

His smirk made me regret asking. "Nah, I like seeing this badass side of you. In fact, I think it's kinda hot."

I pretended to gag again. "The more you hit on me, the more I get turned off by it, you know that right?"

Shawn avoided my question. "If you go to that party, you know I'll want something in return, right?"

As painful as it was to think about it, I automatically assumed it had something to do with a girl.

"What chick's number do you want?"

He shook his head chuckling. "No Hart, I don't want her number. I want her lips."

I glared at him for his partially misogynistic views. "Isn't that something you can charm your way to get yourself?"

"She's not easy to convince. She's kind of stubborn if you ask me."

With Mr. Turner's consent, Shawn and I made our way out of the apartment. I mentally went over everything Shawn and I had agreed on. He would go over to the Matthews' place and tell Riley, Cory, and Topanga that I wasn't feeling well and decided to stay home they would go to their party without me. Then on my part, I would meet up with T.K. at the alleyway and we would go to Harley's party. While I was there, I was supposed to look for the girl Shawn told me about and somehow convince her to meet Shawn at the other party before midnight so that they could share a New Years' kiss.

As soon as Shawn and I parted ways and I began to head down the dark alleyway where I would find T.K. at 8:00 P.M. on New Year's Eve, it occurred to me that I was technically being used by two people, and I had little to no benefits in the transaction. First was T.K. who only had asked me to go to the party with her to babysit her. And then there was Shawn, who was only using me to get some girl to kiss him when the clock struck twelve.

It was a chilly night and I still risked wearing short shorts, a crop top, and a leather jacket. Over that I was wearing a jacket and a pair of boots I got from the thrift store. It wasn't much layered clothing considering it was snowing heavily in very cold weather. I wasn't dressed appropriately to be walking outside drenched in snow as I looked for T.K. in the blizzard. But in a way it reminded me of the day Riley and I last had normal lives. The day we fought with our parents and met each other at the bottom of Riley's bay window to run away. It had been snowing that day too.

I trenched my way through the snow as the white cold fluffiness made its way up to my ankles increasing my struggle to move as rapidly as possible to get to T.K. The falling snowflakes attacked my face and continuously blurred my vision even after wiping my eyes every couple of seconds. Eventually, I was able to spot T.K. standing under a roof cover of an abandoned warehouse building, the same building we had vandalized its walls with our artistic drawings months ago.

"Took ya long enough," T.K. muttered impatiently under her old worn-out scarf. She was noticeably covered from head-to-toe wearing an oversized coat that looked to have been "borrowed" from an old homeless person on the street. Was I mentally accusing my friend of stealing a coat from an old defenseless person? I hadn't known her well enough to call her a legitimized criminal despite us hanging out almost daily.

"There was traffic, T.K.," I responded wittily as I shivered in my second-hand boots.

I hadn't been used to doing a lot of destruction in my life with the exception of a little vandalism here and there. But I was more so referring to the human destruction. Only when it came to self-defense, or when I was defending Riley from someone like Martha the Beanstalk. T.K., on the other hand, I didn't know much about her past other than we both had absent parents. I'd vouched for T.K. to Riley that she was a good person. After this wild party, I didn't know if I was going to be sure or not that she was.

"You ready?"

So maybe the universe was trying to tell me something. I wasn't sure yet.

Riley's Point of View

Sunday, December 31st, 1995, Philadelphia

Past time, 8:20 P.M

Mr. Feeny and I had agreed that he needed a vacation away from the city. Although he insisted that it was no trouble bringing me along with him to his trip to the Bahamas, I wanted to take the opportunity this New Year's Eve to spend it with my friends. After all, there's only so much Smiley Riley one person can handle.

I'd wanted to especially spend the New Year's Eve with Maya. It'd always been our favourite holiday to be together, besides Christmas and Halloween of course.

We'd all agreed to meet up at Cory's house to go to a party. When I arrived there, I was a little disappointed when I saw that Shawn hadn't brought Maya with him.

"Where's Maya?" I asked my future-to-be uncle, feeling a bit concerned over Maya's sudden absence. The four of us (meaning Shawn, Cory, Topanga and I) were all waiting in the Matthews' living room for Shawn's uncle's limousine to pick us up.

Shawn looked at his best friend as he answered, "she said she wasn't feeling well. I think it's a headache, and a party won't do her any good right now."

A headache? Why wouldn't Maya call me to let me know she wasn't coming beforehand? She knew how worried and over motherly I got over her when she was sick.

"Aw poor Maya!" Topanga commented in a sincere voice.

"Yeah, that's too bad she's gonna be missing all the fun we're gonna have," Cory agreed. As if on cue, a honk sounded outside the house. "Well, that's our ride."

Everybody with the exception of myself started heading out the door.

"I think I should call her right now," I said decisively, extending my arm to reach the Matthews' house phone before Shawn stopped me.

Shawn put his hand over the phone, preventing me from using it. "You don't need to. Maya's fine, she has Mr. Turner there to take care of her."

That made me feel a little less worried, but not entirely. I'd much rather spend my New Year's Eve taking care of Maya than going out to a party without her. With much reluctant-ness, I nodded my head in agreement and we all made our way outside the house and into Shawn's uncle's limo.

"I can't believe you sent away the limo, Riley," Cory said in disbelief as we all re-entered his living room. Both Cory and Shawn were sulking while Topanga and I tried to remain positive about the situation.

"Shawn's uncle had a dead corpse right behind us and he started to move! Not to offend you Shawn, but what limo carries around dead people?"

"That's because it was a hearse, Riley!" Cory responded, getting a little irritated with me.

Oddly enough, Shawn decided to come to my defense. "Hey, Riley's right Cory. The corpse was moving, Uncle Laslo had to take it back, it's the right thing to do."

Cory flung his arms up dramatically. "Oh sure, take her side, will ya?" Jealousy clearly shown in his voice.

Topanga stepped in. "Gee, guys, it's New Year's Eve. A time to celebrate, not fight."

Cory calmed down, finally listening to his voice of reason. "You know what? You're right, Topanga. And we're gonna make this the best New Year's Eve ever...If we were dead, 'cause then we'd have a ride."

What ended up happening was that we got on the train with Eric and his supermodel date (crazy, right?) after Eric's car broke down so they had no way of getting to their party so they had no choice but to take the subway with us as we were going towards the same route as they were.

I sat down by myself on the subway apart from the group. If Maya had come, the seat beside me would have been for her, and we would have been together. Except, she wasn't feeling well, so maybe the universe was trying to tell me something. I wasn't sure yet.

After a while of being alone with my thoughts, Eric's supermodel girlfriend decided to sit next to me. It was surprising given that I never pictured someone as pretty and talented as a supermodel would want to sit beside someone as mediocre and average as myself, but she was human too I guess.

"What's your name again?" she asked me in her soft and gentle voice.

"Riley Matthews?" I responded, seemingly intimidated by the blonde. "What's yours?"

"Rebecca-Alexa," she responded with a smile. "Why aren't you sitting with your friends?"

I tried to bring myself to match her smile but couldn't. "I've just been thinking about my best friend who couldn't make it because she's not feeling well. All the fun things she's going to be missing out because she's not here with us."

"So she's important to you?"

"Of course. I wanted to spend some time with her tonight but something tells me she doesn't."

Rebecca-Alexa paused for a moment to think before she said, "you know, supermodels don't usually have real friends. We only pretend we do to make ourselves feel loved and important. If I was lucky enough to have a real best friend like you do, I'd make sure she knew she could make mistakes and I'd still forgive her. Not all best friends are willing to do that."

Perhaps that had been the reason why Maya left me when she did. I'd pushed her away instead of letting her be imperfect. Had I been the bad friend?

Nobody's Point of View

Monday, January 1st, 1996, Philadelphia

Past time, 12:00 A.M.

When the clock stuck twelve, Maya Hart was nearly dragged back to Mr. Turner's apartment by T.K.

"Jesus, I can't believe ya got drunk before I could, Hart," T.K. said almost sounding selfish when that wasn't what intended. "I mean, I shoulda warned you that my brother and his friends have a nick for spikin' the punch, but he wasn't supposed to know we were there, ya know?"

Maya didn't answer. T.K. had felt like she was just talking to herself all the way to the apartment while she dragged Maya with her. At the party, she'd found Maya nearly passed out on their couch surrounded by thugs and empty plastic red cups, so like the semi-good friend she was, she immediately took Maya home.

T.K. shook her head as she dragged Maya to her room and settled her down on the bed. "I can't let Harley go to jail for accidentally giving a minor alcohol. I'm sorry I took ya to that party."

"Wa party?" Maya spoke up with a slur.

"When's Turner coming' back? What about Hunter?" T.K. asked, beginning to worry that either of the two would barge into the apartment before T.K. could leave.

Maya changed the subject. "Ya know what pisses me off? Shawn's probably out there right now makin' out with some girl when he shoulda been makin' out with me!"

T.K. slightly chuckled as she gently laid Maya down and put the covers over her while she tucked her in. Maya turned over on her side angrily facing away from T.K.

"I like 'im," Maya pouted whiningly like a young child who didn't get the toy they wanted for Christmas. Moments later she started snoring, indicating that she had passed out again.

T.K. nodded understandingly, even though she knew Maya was already asleep. "Ya, I know ya do Hart. I'll see ya tomorrow."

The short brunette turned off the light switch and closed Maya's bedroom door before showing herself out of the apartment and into the freezing cold New Year night.

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